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26th March 2014
Silicon ESD devices help protect from ESD and surges

Helping designers solve the pervasive protection challenge caused by charged board events (CBEs), TE Circuit Protection introduce a family of silicon electrostatic discharge (SESD) devices. Comprised of four single- and two multi-channel devices, the family exhibits ±20kV contact and ±22kV air discharge ratings, far beyond the IEC’s 8kV contact and 15kV air discharge standards.

7th November 2012
Coordinated Circuit Protection for Small Solar Power Systems

Solar power’s clean conversion of light to energy has found favour with environmental advocates and public policy makers, and as cost per kWh falls the technology is expected to become even more popular. By Neal Schultz, Senior Applications Engineer with TE Circuit Protection.

28th August 2012
Integrated Overvoltage and Overcurrent Devices Help Minimize Costly Warranty Returns in Consumer Electronics

TE Circuit Protection has today announced the release of the PolyZen CE series of circuit protection devices for tablet PCs and other portable consumer electronics. Consumer electronics require robust circuit protection to help protect sensitive electronics from overvoltage and overcurrent events that can result in costly product returns and warranty issues.

11th May 2012
TE Circuit Protection’s Resettable LVR Device in “Plastic Box” is Suitable for Harsh Environments

TE Circuit Protection today announces a significant enhancement to its popular PolySwitch LVR (line-voltage-rated) product line with its new LVB125 device. Featuring a unique “plastic box” package, the LVB125 provides resettable circuit protection for product assemblies utilizing potting or encapsulating compounds. These may include power supplies, transformers, industrial controllers and motors used in harsh-environment applications.

28th February 2012
New MHP-SA device offers a more robust, space- and cost-saving approach for protecting high-power, multi-cell lithium battery applications

TE Circuit Protection today announced a new Metal Hybrid PPTC (MHP) device offering Smart Activation (SA) functionality. The MHP-SA device provides a resettable, cost-effective and space-saving alternative to typical methods of protecting high-power lithium battery and module applications. These include cordless power tools, e-scooters and light electric vehicles (LEVs) and standby power and energy storage systems (ESSs).

10th February 2012
TE Circuit Protection’s New RTP Devices Offer Reflowable Thermal Protection in Low-Temperature AC and DC Designs

TE Circuit Protection today announces AC-rated and DC-rated Reflowable Thermal Protection (RTP) devices featuring a temperature open (Topen) value of 140°C. Innovative RTP devices can be quickly and easily installed using industry-standard pick-and-place and Pb-free reflow equipment, enabling manufacturers to realize significant savings by moving from hand assembly to surface-mount device (SMD) processes.

9th February 2012
TE Circuit Protection introduces industry’s lowest capacitance Silicon ESD Devices for high-data-rate applications

TE Circuit Protection announces a family of eight new single- and multi-channel silicon ESD (SESD) protection devices offering the lowest capacitance (bi-directional: 0.10pF typical; uni-directional: 0.20pF typical), highest ESD protection (20kV air and contact discharge) and smallest size (multi-channel: smallest flow-through form-factor and 0.31mm height) packages available on the market.

20th October 2011
TE Circuit Protection Introduces New Low-Resistance, High-Current Reflowable Thermal Protection (RTP) Device

TE Circuit Protection announces the RTP200R060SA device, the latest in the series of Reflowable Thermal Protection (RTP) devices that offer a convenient, cost-effective alternative to typical thermal fuses. RTP devices help protect against thermal-runaway damage caused by MOSFETS, capacitors, ICs, resistors and other power components that can crack and fail.

15th July 2011
TE Circuit Protection’s New Surface-Mount 2410 Fuses Provide High I²t Characteristics

TE Circuit Protection announces the 2410SFV family of 20 new AC/DC fuses featuring current ratings from 0.5A to 20.0A. The 2410 fuses help provide secondary-side circuit protection, conserve board space and reduce design costs in a broad array of high-voltage, high-current designs. Typical applications include home appliances (LCD TV LED backlighting, LCD TV CCFL backlighting) and LED lighting, as well as office automation, industrial and medical...

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