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22nd November 2022
Remarkable direct conversion microwave RF sampler works up to beyond 35GHz

Teledyne e2v today previews the future availability of its EV10AS940 the latest advanced 10-bit broadband data converter.

30th May 2022
Gain immediate, design-free access to a dynamic boost for the EV12AQ600/5

Teledyne e2v announces the immediate availability of EV12AQ600/5 models featuring an integrated license key providing direct access to the novel ADX4 post-processing algorithm developed at SP Devices within the Teledyne group of companies.

1st February 2022
12MP Blackfly S with on-sensor polarimetry

Introducing an addition to the Blackfly S GigE camera line-up – the BFS-PGE-123S6P-C.

31st January 2022
12MP blackfly S with On-Sensor polarimetry

Introducing the latest addition to our polarized Blackfly S GigE camera lineup – the BFS-PGE-123S6P-C.

14th January 2022
Bundle with 10GigE Oryx camera & Myricom camera

High bandwidth 10GigE applications like fast moving inspection lines, sports analytics and volumetric capture can put tremendous strain on host PC’s - resulting in reliability issues (dropped packets), high CPU usage, and high latency. 

24th November 2021
Visualising sound with the FLIR Si124 leak detection camera

Did you know it's possible to visualise sound? You don’t have to be an acoustic engineer to make sense of it: the FLIR Si124 industrial acoustic imaging camera produces a precise acoustic image that is overlaid in real time on top of a digital camera picture.

27th July 2021
16MP Blackfly S breaks through GigE barriers

Teledyne has introduced the latest additions to its Blackfly S GigE camera lineup – the BFS-PGE-161S7M and BFS-PGE-161S7C deliver a high-resolution sensor in a compact form factor, superior price to performance ratio and low-light performance.

7th July 2021
Dev kit for signal chains using quad-channel ADC

Teledyne e2v has expanded the scope of engineering support accompanying its popular EV12AQ60x analog-to-digital converter (ADC) series. The new EV12AQ600-FMC-EVM development kit will be an invaluable tool for those implementing mixed-signal subsystems. Intended for prototyping work relating to avionics, military, space, telecommunications, industrial and high energy physics applications, this kit may be used for evaluating the operation of the co...

19th November 2020
LS1046-Space processor passes TID radiation tests

Teledyne e2v has announced that its popular LS1046-Space processor has now passed stringent total ionising dose (TID) radiation tests, achieving 100krad resilience. This multi-core device, which features four 64-bit Arm Cortex-A72 processing cores, was able to operate as normal after the TID tests had been undertaken.

19th November 2020
Services relieve thermal constraints in processors

Teledyne e2v has made further progression in its goal of actively supporting aerospace/defense customers in addressing the power and thermal constraints of their high-reliability (Hi-Rel) electronic processing platforms. Building on the services that were initially announced back in late 2019, the company is now expanding the scope of these to encompass several key additional elements.

10th November 2020
Direct microwave synthesis DAC with 26GHz output bandwidth

Teledyne e2v is moving ever closer to its goal of bringing about a major overhaul of the signal chain - through the availability of its latest performance-redefining Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs).

27th April 2020
High speed data conversion platform to accompany FPGAs

Teledyne e2v has announced its development of a high speed data conversion platform to accompany latest Xilinx FPGAs.

Mixed Signal/Analog
23rd April 2020
Board-level hardware enables preemptive experimentation

Teledyne e2v is set to further expand its portfolio of Digital-to-Analogue Converter (DAC) ICs and through availability of an accompanying evaluation platform, engineers will be able to begin applying it to their design projects soon. The company is about to start initial sampling of the EV12DD700 dual-channel DACs, which are capable of operating up into Ka-band frequencies.

6th June 2018
Teledyne e2v receives aerospace certification

Teledyne e2v is the first semiconductor manufacturer in Europe, and only third in the world, to be awarded the site level MIL-PRF-38535 Class Y certification from the DLA. Also known as QML Class Y, the certification is recognised as the highest guarantee of quality and reliability for ceramic, non-hermetically sealed Flip-Chip microcircuits for aerospace and defense (A&D) applications. In addition to QML Class Y, Teledyne e2v has also been a...

Events News
28th April 2017
SP Devices is now part of Teledyne Technologies

With the acquisition of e2v by Teledyne Technologies, a provider of instrumentation, digital imaging products and software, aerospace and defence electronics, and engineered systems, has announced that SP Devices is now operating as a part of the instrumentation segment of Teledyne under the brand name of Teledyne SP Devices.

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