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10th September 2008
IGBT power modules from Semikron

SEMIKRON has added a new topology for use in three-level inverters to its SEMITOP IGBT product range. The topology integrates IGBT technology with lower switching and conduction losses to produce losses 60 percent lower than two-level inverters. The SEMITOP module has been designed for low commutation inductivity compared to half-bridge modules. The improved efficiency of the DC/AC conversion is intended for UPS applications in the power range fr...

10th July 2008
Digital drivers from Semikron offer versatile power control

Semikron has announced a new generation of IGBT drivers based on full digital signal processing. The SKYPER 52 allows for the transmission of isolated control signals and a range of configurable protection schemes, enabling engineers to design without the need to add isolated circuitry. The result is fewer system components and improved overall system reliability.

12th June 2008
Intelligent power module for solder-free assembly from Semikron

Semikron has introduced the MiniSKiiP IPM intelligent power module for quick and easy solder-free assembly. The module has been developed for motor power up to 15kW and incorporates a latch-up free Silicon on Insulator (SOI) driver IC for reliable system operation. Compared to other intelligent power modules, this new unit features the lowest thermal resistance of 0.95K/W and the highest junction temperature of +175°C.

18th July 2007
Thermal paste application service is said to guarantee high and reproducible quality

SEMIKRON has increased its portfolio of technical and logistics services to include the application of thermal paste to power modules. The introduction of this new service sets SEMIKRON apart from other power semiconductor manufacturers, by enabling it to offer a high and reproducible level of quality. The optimum application of thermal paste onto the semiconductor module ensures good thermal performance once the module is assembled on the heat s...

5th July 2007
SEMIKRON introduces industry’s first 100 percent solder-free IGBT module

SEMIKRON has introduced a 100 percent solder-free IGBT module for 22kW – 150kW converters in electric and hybrid vehicles. SKiM® has a five times higher temperature-cycling capability than modules that use a base plate and soldered terminals.

26th November 2006
Very Compact Thyristor Modules

SEMIKRON has introduced its SEMiSTART family of anti-parallel uninsulated thyristor modules, which has been designed specifically for use in soft-start devices. The modules are extremely compact. For example, a 400kW soft-starter featuring SEMiSTART is only one-sixth of the volume of the same device using conventional capsule thyristors. In addition, by using pressure contact technology and double-sided chip cooling, these new modules can withsta...

2nd October 2006
Semikron introduces IGBT and rectifier modules with new SPT+ chip technology

Lower switching losses coupled with smaller chip sizes Common terminal height for easy bus-bar connection Wide range of IGBT and input rectifier ratings

19th September 2006
SEMITOP® 4 power modules offer high power and high reliability

Up to 40kVA inverter power Isolated three-phase IGBT and CIB modules Up to 200A @ 600V and 100A @ 1200V

18th May 2006
Power Assemblies for Cabinet Mounting

Semikron has developed a new flat SEMISTACK power assembly that simplifies system design for OEMs. By incorporating its low-profile SEMiX IGBTs and bridge rectifiers in addition to a novel DC-capacitor arrangement, it has created a family of flat and compact converter/inverter power assemblies. The new range has a convenient rail system for easy racking of IGBT inverters from 50 to 120 kW and is suitable for most standard industrial applications...

20th April 2006
Semikron opens Chinese HQ and adds production

Semikron, known for its power semiconductors and diode/thyristor modules has opened a new Chinese headquarters and production facility in the city of Zhu Hai.

12th April 2006
STMicroelectronics and Semikron team up on power modules

Semikron International, known for its diode/thyristor power modules and an expert in power module packaging, and STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), have teamed up to develop and deliver integrated power modules for industrial, consumer, and automotive markets, embedding ST’s industry-leading power devices in Semikron’s SEMITOP® power packages.

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