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6th August 2019
Accelerating the spread of SiC inverters for EVs and railcars

Showa Denko has developed a second generation high-grade silicon carbide (SiC) epitaxial wafer (HGE-2G) suitable for power semiconductors. SDK has been mass-producing the first generation of high grade SiC epitaxial wafer with very low defect density under the trade name of 'High-Grade Epi' (HGE). HGE-2G achieves further improvements in quality with six inches (150mm) diameter.

Artificial Intelligence
12th July 2018
Developing AI-enabled database system

It has been announced that Showa Denko and Cinnamon will jointly develop a database system equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) to register technical documents. This development program has been accredited as a project to be subsidised by the New Energy and Technology Development Organisation (NEDO) as a part of NEDO's ‘Program to Support Joint Development of AI Systems’.

26th March 2018
Showa Denko expands high-purity hydrogen bromide plant

Showa Denko has expanded its capacity to produce high-purity hydrogen bromide (HBr), which is used in the manufacture of semiconductors, and started operation of the expanded HBr plant. High-purity HBr is a specialty gas mainly used for fine-etching of polysilicon in the manufacturing processes of semiconductors including DRAMs and NAND flash memories.

10th August 2016
VGCF production capacity expanded for use in automotive LIBs

To improve electrical conductivity, Showa Denko (SDK) has decided to expand production capacity for Vapour Grown Carbon Fibre (VGCF): carbon nanofiber added to cathodes and anodes of Lithium Ion Batteries (LIBs). Specifically, SDK will gradually increase its VGCF(TM) production capacity at Kawasaki Plant, Kanagawa Prefecture, from 200 at present to 300t/y by the end of 2017, to meet growing demand for large LIBs used in cars.

18th December 2015
HD Media used in high capacity HDDs

Denko (SDK) announces that its HD media has been adopted in helium filled 10 terabyte hard disk drives (HDDs).

5th October 2015
SiC epitaxial wafers feature low defect density

Showa Denko (SDK) has developed a new grade of SiC epitaxial wafers for power devices with very low defect density. This month, SDK will start commercial shipments of the recent grade, in 4 and 6" in diameter, under the trade name of 'High-Grade Epi' (HGE). When compared with the mainstream Si-based semiconductors, SiC-based power devices can operate under high temperature, voltage and current conditions, while substantially reducing energy loss.

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