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21st September 2006
Fully Integrated 1Gbps Pin Electronics Solution for high-performance system on chip (SoC), memory, and other testers

Semtech has announced the E8400, the first off-the-shelf device to integrate all of the functionality needed for two complete channels of 500MHz/1Gbps pin electronics for high-performance system on chip (SoC), memory, and other testers.

15th September 2006
Core-Voltage Controllers for Intel Centrino Duo Notebook PC Designs

Semtech has announced the SC452 and SC454 pulse-width-modulation power supply controllers for notebook computers that incorporate Intel Centrino Duo mobile technology. The two controllers are IMVP-6 compliant and represent the latest devices stemming from Semtech’s developer’s agreement with Intel. The devices feature 5V input voltage and meet all of Intel’s standards designed to extend battery life and manage heat levels.

14th August 2006
RF Transmitter Offers Low System Cost Implementation for Wireless Security, Home Automation Applications

Semtech has announced the SX1223, a single-chip, ultra-high frequency transmitter for wireless security and automation applications. The SX1223 is optimized for design reuse with programmable channel, bit rate, frequency deviation and output power - making it well suited for both cost-reducing legacy products and next-generation designs.

Mixed Signal/Analog
4th August 2006
Semtech Debuts High-Speed Pin Electronics Driver for Next-Generation Memory Testers

Semtech Corp., a leading supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors for communications, portable devices, computers, and industrial equipment, today announced the E7765, the first off-the-shelf quad-pin electronics driver with the performance and differential signal capability required for testing next-generation, high-speed memory devices such as DDR III.

6th July 2006
1A Synchronous Buck Regulator for Portables

Semtech has announced the SC194A, a highly integrated 1A DC-DC step-down (buck) regulator with the small size and output flexibility needed for portable device applications. The SC194A has an input voltage range from 2.7V to 5.5V with a focus on portable applications that use Li-ion batteries. The device uses two programming pins to allow users to set the output voltage to 1.0V, 1.2V, 1.5V or 1.8V. These pins can be hard-wired to set a constan...

19th June 2006
Six-Line Protection Device Seems a Natural fit for Mobile Phone Keypads and other Portable Devices

Semtech has announced the µClamp™0506P, the industry’s first ultra-small six-line 5V protection device for portable systems. The µClamp0506P is the latest addition to Semtech’s MicroClamp product family, which now has the industry’s widest selection of line capacities – from one to six lines. The device works in any portable device, but is a natural fit for 12-button mobile phone keypads, reducing the number of protection parts need...

13th June 2006
Digitally Programmable Power Management ICs have Nine ULDO Regulators

Semtech has announced its SC905 family of power management ICs for cell phones and multi-function portable devices. These ICs feature nine ultra low dropout (ULDO) regulators capable of sourcing up to 300mA from multiple inputs via an I2C serial interface, offering great design flexibility.

Test & Measurement
1st June 2006
Data Acquisition SoC can

Semtech has announced the SX8801R, an ultra low power, high-resolution system-on-chip (SoC) for data acquisition from micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) sensors in battery-powered consumer, medical and industrial systems.

15th May 2006
Device Offers Low Capacitance for HDMI Enabled Products

Semtech has announced the RClamp0544M, a four-line protection device with the low capacitance and high protection levels necessary for high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) and digital visual interface (DVI) enabled products.

11th April 2006
Protection Devices Safeguard 3G/CDMA Phones from Increased EMI and ESD Threats

Semtech has announced the EClamp™237xP family of devices designed to protect against the increased risk of electrostatic discharge (ESD) and increased levels of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) in 3G and CDMA phones that have high-resolution displays and video and digital camera features.

28th March 2006
Dual-Ended PWM Controller Provides Design Flexibility

Semtech has announced the SC4806 a dual-ended, pulse-width modulation (PWM) controller that features low power consumption and high speed that makes it ideal for designing compact high power isolated off-line and telecom power supplies.

8th March 2006
Boost DC/DC Converter Powers LCD Backlight and Camera Flash WLEDs in Smart Phones

Semtech has announced the SC4505, an integrated boost (step-up) DC/DC converter for driving white LEDs in LCD backlight and camera flash applications in cell phones and PDAs.

2nd March 2006
Two-Line Protection Device for Next-Generation DSL Equipment

Semtech Corp has announced the RClamp™7002M, a two-line secondary protection device designed for use in ADSL and other wide area networking (WAN) equipment.

26th January 2006
40V, 2A, 2MHz Step-up DC/DC Converters Deliver Highly Compact Designs

Semtech's SC4501, SC4502 and SC4502H are current-mode, adjustable frequency step-up (boost) converters with an internal 2A, 40V switch.

17th January 2006
1.5A Battery Charger Device Lowers Portable Product Design Costs

Semtech Corp has announced the SC804, a linear, single-cell Lithium-Ion battery charger with battery pack and adapter flexibility features to support lower design costs for portable devices.

23rd December 2005
High Speed Data Interfaces Protected

Semtech's RClamp0504N, a 5.0V protection device aimed at next-generation monitors, laptops, television set top boxes and networking equipment using high-speed I/O protocols, measures just 2.0 x 2.0 x 0.6 mm.

14th December 2005
Semtech’s Step Down Regulator Sets Industry Standard for Low-Noise Performance

Semtech's SC190 is a programmable DC-DC step-down (buck) regulator that offers the industry’s cleanest power signal – with less than 1mV supply ripple – for noise sensitive, battery-powered portable applications.

4th December 2005
Semtech's Current Sense Amplifiers with Voltage Flexibility and Power Saving Features

Semtech announces a family of high-side current sense amplifiers with voltage flexibility and power saving features that allow mobile device designers to lower the system cost and power draw needed for battery sensing or data acquisition applications.

4th December 2005
Semtech’s Newest 3.3V Protection Device Offers Simplified Design-in

Semtech announces the uClamp™3304A, a 3.3V electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection device with the performance needed for next-generation portable designs, and packaged in an ultra small SC-89 package that is pin compatible with 5V protection devices for a simplified board design.

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