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24th August 2022
O-band tech to reduce the cost of building 5G networks

Salumanus has reintroduced a complete network solution based on O-band, a type of optical transmission with significant cost saving advantages for 5G networks. After months of testing in a special laboratory in Poland, the GBC Photonics QSFP28 optical modules and multiplexers by Salumanus are now available to order.

26th July 2022
Company that invented the universal optical transceiver turns 20

Salumanus, the company that invented the universal optical transceiver and delivered more than 1,500 successful network implementations, celebrates 20 years on the telecom market.

26th April 2022
How to choose the best optical transceivers

For optical transceivers, many users no longer solely consider the stability and reliability of the transceiver itself, but also evaluate additional factors such as price, quality and specifications. With so many options on the market, how do you ensure you choose the best optical transceiver for your application? Here Marcin Bala, CEO of telecommunications solutions provider Salumanus, discusses what to consider when choosing optical t...

12th April 2022
Telcos and the metaverse: A happy marriage?

As the next phase of communications, the metaverse has huge business potential for telcos. According to Telecom Review, operators could earn up to $712 billion in revenue by 2030 if they introduce 5G applications that support the creation of the metaverse. But what are the challenges to overcome? Here Andrzej Wojnar, Director of the optical transceivers department at Salumanus, explores the role of telcos in creating the metaverse.

24th November 2021
Salumanus launches the universal optical transceiver

Telecommunications provider, Salumanus has launched a real universal optical transceiver.

29th October 2021
Salumanus offer new solutions for 400G transmission

Salumanus offer new cost-effective solutions for 400G transmission with the new 400G ZR and 400G ZR+

5th July 2021
Muxponders enable 400G technology over single wavelength

To affordably increase the capacify of existing networks Salumanus is now offering to the UK market the PL-4000M & PL-4000T Muxponder/Transponder from PacketLight Networks, a solutions that delivers 400G capacity over a single wavelength using pluggable line optics. The new muxponders will help telco operators and service providers speed up the UK’s digitalisation plans, facilitating the transition from copper to fibre.

15th March 2021
The universal transceiver exists, and you might already own it

Dealing with a wide variety of optical transceivers and interfaces can be frustrating and time consuming - even after careful consideration, there’s always the chance that your transceiver of choice won’t be supported by the device you need to set up. But what if there were a simpler way? Here Marcin Bala, CTO at Salumanus, explains the benefits of a universal transceiver.

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