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16th November 2009
Robust SFP/MSA Connectors in Single and Quad Versions

For high-speed data transmission in the Gbps range, pluggable transceivers have, due to their flexibility, almost completely replaced hardwired copper or fiber-glass interfaces in most networking applications. For mounting of these miniaturized Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) modules with reliable contacts, SUYIN now offers extremely robust, simple and fast-mounting SFP connectors in single and quad versions.

4th November 2009
Mini-SATA Receptacle Connector for Reliable Data Transfer at up to 3.0 Gbit/s

SUYIN is expanding its extensive family of Serial ATA connectors (SATA stands for S-ATA or Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) to include the surface-mount mini-SATA host receptacle connector from the 127508FB016SX00ZR model series.

2nd November 2009
ATCA Power Connectors have a Maximum Rating of 16 A, and Hot-Swap Capabilities

The new Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA, or ATCA) Zone-1 Power Connectors from SUYIN meet or exceed the generic PICMG-3.0 specifications. The 30-position standard version is equipped with 8 power contacts, carrying a maximum of 16 A each, and with 22 signal pins. Four additional unloaded signal pins, rated at a maximum of 1A each, are reserved for customer-specific configurations. SUYIN also supplies partially load...

1st October 2009
Low-profile readers for microSD cards

SUYIN’s 100053FB series includes two low-profile microSD memory card readers for applications in mobile phones, GPS systems, MP3 players and other mobile digital devices. These surface-mount card readers are available in two styles: version 02 for standard mounting and version 62 for reverse mounting on the underside of the PCB.

8th September 2009
Compact USB 3.0 Dual-Port Jack for Future-Proof Designs

The demands placed on USB-3.0 plugs and jacks requires that they must be able to transfer data at a gross rate of up to 5 gigabits per second (SuperSpeed mode). Until now, the maximum theoretical rate for USB connections was 480 megabits per second. Furthermore, the new USB components must be backwards compatible with USB 2.0.

25th August 2009
Sink-Type RJ45-Jack with double LED and Filter

SUYIN has expanded its broad portfolio of modular jacks with the space-saving low-profile in-board version 101116FHBY4M401ZL. The 8-pole network jack with dimensions 25.2 x 20.17 x 11.3 (L x W x H in mm overall) is provided as tab-down type having the slot for the locking tab on the base of the RJ45 jack.

10th August 2009
Compact Triple-Port USB Jack from SUYIN

In today’s world it is impossible to imagine modern devices and systems in the consumer electronic, professional communication and industrial electronics without USB connections. Especially for applications with multiport USB connections and USB hubs SUYIN offers the compact USB jack 020122MR012S51MZA.

4th August 2009
High-Performance Coaxial Cable Assemblies

A low-loss and interference-free signal transfer according to IEEE 802.11a/b/g (in the frequency range of 2.0 GHz up to 6.0 GHz) depends on high-quality material and on perfectly aligned and well-finished coaxial cable/connector combinations. SUYIN, the Taiwanese specialist for connectors and cables, has specialized on the assembly of coaxial cables for diverse requirements and applications. The company offers a wide range of coaxial cables with ...

23rd July 2009
Suyin - Surface mount RJ45 Plug

Suyin GmbH has announced an 8-pole surface mount RJ45 Plug. The component 085452MBxx is designed to support a quick and reliable board-to-board connection making it well suited to applications like 10/100-Base-T and Gigabit-Ethernet networks up to reliable man-machine interface solutions in the industrial sector.

17th July 2009
DisplayPort-Jack available for Through-Hole mounting

To meet the increasing demand for robust DisplayPort connectors, the Taiwanese connector specialist SUYIN has released a DisplayPort jack in a through-hole version to add to the surface-mount version introduced last year.

10th July 2009
Vertical Battery Connector has a height of only 1.3mm

The new 4-pole battery connector 080623GA from Taiwanese connector specialist SUYIN offers a compact, super-flat design and can be used in a broad variety of applications. The housing of the vertical SMT connector provides a height of only 1.3mm.

8th July 2009
Easy-to-connect Snap-Latch Plugs and Receptacles

SUYIN offers a broad range of Snap-Latch plugs and receptacles with snap-in and self-locking function. Based on highest quality and approved security, the Snap-Latch connectors can be fitted into industrial and medical applicationsincluding FDA certified products and consumer devices.

8th July 2009
RJ-45 Jack with two LEDs and Filter is Suitable for Power-over-Ethernet

The SUYIN series 101110F91L2M416ZA is one of few available RJ45 jacks on the market with a filter providing a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connection thus saving a separate power cable as well an extra DC jack on the PCB. There are included two status LEDs (green/orange and yellow) and integrated filter components.

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