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14th December 2011
Top performance: Right-angle, Type-A single USB-3.0 receptacle from SUYIN protrudes just 2.5 mm above the PCB surface

SUYIN's 020053XR009MX21XL 9-pin, right-angle, Type-A single USB-3.0 receptacle for through-hole mounting is a particularly space-saving variant. With an overall length of 16.6 mm, this female USB 3.0 connector is very short. Moreover, due to its innovative sink type housing design, this receptacle can also be partially inserted into a recess in the printed circuit board, which makes it possible to achieve an unusually low component height of jus...

7th December 2011
A short-order SMT RJ45 jack from SUYIN

By employing special approaches to design and production, SUYIN has succeeded in further miniaturizing its RJ45 jack connectors for 10/100-Base-T and 100-Base-T4 applications. This makes it possible to develop PCBs that are even more densely populated yet feature a particularly low profile. The eight-pin type 100355XB008SX00ZL right-angle RJ45 jack designed for surface mounting (SMT) features a low overall height of just 11.7 mm and a remarkably ...

22nd November 2011
Robust Mini-B-USB receptacle from SUYIN for consumer/industrial applications

SUYIN’s 020200MA005XX56XX series offers a type-B, 5-pin Mini USB receptacle for surface mounting that is specially designed to meet the requirements of consumer products. At the same time, however, due to its particularly robust construction, it is also well suited for use in industrial automation tasks.

25th October 2011
Ultra-low-profile microSD card connector from SUYIN is just 1.4 mm high

Mobile phones, digital cameras and other peripheral devices are becoming increasingly compact and thin. In keeping with this trend, the memory cards being used with these devices are also shrinking in size. SUYIN now offers a microSD card connector with ultra-low-profile height of 1.4mm for accepting these tiny storage media. These shielded, SMT card connectors guarantee up to 10,000 mating cycles and feature an ejection stroke of 5.0 mm for the ...

28th September 2011
Blade-contact battery plug/socket systems from SUYIN: Small pitch, robust design, highly flexible applications

Due to their particular ruggedness and their high mating reliability, plug-and-socket systems have become indispensable for the rechargeable batteries used in many portable and industrial applications in which the terminal devices are subjected to extremely harsh environmental conditions.

4th August 2011
Low-profile HDMI receptacle connectors from SUYIN – masterpieces of miniaturization

SUYIN is now supplementing its wide range of female High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) connectors – consisting of standard, mini and micro HDMI receptacle connectors along with numerous accompanying custom versions/modifications – to include 19-pin low-profile HDMI receptacles from the 100042MB019XX36ZR and 100042XR019XX1HZR series. Each model from these two series complies with Version 1.4 of the HDMI specifications, and thus featur...

4th August 2011
Dual-port RJ45 jack for Cat-5 Gigabit Ethernet applications using wave or reflow soldering: Space-saving and fully shielded design

SUYIN has developed a highly compact dual-port RJ45 jack, specially designed to provide trouble-free and particularly space-saving coupling of high-speed Gigabit Ethernet patch cables on network cards or switches. In response to significant positive feedback from users/customers, special attention has been paid to ensuring that the 100313FR016S00ZL 2 x 8 position, 8 contact (8P8C), right-angle RJ45 jack – as with other versions from this model ...

25th May 2011
Vibration-resistant horizontal board-to-board connector family destined for use in mobile applications

SUYIN is developing a new series of right-angled SMT board-to-board connectors (male and female) with a pitch of 1.0 mm

11th May 2011
Industrial-grade CompactFlash card connectors from SUYIN with integrated ejection mechanism

Due to their excellent robustness and impact resistance qualities, CompactFlash (CF) memory cards are increasingly also making inroads into industrial applications as replacements for hard drives. In order to be able to accept these CF cards, the CompactFlash card connector must also have an equally rugged design capable of withstanding mechanical shocks.

4th May 2011
Mini board-to-board connector with a pitch of 0.635 mm for space savings of up to 11 percent

SUYIN is continuing to develop innovative new connectors that can be adapted to meet customer-specific requirements. These efforts have produced a new series of SMT miniature board-to-board connectors that feature a particularly space-saving pitch of 0.635 mm.

2nd March 2011
Keeping a low profile with SUYIN: RJ45 jack with an unbeatably low overall height of 9.6 mm and a height of just 4.4 mm above the PCB surface

Interconnector specialist SUYIN has again succeeded in employing sophisticated design and production techniques to set a new record for achieving the lowest possible overall height.

16th December 2010
Extremely low-profile DC jack for robust in-board mounting

For applications that face particularly tight space restraints, SUYIN has developed the two-pin type 040068FR right-angle DC power jack connector (max. 6.3 V DC / 2.0 A DC). This THT jack, which is equipped with a spring-loaded switch contact and a center pin with a diameter of 1.65 mm accepts a cylindrical DC connector with an outer diameter of 4.0 mm.

13th December 2010
Low-profile 8-pin SIM card connector for space-critical applications

Due to its small dimensions, SUYIN’s new surface-mount 254070FB009XX26XX 8-pin SIM card connector is particularly well suited for use in diverse space-critical applications ranging from all kinds of miniaturized portable electronics devices to automotive navigation systems. Its particularly robust design also permits use in in point-of-sale (POS) terminals and other stationary systems. Featuring a high level of durability the connectors allow 5...

10th November 2010
The Taiwanese from Lower Bavaria or...

There are many East Asian manufacturers – with headquarters in China, Japan or Taiwan, for example – that make high-quality, reliable electromechanical and optoelectronic components. But what differentiates these companies from one another? And what makes a specific vendor attractive for customers/users – particularly here in Europe?

10th November 2010
Fast, capable and affordable customer-specific problem solvers from SUYIN: Board-to-board connectors as an example

SUYIN offers many different types of board-to-board (BTB) connectors. This broad selection begins with versions featuring contact configurations that range from very simple to highly complex and cover a wide variety of pitches – from 0.5 mm (fine pitch) all the way to 2.54 mm. The fact that the overwhelming majority of these products are custom solutions comes as no surprise, because SUYIN is one of the very few East Asian connector vendors tha...

10th November 2010
Battery connectors from SUYIN: Huge selection of immediately available versions, plus clever custom solutions

The more mobile our society becomes, the stronger the demand for battery-powered devices. SUYIN offers the right battery connector for nearly any kind of application, from mobile phones and notebooks to portable devices for industrial, automotive, and medical device applications. And if the tremendous range of ready-to-order battery connector solutions (with well over 1,000 different variants) does not include the solution that you are looking fo...

27th October 2010
Application-specific optimisation: Battery-connector with enhanced vibration resistance for offset PCB installation

The key mechanical requirements on mobile battery-operated devices and systems include their compact design as well as stable operation also when subjected to impact and vibration loads. The connector specialist SUYIN has adapted its surface-mountable 3- and 4-pin spring-contact battery connector series 060062MB specifically for such applications in order to cater precisely to these requirements. Secure contacting also under vibration loads is en...

20th October 2010
Special robust and customized SATA connectors for the first set-top box with a exchangeable hard-disk drive

For a project being conducted by a leading set-top box (STB) manufacturer, SUYIN has developed and manufactured a 22-position Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) female connector adapted to customer-specific requirements in accordance with a strict timeline. This through-hole SATA socket is equipped with 15 contacts for power supply and seven for signaling and is mounted on the printed circuit board together with a exchangeable 2.5-inch ...

14th October 2010
Small USB 3.0/ type-A single receptacles for recessed PCB installation reduce height

SUYIN has modified two single right-angled type-A USB 3.0 receptacles and developed particularly space-saving variants. The overall lengths are only 16.9 mm and 16.75 mm. Moreover, due to their innovative housing design, they can partially fit into a cut-out on the printed circuit board (PCB). This results in component heights of just 4.9 mm or 3.59 mm respectively above the PCB.

13th October 2010
Fast, capable and affordable customer-specific problem solvers from SUYIN: Board-to-board connectors as an example

SUYIN offers many different types of board-to-board connectors. This broad selection begins with versions featuring contact configurations that range from very simple to highly complex and cover a wide variety of pitches – from 0.5 mm (fine pitch) all the to 2.54 mm. The fact that the majority of these products are custom solutions comes as no surprise, because SUYIN is one of the very few East Asian connector vendors that are able to realize c...

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