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News & Analysis
25th October 2023
Socionext announces collaboration with Arm and TSMC

Socionext announced a collaboration with Arm and TSMC for the development of a power-optimised 32-core CPU chiplet in TSMCʼs 2nm silicon technology, delivering scalable performance for hyperscale data centre server, 5/6G infrastructure, DPU and edge-of-network markets.

23rd October 2023
Socionext begins development of SoCs for advanced ADAS and AD

Socionext has announced it is developing custom SoCs for advanced ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and AD (Autonomous Driving) using N3A, TSMC's latest 3nm automotive process technology.

18th October 2023
Socionext announces Arm and TSMC CPU chiplet collaboration

Socionext has announced a collaboration with Arm and TSMC for the development of a power-optimised 32-core CPU chiplet in TSMCʼs 2nm silicon technology, delivering scalable performance for hyperscale data centre server, 5/6G infrastructure, DPU and Edge-of-network markets.

16th May 2023
Socionext asset management demo using ZETag IoT tags

ZETA Alliance members Socionext and Techsor have announced a collaborative effort demonstrating the use of ZETag, an IoT tag compliant with the ZETA LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) wireless communication standard.

15th March 2023
New 7nm ADC and DAC for 5G direct RF transmitters and receivers

Socionext, a global specialist in providing innovative custom System-on-Chip solutions for wide range of applications including data centre and networking, launches a new high-speed Direct RF data converter PHY solution.

14th March 2023
Socionext introduces new 7nm ADC and DAC for 5G direct RF transmitters and receivers

Socionext has launched a new high-speed Direct RF data converter PHY solution. This is the latest in a series of IP offerings driving advanced transceiver systems for 3GPP 5GNR/LTE and Wi-Fi network infrastructure in the FR1 and FR2 (mmWave with external mixers) bands.

News & Analysis
15th July 2022
Socionext introduces ISO26262 certified smart graphic display controllers

4th generation smart graphic display controllers enable panoramic and multi-displays

Test & Measurement
12th July 2022
Next-generation viewphii 64-LSI for wireless ultrasound probes

Socionext Inc. introduced the viewphii 64-LSI, equipped with two dedicated LSIs, as the technology solution for wireless ultrasound probes for the next generation ultrasound diagnostic systems.

6th June 2022
Socionext introduces 60GHz radio-wave ranging sensor

Socionext Inc. has introduced the "SC1240 Series" radio-wave ranging sensors that use the 60GHz band with a built-in signal processing circuit for detecting the position and movement of a person with maximum accuracy. Sample shipments are scheduled for Q2 2022, and mass production in Q1 2023.

5th April 2022
Socionext wins the ‘Electronic Product of the Year’

Socionext Inc. has won the ‘Electronic Product of the Year’ at the BEEAs event held in London on 18th March 2022.

26th November 2021
PLAY to WIN a spectacular HAMPER full of delights for Christmas!

The festive season is upon us and here at Socionext we would like you to celebrate with us.   See how many colleagues you can gather (minimum 5) in this challenge and get entered into the Prize Draw.  Don’t miss out get into the festive mood and celebrate. PLAY NOW! 

22nd October 2021
Cloud tag uses ZETA communication protocolxt's new cloud tag to Utilise ZETA communication

Socionext, ZiFiSense and Techsor have announced that the companies have jointly developed a next-generation Cloud Tag that uses ZETA communication protocol, based on Socionext's SC1330 IC. The SC1330 incorporates signal processing which supports Advanced M-FSK modulation, the next-generation ZETA standard, and digital circuits including RISC-V CPU and various interfaces, in a single chip. Socionext plans to start volume production of the SC1330 i...

16th March 2021
Smart display controllers use APIX3 technology

Socionext has licensed APIX3 technology from Inova Semiconductors for its next generation of smart display controllers. Socionext was the first manufacturer to license the APIX interface for its smart display controller and a number of other products and subsequently was also the first licensee of APIX2 and APIX3.

29th December 2017
Image signal processor powers video recording eyewear

Socionext’s Milbeaut image signal processor, the SC2000, is powering the ORBI Prime, the first 360-degree video recording eyewear which will get its first airing at the upcoming CES 2018 in Las Vegas (January 9-12). Developed through close collaboration among industry leaders, ORBI Prime offers a hands-free video recording experience.

6th March 2017
Graphics display controller complies with computer vision API

Provider of system-on-chip technology solutions, Socionext, has developed the SC1810 series, the fourth generation version of its high-performance graphics display controllers. In addition to further strengthening the graphics functions for in-vehicle display system, which the company has proven achievements, Socionext incorporated what it claims to be the world's first hardware accelerator that conforms with KhronosTM Group's computer vision API...

5th January 2017
Image processor enables high-speed processing of image data

An image processing IC has been introduced by Socionext, the SC2000, which is designed for drones and action cameras. The SC2000 is a new product from the M10V series, an eighth-generation version of Socionext’s Milbeaut Image Processors. It features the latest improvement in Socionext's proprietary Milbeaut image processing algorithm and achieves the optimum combination of high performance and low power consumption at the same time.

14th November 2016
Delivering solutions for video transmission

The MB86M30 is a multi-format Codec IC from Socionext that is capable of encoding, decoding and transcoding of HEVC/H.265, AVC/H.264 and MPEG2 video and audio, all with a single chip.

21st September 2016
Collaboration continues with focus on next-gen SoC solutions

A confirmation of good cooperation has been signed by Leica Camera AG and Socionext Europe (SNEU), for the continuation of their long-standing and successful collaboration. The focus of the partnership will be set on the ongoing development of next generation System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions.

6th September 2016
New codec offers solutions for video transmission equipment

The release of the SC2M15, a new codec IC designed for video transmission equipment has been announced by Socionext. The device can process decoding, transcoding and encoding of H.264/HVC video and audio signals with a single chip, and is suitable for applications including digital broadcasting and video streaming through Internet Protocol among others.

Artificial Intelligence
24th May 2016
Easing the path to evaluation and system development

Supplier of next generation system-on-chip (SoC) solutions, Socionext, has launched a new evaluation solution package for its 360° Wrap-Around View (WAV) system. The package combines the hardware, software and support services necessary for initial evaluation and development of the WAV system.

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