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14th October 2020
E-waste quiz puts spotlight on International E-waste Day

October 14th is International E-waste Day, an initiative aimed at reducing the burden that e-waste places on the environment and saving natural resources. To support educational and public awareness activities linked to the initiative, TCO Development has launched an e-waste quiz.

24th January 2020
Call for sustainable action on Circular Electronics Day

Electronic products come with social and environmental challenges, many of them linked to today’s linear economy. January 24th is Circular Electronics Day, an initiative aiming to encourage organisations and consumers to take a more responsible approach to the electronic goods they use. 

15th October 2019
E-waste Day aims to increase recycling rates of electronics

On October 14th, International E-waste Day took place for the second time, aiming to reduce the burden that e-waste places on the environment and save natural resources. More than 100 organisations from 44 countries stood behind the initiative to encourage recycling of e-waste.

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24th January 2019
Extending the lifespan of our electronics

Today’s extensive consumption of electronics lead to alarming amounts of waste and the release of substances hazardous to human health and the environment. Finite natural resources are extracted from the ground at a fast rate and reserves are running low. By prolonging product life, individuals and organisations can contribute to a more sustainable future.

7th September 2018
TCO Certified generation eight now open for application

The criteria for TCO Certified, generation eight have been finalised and published. By applying now, brands can be among the first to get their products certified to the new generation. Products that pass before November 20th will be recognised at the official launch of TCO Certified, generation eight on December 4th. 

24th January 2018
It's the circle of IT products

Fifty million metric tonnes of IT products and other electronics are discarded around the world every year. #CircularElectronicsDay aims to promote the reuse of electronics. The waste contains both valuable metals and hazardous substances that are often released into nature and affect human health. Products that are functional should be given a second chance before being collected as waste, and services that enable this should be made visibl...

22nd April 2016
Sustainable certification for IT products

Leading IT brands are moving to certify mobile computers and tablets for sustainability factors. Models of notebook computers and tablets have met the new, advanced sustainability criteria in TCO Certified, the third party sustainability certification for IT products.

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