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6th February 2020
Enhanced ultra-high-speed video camera

An enhanced version of the Kirana ultra-high-speed video camera has been introduced by Specialised imaging. The new Kirana07M enables researchers to capture up to 180 consecutive high resolution images at frame rates of up to seven million frames per second and exposure times as low as 50 nanoseconds.

21st January 2020
High speed camera advances bio-hybrid fuel research

Specialised Imaging reports that the Institute of Heat and Mass Transfer at RWTH Aachen University in Germany has invested in a Kirana Ultra High-Speed camera to undertake fundamental research that underpins the development of bio-hybrid fuels for the next generation of sustainable transportation. Research at the University of Aachen Fuel Science Center (FSC) aims to develop high density liquid energy carriers ('bio-hybrid fuels'), for ...

3rd September 2019
Camera triggering systems for fast events

High-speed imaging can be challenging to users more familiar with high-speed video cameras. To accurately capture fleeting images of a high speed event requires a means of triggering the camera and flash unit more accurately and typically to within a few microseconds.

29th May 2019
Analysing complex ultra-fast events

SIM Series ultra-high speed framing cameras from Specialised Imaging incorporate an auxiliary optical port enabling secondary instruments such as streak cameras, high speed video or time resolved spectrometers to share the same optical axis as the framing channels.

Cyber Security
18th March 2019
Optical and thermal tracking of aircraft and drones

Specialised Imaging’s Lightweight Optical Motion Analysis (LOMA) system has been used to optically track an aircraft for several kilometres while simultaneously capturing the thermal signature of the aircraft over the same distance.

25th September 2018
Accurate 3D flight tracking

The SI Tracker2 system from Specialised Imaging provides reports which have been used to precisely correlate high-speed video data with 3D visualisation and measurement information.  Traditionally for free flight, ballistic and rocket flight applications such as Earth re-entry space vehicle development and ballistic trajectory characterisation - engineers have had to use expensive Doppler radar equipment with complex software and on-board te...

Test & Measurement
13th September 2018
Accurate 3D flight visualisation and measurement launched

  Specialised Imaging reports on applications for which its SI Tracker2 system has been used to precisely correlate high speed video data with 3D visualisation and measurement information. 

28th March 2018
Ultra high-speed camera tests fuel-injectors

  The Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics (LTT) at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany) tested a Kirana Ultra High-Speed camera to visualise the transient opening process of fuel-injectors in one of their high-pressure injection chambers, Specialised Imaging reported.

7th February 2018
Ultra-fast framing cameras with high speed processing

The introduction of a new processor has been announced by Specialised Imaging for its SIM family of ultra-fast framing cameras. The new processor will allow new remote operation capabilities as well as improving the download speed by a factor of 50, allowing faster real-time focusing from the control computer and large file transfer in less than 5 seconds.

27th November 2017
Colour camera enables colorimetric effects on fast moving objects

  A new colour version of Specialised Imaging's SIR3 camera has been introduced. Capable of capturing up to 11-million-pixel (4,008x2,688) resolution images in 36-bit colour across a wide dynamic range, the SIR3 colour camera enables colorimetric effects on fast moving objects to be recorded clearly for the first time.

10th May 2017
Ultra-high-speed camera benefits material science research

The Kirana Ultra-High-Speed video camera from Specialised Imaging has been reported to become the system of choice for many leading edge research groups in the material science community in Europe, North America and in the Asia/Pacific Region. Researchers at NASA, White Sands (USA) report on using a Kirana camera to assess risks of using different commercial partners frangible joint designs to provide confidence for their use in human spaceflight...

2nd May 2017
New sensor designed for tracking fast moving objects

  The Trackerlite, an entry level system designed to enable small test ranges, sport science and university researchers to better understand the flight behaviour of fast moving objects, has been introduced by Specialised Imaging.

19th December 2016
Hypervelocity impacts captured through high-resolution imaging

The Institute of Astronautics, Technical University of Munich, Germany has used a SIM-X ultra-high speed framing camera, Specialised Imaging reported. The camera used to record high resolution images of hypervelocity impacts on granular media samples, uses different bulk densities.

7th December 2016
Hypervelocity impact testing carried out on simulated lunar materials

  The Institute of Astronautics, Technical University of Munich, Germany has used a SIM-X ultra-high speed framing camera to record high resolution images of hypervelocity impacts on granular media samples with different bulk densities.

1st November 2016
Advanced image sensors focus on design and development

  The formation of a new division – Wegapixel - has been announced by Specialised Imaging to focus on the design and development of advanced CMOS imaging sensors.

Events News
20th October 2016
High-speed video camera designed for low light machine vision

  The main focus of Specialised Imaging’s stand at VISION 2016, in Stuttgart Germany, will be ultra-high-speed video camera and image intensifier systems for low light machine vision applications.

19th September 2016
Accessories for high-speed imaging

A range of high performance accessories has been developed by Specialised Imaging to optimise the performance of high-speed imaging cameras used in industrial, defence and scientific applications. To ensure that data collection is precisely synchronised to a transient process, high-speed cameras typically employ optical triggers.

Aerospace & Defence
30th October 2015
Studying hypervelocity impact phenomena

Using a Specialised Imaging SIM8 ultra fast framing camera researchers at the Thiot Ingenierie Shock Physics Laboratory have been able study high velocity impacts of aluminium spheres against an aluminum target at velocities in excess of 4000m/s. Interest in hypervelocity has traditionally been driven by the military community but is increasingly of interest to the space / aerospace industry for areas of research such as enhancing the survivabili...

11th November 2011
High Power Flash Units for Use With Ultra High-Speed Cameras

Specialised Imaging Ltd. has announced a new range of high power Xenon flash units optimised to give a small concentrated high intensity beam for use with ultra high-speed cameras. The Specialised Imaging SI-IMS300 flash unit offers the user a very high intensity flash source with a very short duration making it ideal for both scientific and industrial processes that occur over a short time window.

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