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22nd January 2019
Multiport adapters feature displayport alt mode switch

Two new dual display USB-C multiport adapters/mini docks have been introduced by, to its continuously expanding USB-C connectivity line. With support for Power Delivery 3.0 and dual 4K display, these multiport adapters (HDMI: DK30C2HAGPD and DisplayPort: DK30C2DAGPD) take on-the go productivity and flexibility with a Windows laptop to the next level. 

11th April 2018
Adapters designed to connect USB and eSATA peripherals has announced the release of two new Thunderbolt 3 adapters that enable access to many different external peripherals and devices using various interfaces. The two new Thunderbolt 3 accessories allow users to extend the life of their external hard drives, USB devices and other specialised laptop peripherals.

8th March 2018
Mobile sit-stand workstation adds mobility to the classroom

Manufacturer of hard-to find connectivity parts,, has announced the release of its first mobile sit-stand workstation (STSCART), which brings a mobilised ergonomic solution to the classroom and other dynamic environments. The new workstation offers a large surface area and easy sit-to-stand height adjustment, providing a workspace that’s both versatile and practical in a variety of settings.

30th January 2018
Direct-attach cables suitable for data centres

  More than 50 new SFP+ / QSFP+ direct-attach and active optical cables have been announced by The new product portfolio contains MSA compliant products that are compatible with Cisco, HP and Juniper networking equipment. In addition, QSFP+ to 4 x SFP+ break-out cables of different lengths are also now available.

10th January 2018
Hard drive eraser clears four SATA drives simultaneously

A new 4-Bay Hard Drive Eraser for 2.5” or 3.5” SATA Drives has been released by which erases four SATA drives simultaneously. This drive eraser offers an efficient way for users to securely erase sensitive data and information from hard drives in batches, ultimately saving time. The 4-bay drive eraser is made for the IT professional and technician, but also the tech minded business professional who wants to quic...

28th November 2017
Sit-to-stand workstation improves employee health

As technology continuously automates what we do, our lifestyles have become increasingly sedentary. From taking the car to work in the morning to sitting in an office chair all day and then lounging on the couch at home, studies show the negative impact excess sitting has on the human body. If you work a 9-5 desk job, developing Musculoskeletal Diseases (MSDs) and other chronic illnesses is a real possibility.

20th November 2017
From adapters to enclosures: your Christmas gift guide

  Christmas is coming, and with that in mind you might be wondering what to buy your techy friends (or to treat yourself). offers large selection of docking stations, card readers, adapters, audio-video cables, display port converters and drive enclosures to fulfil your geekiest dreams.

10th August 2017
First docking station with full power delivery for Mac

The release of the Thunderbolt 3 has been announced by as the company’s first Dual-4K Docking Station with full Power Delivery (SKUs: TB3DK2DPPDUE) to charge and power the latest generation MacBook Pro or Thunderbolt 3 equipped Windows laptops. This docking station adds to’s growing line of Thunderbolt 3 products.

13th June 2017
Drive enclosure enables high-capacity external data storage

A new Dual-Bay 3.5” Drive Enclosure has been released by which enables a high-performance USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10 Gbps) data storage solution with multiple RAID functions. Users can access, back up and manage files through their USB-C or USB-A equipped laptop. The dual-drive enclosure features multiple RAID modes which can help increase performance add redundancy or combine volumes. The RAID modes supported are: RAID 0, RAID 1, ...

17th May 2016
Fast data access from USB-C SATA enclosure has announced a USB-C SATA drive enclosure, which offers quick and efficient access to SATA SSDs (solid-state drives) and HDDs (hard drives) from a USB-C enabled computer. The enclosure provides a fast and portable solution for users to access, transfer and back up data from their computer with an ultra-convenient integrated USB-C cable.

16th March 2016
USB-C cable can connect to Thunderbolt, USB & DisplayPort devices has launched Thunderbolt 3 cables – the USB-C cables that do it all. For the first time, a single cable can connect to Thunderbolt, USB and DisplayPort devices. Thunderbolt 3 cables provide four times the data and twice the video bandwidth of any other cable, while also supplying power.

2nd February 2016
First adjustable 'Sit-to-Stand' workstation offers an easy way to work has announced its first Sit-to-Stand Workstation, which enables users to convert a traditional sitting desk into an upright standing desk. The Sit-to-Stand workstation offers an easy and cost-effective way to work in comfort, since it can be placed on virtually any traditional desk.

11th January 2016
DisplayPort adapter removes limitations associated with video adapters has introduced Thunderbolt 3 to Dual DisplayPort Adapter, 'the highest resolution and simplest dual DisplayPort adapter ever'.  Every aspect of the adapter has been designed for performance and to remove the limitations associated with existing video adapters.

18th December 2015
Quick access to hard drives & data with USB-C adapter cable has announced the release of a USB-C Adapter Cable for 2.5” SATA Drives that offers users the ability to use their USB-C enabled computer to access the data on a 2.5” hard drive or SSD with high performance speeds. A USB-A port version has also been released and uses the backward compatibility of a USB-A port and supports UASP. 

15th December 2015
Docking stations help turn laptop into a functional workstation has announced the release of a new family of docking stations, adding to the diverse line of docking stations that offers. The Essential family of docking stations is created with hot-desking, home-office and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) office environments in mind.

2nd December 2015
First Thunderbolt 2 dock on market to support dual-display output has announced the release of a Thunderbolt 2 Dual Video Docking Station that features connections for two DisplayPort monitors. This is the first docking station on the market that enables Mac and Thunderbolt users to create a dual-monitor workstation, all through a single Thunderbolt 2 connection to the dock.

19th November 2015
Wireless presentation system streamlines Boardroom collaboration has released a Wireless Presentation System that makes it easy for PC and Mac users to share content on a screen over a WiFi network. The presentation system offers a convenient way to share and switch between multiple screens during a meeting or presentation and facilitates collaboration between PC and Mac users.

5th November 2015
From simple charging to high-performance tasks requiring 4K video has announced the release of a line of USB-C solutions. Of note, is the highly anticipated launch of a full suite of products supporting the latest Thunderbolt 3. USB-C technology is ground breaking for all the right reasons. It is a single, conveniently reversible connector that can deliver USB (up to 10Gbps), DisplayPort 1.2, enough power to charge full-size electronics and is the same connector that carries Thunderbolt 3.

4th November 2015
HDMI wireless extender transmits signal up to 165ft announced the release of their latest HDMI over Wireless Extender, which makes it easy to set up digital signage in a variety of business, educational and industrial settings. The extender transmits a 1080p HDMI video signal, with audio, by up to 165 ft. (50m) and enables users to control the display remotely from their laptop computer.

29th October 2015
Standalone eraser dock offers a secure data erasing solution has announced the release of a recent Standalone Eraser Dock that functions without a host device and provides a secure data erase by printing a receipt of the procedure. The dock supports nine erase modes and 2.5 and 3.5” SSD and HDD hard drives.

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