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6th June 2017
Tech toys teach kids about electricity through light and movement

  Tech Will Save Us has announced the launch of their ‘Dough Universe’ Kickstarter campaign. The campaign seeks to support three new make-it-yourself kits that use conductive dough and basic circuits to get kids learning about the fundamentals of electricity through light, movement and sound.

19th May 2016
A great gift idea for tech-savvy Dads on Father’s Day

Technology Will Save Us are a company helping children and adults alike, to learn, enjoy and create with technology and coding (which they believe everyone can do!) by producing DIY gadget kits, resources and tools as well as hosting workshops for all ages. Tech Will Save Us products are vehicles for education that encourage everyone to make, play, code and invent with technology.

12th May 2016
Mover Kit lets kids make & code their own wearables

Part iconic accessory and part education tech toy, Mover Kit from Technology Will Save Us is a wearable that kids, young and old, make and code themselves. It encourages imagination and play through movement and activity. Kids learn best when they are motivated by more than coding; this device teaches them fundamental skills around programming, electronics and how to solve problems creatively with computational thinking.

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22nd March 2016
micro:bit projects are fun for the whole family

We are so excited about the BBC micro:bit, but we’re even more excited about what kids make with it outside the classroom. Real passion and excitement is built at home around the kitchen table, making projects for brothers and sisters and having fun at home.

22nd March 2016
Putting technology into the hands of children

BBC Micro:Bit is a device that has been launched today which places a pocket sized computer in the hands of one million year 7 children across the UK to encourage them to get hands-on and creative with technology. The device features motion detection, a built-in compass and Bluetooth technology, which is to be given free to every child in year 7 or equivalent across the UK.

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