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Artificial Intelligence
25th June 2020
SAS named leader in AI-based text analytics by Forrester

Unstructured text is the largest human-generated data source, offering a wealth of insights for organisations able to uncover them. SAS helps businesses capitalise on the massive amounts of text data, discovering trends and opportunities that otherwise would have been missed. As a result, SAS was named a Leader in AI-based text analytics in two reports, The Forrester Wave: AI-Based Document-Focused Text Analytics Platforms, Q2 2020...

18th June 2020
Collaboration to support faster cloud transformation

KPMG and SAS have announced a plan to establish Cloud Acceleration Centres with specific focusses in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. The organisations will work together to help accelerate the move to the Cloud for SAS clients. 

16th June 2020
Partnership to shape the future of analytics and AI

Microsoft and SAS have announced an extensive technology and go-to-market strategic partnership. The two companies will enable customers to easily run their SAS workloads in the cloud, expanding their business solutions and unlocking critical value from their digital transformation initiatives.

1st June 2020
2020 Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hub

Multichannel marketing capabilities have never been more important to brands than they are today. The pandemic has accelerated the need to go all-in on digital marketing – ready or not. Adopting a hybrid marketing approach at this time can help brands not just weather the present crisis but emerge stronger at the other end. 

20th May 2020
World Bee Day: SAS cracks enigma code for bees

As part of its commitment to using data and analytics to solve the world’s most pressing problems, SAS’ recent work includes helping to save the world’s No. 1 food crop pollinator - the honey bee. With the number of bee colonies drastically declining around the world, in honour of World Bee Day, SAS is using technology such as IoT, machine learning and visual analytics to help maintain and support healthy bee populatio...

Events News
13th May 2020
Dates set for virtual SAS Global Forum

SAS has reimagined its annual SAS Global Forum. SAS is transforming the traditionally in-person conference into a virtual experience, free and streaming live May 19th and June 16th.

Artificial Intelligence
29th April 2020
AI to empower community and track pandemic

With the world laser-focused on tackling the novel coronavirus crisis, SAS puts analytics to work where it’s needed most. Using its AI technology in new ways, the analytics company has developed a COVID-19 Data Analytics Resource Hub to help businesses and individuals across industries combat the virus.

Artificial Intelligence
22nd April 2020
Crowd-driven AI to help track deforestation

SAS is committed to building a global community of innovators that use technology to ignite positive change for people and the planet. This Earth Day, SAS and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) are implementing the next generation of crowd-driven AI to help power algorithms designed to help us better understand our planet.

Artificial Intelligence
28th February 2020
SAS announces expansion of its Glasgow R&D Centre

SAS has confirmed a further significant expansion of its Research & Development (R&D) Centre based in Argyll Street, Glasgow. Having doubled the size of its Scotland R&D centre since its inception in 2014 to around 100 employees, SAS will now expand it by a further 20% in 2020, investing in a team of highly skilled data scientists to focus on technology development.

19th February 2020
SAS a leader in 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant

Gartner has recognised SAS as a leader in its 2020 Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms. The report evaluated SAS for its completeness of vision and ability to execute. This is the seventh consecutive year for SAS to be recognised as a Leader in this Magic Quadrant.

29th January 2020
Duo partner to drive manufacturing innovation

SAS has become a tier one partner with the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), a network of research and innovation centres working with manufacturing companies of all sizes from around the globe. The parties will work together to identify specific pain areas in the manufacturing industry and seek to solve those business problems using SAS software, and methods and principles of advanced analytics...

Artificial Intelligence
24th January 2020
AI for a new decade

There is no doubt that AI is up and coming. But, as ‘Back to the Future’ proves, only a handful of futuristic predictions end up becoming reality. It’s best to speak to experts on where AI might be heading in the coming years. Today’s innovative business leaders are the ones implementing and experimenting with AI, and they are our best bet for understanding its future. By Dr Iain Brown, Head of Data Science, SAS UK & ...

17th January 2020
Decisions at the speed of light: how AIoT will allow 5G to take flight

5G marks the start of a technology revolution. By making high speed connectivity ubiquitous, it will accelerate technology adoption across the country and transform how we work, play and innovate. However, 5G will also create unprecedented complexity for network operators and service providers. By Jennifer Major, Head of IoT, SAS UK & Ireland

Artificial Intelligence
16th January 2020
Combating insurance fraud with machine learning

Most insurance companies depend on human expertise and business rules-based software to protect themselves from fraud. However, people move on. And the drive for digital transformation and process automation means data and scenarios change faster than you can update the rules. By Georgios Kapetanvasileiou, Analytical Consultant at SAS

Artificial Intelligence
3rd December 2019
Getting real with AI: five areas for stakeholders to activate

There is a lot of excitement about AI, but somehow the reality is not really living up to the hype. At the moment, we don’t see enough real results or use cases emerging, even though everyone agrees that there is huge potential. I polled some of our experts to find out why this might be happening and identified five critical barriers that need to be overcome for AI to move into the mainstream. By Jelena Stankovic, Content and Communication...

22nd November 2019
What will customer experience look like in 2030?

Modern technology has upended the way brands and consumers engage. New products, services, consumers, and competitors have arrived and keep evolving. Consumer behaviour, likes and dislikes continue to change. What will the customer experience look like in 2030? And how will brands evolve to meet the expectations of future consumers? These are some of the questions addressed in “Experience 2030: The Future of Customer Experience” by Fu...

Artificial Intelligence
5th November 2019
Do you need data hunters?

Without the right data, any analytics initiative is just an illusion. For machine and deep learning efforts, new sources of data are always in demand. In a few of our Innovation at Scale study interviews, respondents pointed to the rising need for data hunters. I asked our resident guru on all things data driven, Arturo Salazar, about this concept. By Serge Boulet, Marketing Director at SAS

Artificial Intelligence
25th October 2019
Insight with impact: deploying analytics on the front line

The impact of analytics on our daily lives can sometimes feel abstract and indirect. Even important decisions made using analytics - like an employer deciding whether to give you an interview - often take place behind a screen, in a location far away from us. By Seb Charrot, Senior Software Development Manager at SAS UK & Ireland

Artificial Intelligence
24th October 2019
Automated machine learning to make AI-powered decisions easier

SAS is enhancing its easy-to-use AI solutions to help organisations improve efficiency and quickly realise value with automation. The updated SAS Platform delivers new functionality including automated data management, automated machine learning and interpretability features, underscoring SAS’ commitment to making AI more transparent and accessible for all.

Artificial Intelligence
26th September 2019
Identity and AI: The recipe for a strong fraud defence

Sibos has kicked off in London this week and the theme for this year is 'Thriving in a hyper-connected world'. The market has long demanded quicker and more convenient payment methods, and the industry is now answering with ubiquitous payments. By Sundeep Tengur, Senior Business Solutions Manager, Global Fraud & Financial crime Practice at SAS

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