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17th February 2016
Broadband RF switches for IoT applications

  Skyworks offers a family of high isolation (47 dB) multi-throw switches for 0.7–3.0 GHz Rx switching. The SKY13522-644LF, SKY13523-639LF and SKY13524-639LF are designed for switching single-ended Rx SAW filters in cellular handsets.

19th January 2016
High power shunt PIN Diodes for T/R switch

Skyworks introduces two high power, surface mount, series connected PIN diodes suitable for high-power, high-volume, large signal switch and attenuator applications ranging from 10MHz to beyond 6GHz. Typical resistance for the SMP1331-085LF and SMP1331-087LF is 0.50 Ω at 100 mA is and the maximum capacitance is 0.35pF at 30V.

15th January 2016
Three-channel LED flash driver features I2C Control Interface

Skyworks introduces the SKY81298 triple channel LED flash driver. The SKY81298 is optimised for LED flash applications implementing tri-tone flash LED colour compensation, or dual rear LED flash, plus single front LED flash to support 'selfie' pictures taken from the front-facing camera.

22nd December 2015
Low-noise amplifier front-end modules feature integrated filters

Skyworks introduces two global navigation low-noise amplifier front-end modules with integrated filters: the SKY65713-11 and SKY65715-81. Both solutions support products integrating GNSS functionality such as smartphones, personal navigation devices, wearables, M2M systems, base stations, asset tracking instruments, professional radios and IoT applications.

9th December 2015
Bluetooth low energy front-end modules operate up to 2.485GHz

Skyworks offers two low-power Bluetooth low energy (BLE) front-end modules (FEMs) for connected home, wearable and industrial applications. The SKY66110-11 and SKY66111-11 FEMs operate between 2.4 to 2.485GHz, with power consumption of only 10mA in transmit mode.

2nd October 2015
Qualified 20MHz to 3.0GHz SPDT switch for automotive

  Skyworks introduces a Single-Pole, Double-Throw (SPDT) switch that is qualified to the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) Q100 standard. The SKYA2001 features low insertion loss (0.4dB at 2.4GHz) and positive voltage operation with very low DC power consumption (10µA).

2nd October 2015
Broadband low-noise amplifier offers 200 to 3800 MHz

Skyworks introduces an ultra-broadband Low-Noise Amplifier (LNA) with superior gain flatness and exceptional linearity. It is suitable for high performance cellular infrastructure, small cells, tower mounted amplifiers, remote radio units, repeaters, base stations and military LNA applications.

4th August 2015
DC to 8GHz hermetic GaAs IC SPDT absorptive switch

Through its Isolink subsidiary, Skyworks introduces a low-loss, high performance wideband DC to 8GHz hermetic GaAs IC SPDT absorptive switch. The ISO13286 is suitable for high reliability space, satellite, and defence applications. The device performs with 50dB isolation at 4GHz and low loss of 1.5dB at 4GHz. 

21st July 2015
DC to 6GHz hermetic GaAs IC SPST non-reflective switch

  A low-loss, high performance wideband DC to 6GHz hermetic GaAs IC SPST non-reflective switch has been introduced by Skyworks’ Isolink subsidiary. The ISO13316 is suitable for high reliability space, satellite and defence applications.

Mixed Signal/Analog
19th June 2015
VVAs have third order input intercept point

Skyworks introduces a series of Voltage-controlled Variable Attenuators (VVAs) which are designed to have third order input intercept point and superb dynamic range. The devices cover operation from 1.45 to 5.0GHz and have control voltages ranging from 0 to 5.0V.

15th April 2015
VGA modules target LTE & WCDMA infrastructure applications

Eight low noise, variable gain receive modules for LTE and WCDMA infrastructure applications requiring low noise and high linearity have been introduced by Skyworks. The modules include the SKY65369-11, SKY65370-11, SKY65371-11, SKY65372-11, SKY65373-11, SKY65374-11, SKY65375-11 and SKY65376-11.

1st April 2015
LED driver offers a 10-bit dimming accuracy down to 0%

A step-up, three-channel LED driver, which features an I2C interface and pulse width modulation dimming control, has been released by Skyworks. Offering a 10-bit dimming accuracy down to 0%, the SKY82896 features a wide input voltage range of 2.5-5.5V and a high-boost switching frequency.

1st April 2015
WiFi front end module eliminates need for LDO regulator

Skyworks has introduced an integrated, 5GHz 802.11ac/n front-end module for mobile platforms including smartphones and tablets. The matched SKY85716-11 FEM incorporates a 5GHz single-pole, double-throw transmit/receive switch, a 5GHz low noise amplifier with bypass and a 5GHz power amplifier. Its 0.33mm package height makes it suitable for low profile SiP modules in embedded systems.

13th March 2015
DC/DC converter targets automotive & medical applications

  Designed for automotive, distributed power, industrial and medical applications, the SKY87608-11-577LF DC/DC converter has been released by Skyworks. The 28V, 3A, non-synchronous device is also applicable for general purpose, POL, 16, 20 and 28V voltage regulators. 

23rd February 2015
Active bias, high linearity LNA targets radio, GPS & SDAR

Skyworks has announced the introduction of a 0.5-4.0GHz LNA with an active bias, offering excellent return loss, low noise and high linearity performance. Designed for high performance wireless infrastructure, L and S band military radio, SDAR, DBS set-top box and GPS applications, the SKY67103-396LF's internal active bias circuitry provides stable performance over temperature and process variation.

28th October 2014
LTE smartphones enjoy faster download speeds

The family of Diversity Receive Modules (DRx), from Skyworks, integrates multiple low loss RF switches, receive SAW filters and LNAs to dramatically enhance downlink data rates in LTE advanced MIMO systems. Amplifying the receive signal without increasing noise enhances receiver sensitivity, resulting in benefits for carriers, who will experience improved network efficiency, and consumers, who will enjoy considerably faster download speeds.

25th June 2013
Skyworks and SMC Networks Partner to Develop Wireless Solutions for the Connected Home

Skyworks Solutions today announced that it is partnering with SMC Networks to develop wireless connectivity solutions for security, monitoring and automation applications in the emerging connected home market.

23rd August 2012
Skyworks Introduces Innovative Analog Solutions for Automotive Toll Tag Systems

Skyworks Solutions, Inc has announced it has introduced analog solutions for low-noise receivers being used in high-sensitivity radio frequency (RF) automotive highway tag applications, including toll tag transponder systems. Skyworks’ devices are being deployed across 40 million transponders supporting small signal RF applications where primary DC power is not available.

23rd August 2012
Skyworks Captures Additional Analog Content in Smartphones with Industry-leading LED Camera Flash Drivers

Skyworks Solutions, Inc today announced that it is capturing additional content in smartphone platforms with its industry-leading light emitting diode (LED) camera flash driver solutions. The adoption of cameras in smartphones, along with consumers’ expectations for high-quality photographs, is driving accelerated implementation of camera flash drivers in mobile devices. Skyworks’ products enable longer battery life for consumers, while simpl...

2nd December 2011
Skyworks Solutions and Advanced Analogic Technologies Announce Amended Merger Agreement

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. and Advanced Analogic Technologies, Inc. have announced that the two companies have amended their previously announced merger agreement. Under the terms of the revised merger agreement, Skyworks will acquire all of the outstanding shares of AnalogicTech for $5.80 per share in cash through a tender offer that Skyworks intends to commence within seven business days. The companies expect the transaction to be completed in Ja...

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