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 Telonic Instruments supplies a wide range of Programmable Power Supplies, both AC and DC, a range of Electrical Safety Testers, DC Electronic Loads, plus a range of professional Digital Oscilloscopes, Digital Spectrum Analysers, Advanced Waveform Generators, including Bench Multimeters and RF Filters and Attenuators.

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29th May 2019
Delta Elektronika signs Telonic Instruments as UK distributor

Delta Elektronika has signed an agreement with test instrument and power supply specialist supplier, Telonic Instruments, to act as a distributorin the UK. Delta Elektronika produces reliable power supplies, with a design concept emphasising longevity, high-end technical specifications and low cost of ownership.

2nd August 2018
AC power supplies cover 500W to 4000W

The PCR-MA range of AC power supplies from Kikusui provides output powers from 500W to 4000W in a voltage range from 0 to 310V rms. They are available in the UK and Southern Ireland from Telonic Instruments. The wide output frequency range covers 40 to 500Hz, which includes the aviation frequency of 400Hz.

Test & Measurement
12th December 2017
DC power supplies feature variable internal impedance

The UK release of the Kikusui PWR-01 series of wide-range benchtop programmable DC power supplies has been announced by Telonic Instruments. The PWR-01 series are versatile instruments with models offering 400W, 800W, and 1200W rated power output with maximum rated voltages up to 650V.

Test & Measurement
29th May 2015
Waveform generators feature five functions

The DG1000Z series of arbitrary/function waveform generators from Rigol help engineers to accomplish a wide range of testing applications by combining many functions in one easy-to-use instrument. Functions include arbitrary waveform generator, function generator, pulse generator, harmonic generator, and analogue/digital modulator.

Test & Measurement
13th May 2015
EMC probe set targets pre-compliance testing

A new EMC Probe set for pre-compliance testing from TekBox is available at Telonic Instruments.  This EMC Probe Set contains 3-off magnetic (H) field probes, 1-off electric (E) field probe, an adapter and RF cable. The H20, H10, H5 and E5 are magnetic field (H) and electric field (E) probes for radiated emissions EMC pre-compliance measurements.

Tech Videos
16th September 2014
Testing the efficiency myth of lower power kettles

Following the recent European Union (EU) ban on powerful vacuum cleaners, Telonic believe that the kettle may be next in line. Using two Kikusui PCR2000M AC power sources to provide a very clean stable supply, an 800W and a 2kW kettle are tested to find out which is the most energy efficient.

Tech Videos
3rd September 2014
Inrush current testing using a Kikusui PCR500M AC power supply

Telonic perform inrush current testing on a DMM power supply input using a Kikusui PCR500M AC power supply / frequency converter, making useful measurements including power factor, crest factor, peak current and power.

Test & Measurement
18th August 2014
Spectrum analysers advance to 3.2GHz and 7.5GHz

Telonic Instruments has two high performance, higher frequency spectrum analysers, the DSA832-TG and the new DSA875-TG that push RIGOL’s DSA800 series to 3.2GHz & 7.5GHz, respectively. The spectrum analysers are available with Tracking Generator options up to 7.5GHz offering powerful and broad ranging features including options for VSWR measurement toolkit for configuring and evaluating antennas.

5th August 2014
AC power supply boasts 4kW variable frequency

The PCR4000M, a 4kW variable frequency AC power supply, has been made available by Kikusui's UK Distributor Telonic Instruments. The power supply expands Kikusui's exisiting PCR500M, PCR1000M, PCR2000M and PCR4000M variable frequency (40-500Hz) AC power supplies.

17th May 2013
Magna-Power SL Series 1U Programmable Power Supplies Now At Telonic

Magna-Power Electronics has released to production its new SL Series 1U (1.75” high) programmable DC power supply, and they are available from Telonic starting immediately. The SL Series continues the company’s commitment to market-leading power density, offering models at 1.5 kW, 2.6 kW and 4 kW—all in a 1U rack-mount package.

Test & Measurement
18th April 2013
Telonic Explores Switch Mode PSU Noise With Video Demos

An ideal PSU would supply pure DC at its output, with no noise evident. How does this work in the real world? What happens to regulation under load? Noise must be measured correctly to avoid troublesome test results. Showing how to correctly recognise the several sources of noise, Charles an Engineer at Telonic Instruments makes some practical measurements on a typical mains-powered switch mode power supply.

15th April 2013
Remote Control Your Power-Testing With The New Kikusui PWX From Telonic

At Scottish and Bristol NEW shows – experience live demos how to achieve remote-configurable DC power for high performance systems testing. Now you can measure and control remotely; scale and integrate with your existing rack and power distribution systems in all kinds of applications ranging from IT and Telecoms to Automotive testing. The demos are being provided by established UK supplier, Telonic Instruments.

Test & Measurement
4th April 2013
RIGOL DM3068 Bench Multi Meter With Digital Data Logging And Chart Display

Keeping a close eye on peak current drain is an important requirement for engineers, whenever you need to manage to a tight power budget. RIGOL's DM3068 offers several features to help monitor over time. RIGOL DM3000-series - see the video below - all come with very capable MATH and STAT functions which will easily keep data like Max Current Drain displayed on-screen.

28th February 2013
Telonic Announce New Kikusui PWX Series 750/1500W LXI DC Power Supply / 1U Rack System

PWX is a new series of CVCC DC power supply suitable for either rack or bench use. For rack system efficiency, the form-factor is only 1U high in a 19-inch width. Close stacking on top of each other is achieved by cooling that runs from the front to the back. PWX series comes with USB, RS-232C, and LAN interfaces as standard, essential for system upgrades. Complete with virtual multi-channel bus function that allows it to be used efficiently for ...

Test & Measurement
22nd November 2012
RIGOL’s new DS2202, DSA815, DS4162 battles Noise, tricks transients… view the Video demo

Unexpected noise remains a major engineering headache in electronic systems everywhere from Automotive to Audio, taxing engineering skill and our perception of signals to the limit. So it is critical to select the right troubleshooters. Now with helpful new demo-video, Telonic Instruments explores DS1102E oscilloscope fast-trigger and noise-capture, revealing RIGOL capabilities in greater depth.

Test & Measurement
25th July 2012
HEV and automotive electric motor testing with Kikusui fast bipolar linear power-supplies.

Testing advanced magnetics and control components for today’s vehicle systems and HEVs now places enormous demands on power supplies. Advanced PSUs are already crucial for testing inverter systems, measuring stress-tolerance and eliminating defects; battery management and energy controller systems; simulating variable demand; hybrid system crank-testing with profiles/pulsed waveforms and power-cabling. Imperative is the capability to test in h...

2nd July 2012
Reliable advanced converters for variable frequency power, test and mains simulation up to 400Hz

Kikusui's PCR500M, PCR1000M and the PCR2000M are flexible high quality, compact, Variable Frequency AC Power Supplies with advanced testing-support features such as waveform-amplifier option plus 380V DC capability, weighing only 6kg-15kg.

Test & Measurement
20th June 2012
New RIGOL DS2000 2GSa/s Digital Oscilloscope from £585

DS2000's breakthrough design, right from its low-noise analogue front-end, means these new mainstream Digital Oscilloscope succeed in more applications with powerful trigger functions and analysis capabilities. Packing a 2GSa/s sample rate and up to 56Mpts optional memory depth, DS2000 is capable of small signal tests requiring low-noise, plus exacting linearity for large-signals, equipping engineers to capture lengthy signal-streams whilst retai...

Test & Measurement
15th June 2012
RIGOL 1.5GHz DSA815 Spectrum Analysers perform low-noise RF power measurement, EMC/EMI and Pre-compliance

From £895, ground-breaking RIGOL products continue with the DSA815-TG and DSA815 1.5GHz spectrum analysers. Essential GHz measurement is now much more affordable, using digital IF technology to guarantee its reliability and performance to meet the most demanding RF applications, further extending the reputable RIGOL Spectrum Analyser series.

Tech Videos
28th May 2012
Electronic Load for battery and DC power supply testing

Forget about resistors for power supply and battery testing use an Electronic Load. Telonic discusses the benefits of an electronic load in this latest video.

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