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11th February 2020
Multilayer ceramic capacitors with 100V rated voltage

TAIYO YUDEN has announced today the commercialisation of 11 products, including the 1005-size multilayer ceramic capacitor HMR105 B7103KV (1.0x0.5x0.5mm, with a rated voltage of 100V and a capacitance of 0.01μF).

5th December 2019
Automotive chip bead inductor operating up to 150°C

TAIYO YUDEN has announced that the mass-production of the AEC-Q200 (reliability qualification test standard for automotive passive components) qualified noise suppression component, power chip bead inductor FB Series Type T, FB TH1608 (1.6x0.8x0.8mm).

26th March 2019
Thickness of three-terminal multilayer ceramic capacitors reduced

Taiyo Yuden has announced the launch of its 1005-size threeterminal multilayer ceramic capacitor A3K105BBJ106MR (1.0x0.5x0.5mm, with height as the maximum value, capacitance of 10μF, and rated voltage of 4.0V). Three-terminal multilayer ceramic capacitors, which have a lower ESL than the popular two-terminal multilayer ceramic capacitors, can reduce impedance in the high frequency range and contribute to the stable operatio...

17th December 2018
Reduction in the development time of wireless communications devices

The launch of the new IEEE802.11ac compatible wireless communications modules, WYSAGVDXG and WYSEGVDXG (24.0×11.5×2.0mm, with height as the maximum value), has been announced by TAIYO YUDEN. The products consist of wireless communications modules for the industrial equipment market and IoT-related devices.

31st October 2018
Commercialised 1005-size metal power inductor

  The expansion of the line-up of the metal multilayer chip power inductor MCOIL MC series, from TAIYO YUDEN, which uses a metallic magnetic material, as well as the commercialisation of the tiny metal power inductor MCEE1005 (1.0x0.5x0.55mm, maximum height), has been announced.

4th April 2016
High-performance Bluetooth smart modules suit small devices

TAIYO YUDEN announces the launch of Bluetooth Smart modules EYSHCNZXZ (9.6 x 12.9 x 2.0 mm) and EYSHJNZXZ (5.1x11.3x1.3 mm). These wireless communication modules, compatible with the wireless communication standard Bluetooth v4.2 low energy (Bluetooth Smart), are suitable for various small, thin devices including healthcare equipment, wearable devices, smartphone peripherals, as well as IoT-related devices.

20th March 2015
330μF model added to MLCC line

Taiyo Yuden’s high capacity (over 100μF) MLCC line continues to grow in capacity and number with the introduction of the first commercially available X5R/X6S 330μF-capacitance EIA 1210 size AMK325ABJ337MM (3.2x2.5x2.5mm). Taiyo Yuden has improved capacitance by 50% compared to its same-sized product AMK325ABJ227MM (220μF capacitance).

11th March 2015
High-reliability range includes 800 AEC-Q200 qualified products

TAIYO YUDEN has announced that its high reliability product lineup has grown to include a total of 800 AEC-Q200 Qualified MLCCs, inductors and ferrite beads. Applications for TAIYO YUDEN's high reliability products include automotive electronic components, industrial equipment, and medical equipment.

7th November 2014
Bluetooth modules simplify connectivity to IoT products

Simplifying the addition of wireless connectivity to IoT products such as healthcare devices, sports and fitness equipment, wearable computers, home and entertainment devices and mobile/PC accessories, a Bluetooth Smart module has been released by TAIYO YUDEN. The EYSFCNZXX module conforms to Bluetooth v4.0 low energy (Bluetooth Smart) and has radio type-approval in the US (FCC), Canada (IC RSS) and Japan (MIC), reducing time-to-market.

15th September 2014
Inductors achieve 'industry's highest' rated current of 7.5A

Designed to reduce noise in power supplies, TAIYO YUDEN have introduced the FBMJ1608, FBMH2016 and FBMH3216 chip bead inductors. The EIA 0603 sized FBMJ1608 measures 1.6x0.8x0.8mm, while the EIA 0806 sized FBMH2016 measures 2.0x1.6x1.6mm and the EIA 1206 sized FBMH3216 measures 3.2x1.6x1.6mm. 

28th August 2014
Monitoring system improves solar panel efficiency

A wireless string monitoring system, designed for industrial solar power plants, is being developed by TAIYO YUDEN. Configured by a management unit (base unit) and string sensor units (terminal units), the system measures and monitors the status of power generation in each string.

27th February 2014
Capacitor offers energy density 4x greater than EDLCs

Offering large energy density and high reliability, the Cylindrical Lithium Ion Capacitor (LIC) has been introduced by TAIYO YUDEN. Combining the strength of lithium-ion secondary batteries with conventional EDLC, this next-generation energy device offers an energy density 4 times greater than EDLCs.

Component Management
5th February 2014
Cavity formation technology allows for thinner camera modules

Developed using a cavity formation technology, the commercialisation of a copper-core embedded-parts multilayer wiring substrate has been announced by TAIYO YUDEN. The substrate, “EOMIN”, utilised the cavity formation technology which enables the creation of a depression in a part of the substrate.

8th October 2013
TAIYO YUDEN Expands Its Lineup of Small-size, High-capacity Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors and Highly Advanced Products

TAIYO YUDEN adds products with a rated voltage of 6.3 V to its 2.2μF-capacitance EIA 0201 size, 22μF-capacitance EIA 0402 size, and 47μF-capacitance EIA 0603 size devices setting the world standard for the maximum capacitance in each size. These products have a rated voltage that has been increased by approximately 1.5 times from the rated voltage of our conventional products of 4.0 V to 6.3 V making these products the  world’...

8th October 2013
Commercialization of a 5mm Square Metal Power Inductor MCOIL

TAIYO YUDEN announces the addition of a new 5mm square “MDPK5050” (4.9 x 4.9 x 1.4mm, the maximum height value) device to its metal core SMD power inductor MCOIL MD Series. This product is a power inductor for choke coil applications aimed at the power circuits of  thin mobile devices typified in tablet devices. This new innovation in power inductors achieves an industry leading DC bias characteristic of 3.5 A in its size class (...

7th October 2013
TAIYO YUDEN Offers High Reliability Capacitors for Automotive and Industrial Electronics

TAIYO YUDEN has established a high reliability category of a few hundred capacitors, including multilayer ceramic capacitors, to meet the pressing demands of the automotive electronic components, industrial equipment, and medical equipment industries. For greater control and flexibility, TAIYO YUDEN combines their own superior raw materials and advanced technologies to produce this wide range of capacitors.

11th July 2013
TAIYO YUDEN Extend their series of Multilayer Chip Bead Inductors

TAIYO YUDEN announces the extended line of its chip bead inductors which are designed to meet state-of-the-art low noise requirements. These products are the multilayer chip bead inductor BK series P type, BKP1005 and BKP0603, used in power supplies, and the multilayer chip bead inductor BK series, BK0603.

18th October 2012
TAIYO YUDEN’s 4mm Square Metal Power Inductor for Tablet PCs and Ultrabook Devices

TAIYO YUDEN has today announced the commercial availability of the new “MDMK4040” (4.0 x 4.0 x 1.2mm, the maximum height value), following the commercialisation of a 4mm square metal core SMD power inductor “MCOIL” series that uses metallic magnetic materials.

13th August 2012
Commercial Production of Metal Power Inductors from TAIYO YUDEN

TAIYO YUDEN has succeeded in developing the metal power inductor “MCOIL”, the first of a series of coil components that use metallic magnetic materials optimal for use in choke coils for power supply circuits in compact mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs that are becoming smaller, thinner, and more feature-rich.

1st November 2011
TAIYO YUDEN Begins Provision of Web-based Component Data Viewer “TY-COMPAS”

TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD. has developed a web-based component data viewer named “TY-COMPAS” (Taiyo Yuden COMPonent Assist System) that enables the easy selection of electronic components through its search and browsing functions. This web-based component data viewer has been developed based on the “TAIYO YUDEN Components Selection Guide & Data Library” announced in April 2008, and can be used without being installed on a PC. In addition to e...

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