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Artificial Intelligence
25th June 2021
SAS recognised for AI-powered deforestation detection app

SAS has once again been recognised for its social innovation initiatives. This World Rainforest Day, the organisation celebrates its honourable mentions in Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards and the 2021 PRNEWS CSR & Diversity Awards for its joint project with the International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) tracking human impact in the Amazon rainforest.

Artificial Intelligence
17th June 2021
SAS AI-powered chatbot boosts fraud victim support

Facing increased demand for real time and personalised digital experiences, organisations are turning to virtual assistants and chatbots to engage with consumers in new ways, at any hour. SAS, has partnered with the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) to develop a customised virtual assistant to help fraud victims. The virtual assistant is built with SAS Viya.

14th May 2021
Partnership could transform kidney treatment

The University of Cambridge has been working with SAS to revolutionise kidney treatment in the UK. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer vision can automate the process of scoring biopsies for kidneys to better select kidneys for transplantation.

Artificial Intelligence
9th March 2021
Government: Intelligent decisions in turbulent times

The UK government sector is standing on the verge of the unknown. The fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic and political outcomes of Brexit remains to be seen, but change is a certainty. Government departments will need to respond quickly and decisively. But they will have a chance to innovate as this new phase in the nation’s history emerges. By Simon Overton, Enterprise Director at SAS UK & Ireland

Artificial Intelligence
26th February 2021
Dark money, and what banks can do about it

Recent money-laundering scandals have shaken public trust in the banking sector. How can banks rethink their approach to AML? The BBC’s recent Panorama documentary, 'Banking Secrets of the Rich and Powerful' is an uncomfortable watch for anyone working in the banking sector. While all banks have Anti-Money Laundering (AML) teams and talk about the significant investments they make in monitoring and reporting financi...

Artificial Intelligence
24th February 2021
The strange bedfellows of AI and ethics

Over the last decade, we have heard a lot of doom-saying about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) would result in the loss of huge numbers of jobs. However, the picture (across both public and private sectors) is now starting to look not only more nuanced but also more positive. By Caroline Payne, Head of Customer Advisory, Public Sector at SAS UK & Ireland

21st January 2021
Number of public sector digital users grows by over 10% during pandemic

The first UK lockdown sparked considerable new interest and uptake in digital apps and services supplied by the Government, according to research conducted by SAS.

18th January 2021
SAS acquires Boemska to accelerate AI integration

SAS has announced the acquisition of Boemska, a privately held technology company specialising in low-code/no-code application deployment and analytic workload management for the SAS platform. The acquisition further enhances SAS Viya – a cloud-native, advanced analytics platform – with a rich set of capabilities that boost SAS’ goal of supporting the entire analytics life cycle and facilitating customer migration to the cloud

13th January 2021
Analytics available everywhere on cloud-native SAS Viya

Every retail or consumer goods company would like to increase forecast accuracy to improve margins and reduce safety stock levels while simultaneously connecting with consumers in a more meaningful way. SAS has a legacy of helping retail and CPG customers do just that by developing deeper insights that inform users to make more confident decisions. Now SAS is taking those capabilities to the cloud by offering access to its powerful retail analyti...

11th January 2021
SAS names Bryan Harris as Chief Technology Officer

SAS has announced the appointment of Bryan Harris to the role of Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. Harris has more than 20 years of experience researching and developing analytic techniques, enterprise search technologies, distributed computing and cloud architectures, and user experiences for both the federal and commercial industries.

Artificial Intelligence
24th December 2020
Reimagining the future with analytics and AI

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a new wave of stimulus policies to rebuild the global economy. Digitisation is and will be the key to face any economic, health, ecological or social challenge from now into the future.

4th December 2020
Get data science into the boardroom

Where do your data scientists sit? Perhaps they occupy a typically gloomy, computer-filled basement, or maybe they have a glassy building all to themselves. Either way, you’ll not always see business decision-makers walking the same corridors. After all, analytics is best left to the experts, isn’t it?  By Haidar Altaie, Data Scientist, SAS UK & Ireland

Artificial Intelligence
1st December 2020
AI reveals racial disparities in NYC homeownership

An analysis powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revealed racial disparities in homeownership, home loans and foreclosures in NYC. The analysis showed that neighbourhoods with a higher proportion of Black and Hispanic homeowners have lower home values even when home age and square footage are the same. 

25th November 2020
SAS builds on global strategic partnership with Microsoft

SAS has announced the opening of further SAS Datacenters in the UK and Germany optimised for Microsoft Azure, following the global strategic partnership established by the two companies earlier this year.

Artificial Intelligence
19th November 2020
How can we build trust in AI?

The pandemic’s disruption may have led to a profound shift in our attitudes towards the exchange of data. Previously, individuals would unlikely hand over sensitive personal information to the Government. Written by Kalliopi Spyridaki, Chief Privacy Strategist, Europe and Asia Pacific, SAS

18th November 2020
Pandemic underscores growing need for anti-fraud tech

As the global coronavirus pandemic rages on, another costly pandemic has taken shape. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), 77% of members surveyed reported increasing levels of fraud amid COVID-19 disruption, one-third of them describing it as significant - and 92% expect it to climb further still.

12th November 2020
SAS appoints Roderick Crawford as VP & Country Manager for UK & Ireland

Roderick Crawford has been announced as SAS’ new Vice President & Country Manager for the UK & Ireland. Roderick brings more than 20 years’ experience in private equity, corporate planning and IT sales, having worked in over 80 countries across the world. He spent the last four years heading up SAS UKI’s successful public sector team, working with organisations to improve public services through the power of&nb...

Artificial Intelligence
5th November 2020
The business-defining impact of AI and analytics revealed

As we edge closer to 2021, SAS holds its annual Virtual Forum UK & Ireland 2020. Kicking off at 10am GMT on 12th November, the seven-hour event will provide insights into how analytics can help organisations succeed and gain a competitive advantage. Attendees will have the opportunity to listen to a wide variety of thought leaders, including SAS CEO Jim Goodnight and Mark Smith, General Manager, Microsoft Solutions, Microsoft UK.

Artificial Intelligence
26th October 2020
Free data science and analytics digital learning from SAS

To meet the needs of learners and professionals across the UK adapting to new daily routines, SAS continues to offer flexible, free options. From short videos to interactive online courses, the training resources can introduce beginners to programming or statistics or lead to a valuable industry credential like the SAS AI and Machine Learning Professional.

23rd October 2020
Digital payments fraud surges during pandemic

Amid coronavirus-driven lockdowns and social distancing, proliferating mobile apps and online channels have proven vital lifelines. US mobile banking grew 50% in the first half of 2020, new registrations spiking 200% in April alone. Burgeoning online shopping and contactless payments propelled record e-commerce sales. 

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