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22nd April 2020
Connectors designed for mobile solar solutions

Trailar is a British start-up offering solar mat kits for commercial vehicle mobile solar solutions. These mats supply auxiliary equipment with solar energy, reducing fuel costs and CO2 emissions. Thanks to these savings, the user can achieve a return on investment in less than two years.

24th March 2020
Composite aeronautics connectors meet REACH regulation

The goal of European REACH regulation is to improve health and environmental protection by banning the use of SVHC (Substance of Very High Concern) chemicals while promoting the competitiveness of the European Union's chemical industries.

4th February 2020
Submersible connectors for high and low pressure

It has been announced that SOURIAU has developed considerable expertise in the design and manufacture of robust and extremely reliable submersible connectors. Its dry-mate product ranges, for out-of-water mating, formerly known as Jupiter connectors, have been proven in both civil and military underwater applications for over 50 years. 

8th January 2020
A major player in connectivity for Smart Agriculture

The growth in world population is placing increased demands on agricultural production. This is one of the major challenges of modern agriculture, now in the midst of major transformation. Now that "intelligent" and connected equipment is becoming available on the market, answers to these needs are now within reach, while at the same time addressing environmental concerns.

29th July 2019
Key criteria for aeronautic interconnection solutions

Whether for satellites in orbit or along the ocean floor, the demand for connections to enable the transmission of data, signals or electrical power increases every year. In aeronautics, the on-board equipment and materials of an aircraft must be able to withstand extreme climatic and mechanical conditions, because at an altitude of 10,000 metres, a small failure can have critical consequences. In this kind of application, failure is not an optio...

4th April 2019
Standard compliant hermetic connectors for harsh environments

In the category of hermetic connectors destined for use in harsh environments and especially in civil and military aeronautics applications, SOURIAU offers a wide range of products compliant with numerous standards such as EN3646, EN2997 and MIL-DTL-38999. The hermetic connectors benefit from the advantages of their specific technology, manufacturing process and quality control.

12th September 2018
More than 50 years of knowhow in connectors

As soon as rail transport systems began to be electrified, SOURIAU developed connectors which were specially adapted to the needs of the railway industry. SOURIAU will be exhibiting at InnoTrans, the international transport technologies fair, held from 18th to 26th September in Berlin.

20th August 2018
The continuous improvement approach showing its merit

Leader in interconnection solutions for the aeronautic, defence, aerospace, energy, transport and manufacturing industries, Esterline Connection Technologies, and its two brands SOURIAU and SUNBANK, have applied the Continuous Improvement approach to performance criteria defined by the Esterline Group, since 2015.

30th July 2018
European connector makers win hexavalent chromium extension

European connector makers have successfully persuaded the European Commission to allow the use of hexavalent chromium in the finishing processes of connector housings for a further 12 years. The European REACH regulation has banned the use of the compound, and the original authorisation for continued use was four years.

9th July 2018
SOURIAU brings a range of fibre optics solutions

SOURIAU has been developing fibre optic connectors for four decades, and as soon as fibre optics began to be used in telecommunications and manufacturing, connector solutions adapted to this technology had to be invented which were radically different from those designed for electrical connections.

2nd July 2018
A broad range of fibre optic solutions have become available

Having been developing fibre optic connectors for four decades, as soon as fibre optics began to be used in telecommunications and manufacturing, SOURIAU knew that connector solutions adapted to this technology had to be invented, which were radically different from those designed for electrical connections.

19th June 2018
Connectors for underwater applications at shallow depth

Immersible connectors actually have to meet a number of mechanical and chemical constraints. SOURIAU has been active in this market for a very long time, continuously adapting its product range to customer requirements in the field of military submarines, oceanography, geophysics and the oil industry. With SWIM, SOURIAU is launching a new range of connectors designed for new markets.

16th April 2018
Souriau now manufactures connectors for medical devices

As the JMX plastic Push-Pull series is introduced by Souriau, the company has made a distinguished entry into the market for connectors for electronic medical equipment. As well as superior technical characteristics, the perfectly-adapted design corresponds to medical device manufacturers' requirements in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The ISO 13485 standard ISO 13485 is the system standard which applies to the manufacturing of ...

1st March 2018
JMX plastic push-pull connectors attract attention at Compamed-Medica

The all-new series of JMX plastic medical connectors were presented by Souriau, at its stand at Compamed. Compamed brings together suppliers of hospital and electronic equipment designed for medical devices used in patient environments. Medica is dedicated to surgical and patient care equipment. Together, both trade shows make up the world´s largest annual medical technology event.

28th February 2018
SOURIAU recognised name in the nuclear industry

Connectors are often required by many industries to interconnect the electrical and electronic systems that are vital to controlling their processes and ensure the safety of equipment. The nuclear industry is no exception to this. Thanks to its many years of collaboration with leaders in the industry, SOURIAU possesses extensive experience in meeting the requirements of nuclear environments.

6th October 2017
Motorsport connector range races ahead

  Extending its range of motorsport connectors, Esterline Connection Technologies – SOURIAU has introduced the 8STA 01. "SOURIAU's 8STA series for motorsport activities is based on MIL-DTL-38999, which is recognised as a standard specification for aeronautical connectors," said Samuel Tournier, 8STA Product Manager.

12th July 2017
Connectors comply with the European REACH Regulation

The world’s first manufacturer of MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connectors with Black Zinc Nickel plating, SOURIAU has created the connectors to comply with REACH Regulation and obtain certification from the US Defence Logistics Agency. Thomas Pichot, Manager of SOURIAU´s Aeronautics R&D Unit, and Nicolas Paumier, Product Manager, explain the update on the recent QPL certification.

20th June 2017
Plastic push-pull connector is suitable for medical applications

The SOURIAU's JMX series is a plastic push-pull connector for use in the medical industry, and is designed for easy use by any medical professional. The JMX meets UL 1977 and IEC 60601 standards and connects to surgical devices, diagnostic equipment, and patient monitoring devices. The entire series is available from all SOURIAU distributors in Europe and North America.  

18th June 2015
UTS MPO accepts MPO connectors from 12 to 48 optical fibres

An innovative solution that accepts all MPO connectors from 12 to 48 optical fibres has been introduced by SOURIAU. The UTS MPO is particularly suited for the railway, automation, and security markets that make use of fibre optics for greater efficiency and that demand quicker data transmission at a higher rate.

13th March 2015
Expanded catalogue features UTS series extensions

Esterline Connection Technologies introduce the newly expanded UTS series catalogue featuring product line extensions. This comprehensive 208-page catalog features SOURIAU´s versatile UTS series, which is perfectly suitable for a diverse field of applications such energy, off-road, building automation, instrumentation, lighting and rail.

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