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Schaffner is the international leader in the fields of electromagnetic compatibility, power quality and power magnetics supports with its components solutions for an efficient and reliable use of electric energy. With its products and services, the Schaffner Group plays a key role in promoting technologies that support renewable energies, ensures the reliable functioning of electronic equipment and systems in compliance with all major quality and performance standards and meets the requirements for greater energy efficiency.

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11th April 2023
Schaffner’s EMC solution for residential EV-charging stations

Designers of residential EV charging stations will now be able to reduce the cost of complying with regulations by using chokes that exactly meet their requirements.

7th March 2023
Schaffner adds user-friendly HMI to its Ecosine Active Sync

The Ecosine Active Sync is a modular product that has been on the market for around five years and actively mitigates the harmonics sent back to an electrical network, reducing or suppressing disturbances by taking the harmonic current generated by non-linear loads and converting it. 

8th September 2022
EMC filters suit robotics and datacentres

The new FN2520 and FN2660 very high performance EMC filters have been released by Schaffner.

22nd August 2022
Schaffner adds to its power connector range

Schaffner, specialists in the fields of electromagnetic compatibility and power quality, announces the availability of the latest addition to its range of IEC power connectors.

30th May 2022
EMC filters designed for robotics and data centres

Schaffner has announced availability of the FN2500 / FN2640 - EMC filter series developed specifically for robotics and data centres.

5th January 2022
Schaffner introduces FN2220 EMC filter for EV fast charging

Schaffner has announced the FN2220 EMC filter designed to meet the requirements of EV fast charging systems.

24th August 2021
FN3271 EMC-filter for machinery and robotics

Schaffner has extended its FN3270 series to provide more options for machine builders. Building on the strengths of FN3270 filter range the new FN3271 filter is a compact and lightweight filter design requiring minimum mounting space in installations and cabinets.

23rd August 2021
Extended filter series delivers machine builder options

The FN3270 filter series from Schaffner has been extended to provide more options for machine builders.

13th July 2021
FN2560 EMC filter for LED lighting applications launched

Schaffner has extended its range of filters for LED lighting applications with the introduction of the new FN2560 EMC filter range. Specifically designed for attenuation requirements in the lighting industry the performance of the filter starts at frequencies as low as 9kHz.

11th March 2021
Schaffner appoints Distribution Sales Manager for EMEA

Schaffner has appointed Jamie Furness as their new Distribution Sales Manager for the EMEA region. Based in the UK Jamie Furness is familiar with the Schaffner product range having previously represented Schaffner while working at Farnell, and with tenure at Avnet, TTI and Future he knows the distribution channel very well. 

5th November 2020
EMC line filters boast power ratings up to 600A

A complete range of its FN3280H 4-Line EMC filter series featuring higher insulation resistances has been released by Schaffner.

14th September 2020
Single-phase EMC filter for control equipment following increase in demand

Schaffner has reintroduced the FN2415 - single-phase EMC filter for control equipment with extended capabilities. Large and complex machine tools with multiple driving axes and very long motor cables can be subjected to major reliability problems caused by internal coupling of interferences from the drive system to the control wires.

13th July 2020
Whitepaper on EMC considerations for EV charging

New electric car models are introduced almost daily. The market forecast for the BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) predicts very strong growth in the coming years. Schaffner has released a whitepaper examining the safety and EMC considerations for EV charging.

5th April 2020
Harmonic filters meet demanding drive applications

Filters designed to reliably mitigate excessive harmonics in demanding applications have been unveiled by Schaffner.

13th February 2020
EMC products on EPLAN data portal

Schaffner has announced its presence on the EPLAN data portal with immediate effect. EPLAN is a powerful information source for global design engineering. The data portal offers customers shared by Schaffner and EPLAN benefits from the integration of device data and CAD which can be used digitally and efficiently in design engineering.

21st November 2019
Take charge of e-mobility

  E-mobility and the supply of the energy required for charging facilities are taking centre stage in automotive electronics, says Holger Urban, Schaffner Group

7th November 2019
A compact, application-specific, line filter for lighting applications

Schaffner has introduced a new single-phase EMC filter. With a 350 VAC rating, the filter can be used in typical single-phase applications (120 VAC and 230 VAC). Or industrial applications when utilising phase to neutral voltage off three phase power. 

7th November 2019
Schaffner (re)shapes electrical power through Industry 4.0

Schaffner will be presenting their latest innovations from their EMC, Power Quality and Power Magnetics divisions at SPS 2019. The new FN 3287/88 EMC filter series introduces innovations in 3-phase EMC filters and is now available with low leakage currents (<1mA) versions for general machine and plant construction. 

22nd October 2019
High performance ecosine passive harmonic filter

Schaffner will be presenting their latest innovations from their EMC, Power Quality and Power Magnetics divisions at SPS 2019. The new FN 3287/88 EMC filter series introduces innovations in three-phase EMC filters and is now available with low leakage currents (<1mA) versions for general machine and plant construction.

11th July 2019
High-performance IEC C14 power entry module with fuse holder

The high-performance filter series FN 9262 (with fuse holder) and FN 9266 (with dual pole switch), have been developed by Schaffner for applications demanding high RFI attenuation performance. They represent an enhanced version of the already market proven FN 9260 and FN 9264 filter families. 

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