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30th May 2013
Electromobility could gradually become a mass market from 2020

Bosch is betting on the future of the electric drive. “Electromobility is currently still a niche business, but after 2020 it could very well become a mass market,” said Dr. Volkmar Denner, the chairman of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH, at a panel discussion on the topic of “research and development perspectives in electromobility” in Berlin on Monday evening. To accommodate this development, Bosch is bringing the technolog...

7th May 2013
Automated Driving - Bosch Carries Out Tests On German Roads

Bosch is testing automated driving on German roads. The stated aim is to use everyday driving situations to put these self-steering and self-driving cars to the test and to improve them. In an independent report that praises the safety concept Bosch worked up for the test drives, the German certification organization TÜV Süd is absolutely certain that “nothing now stands in the way of testing these experimental vehicles on public roads.” Wo...

7th May 2013
Bosch Manufactures One-Millionth Radar Sensor

When driving a car, the most important point of reference is the vehicle in front. How far ahead is it, and how fast is it traveling? What humans can only estimate, radar sensors can measure with extreme precision around 20 times a second – which is why they form the basis of numerous powerful assistance systems. These systems automatically maintain chosen pre-selected distance from the car ahead, and in critical situations they provide warning...

25th April 2013
Racing cars in the new series equipped with Bosch technology

The vehicles forming up on the starting grid of the new FIA Formula 3 European Championship will have Bosch technology on board. All of the racing cars taking part in the series feature Bosch engine management systems and fuel injection technology as well as other components. The FIA Formula 3 European Championship is replacing the Formula 3 Euro Series, which Bosch has supplied with a broad range of standardized electrical and electronic compone...

25th April 2013
Vienna Motor Symposium 2013

Bosch is confident that the EU fleet emissions targets of 95 grams of CO2 per kilometer are technically feasible. “We are working on innovative solutions with the aim of further improving engines across vehicle classes. Further reductions in fuel consumption are possible, but will involve considerable additional costs in some cases,” said Dr. Volkmar Denner, the chairman of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH with special responsibil...

18th April 2013
BMW honors Bosch

The BMW Group has awarded Bosch its “BMW Supplier Innovation Award”. The German carmaker presents the prize to suppliers who have distinguished themselves with outstanding innovation and performance. “We are very proud of this award,” says Peter Tyroller, the member of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH responsible for marketing and sales. “Once again, it highlights our associates’ innovative strength, which has secured our ...

21st January 2013
Bosch Works On Autonomous Driving

High-performance assistance systems already help drivers reach their destinations safely and more comfortably. Such systems control speed and the distance between vehicles. They also warn drivers of traffic jams and help them maneuver into even the tightest of parking spaces. Bosch is set to expand its range of driver assistance systems in the years to come. In the future, these systems will take on a growing role in guiding vehicles through traf...

4th December 2012
Robust Three-Axis Sensor In Engine Compartment

The new Bosch SMI650 combined inertial sensor is designed to cope with the harsh environment found in a car’s engine compartment. It can withstand operating temperatures of up to +140 °C and is able to deal with even strong broadband vibrations thanks to a special vibration damper. This is the first time that an electronic control unit for the ESP electronic stability program has featured a sensor with integrated vibration damper. ESP electron...

31st October 2012
Accelerometer, Gyroscope And Geomagnetic Sensor In One Single Package

Bosch Sensortec is sampling the absolute orientation sensor BMX055, the first 9-axis sensor in the market with all components – accelerometer, gyroscope and geomagnetic sensor – developed and manufactured in house. With a footprint of 3.0 x 4.5 mm2, the sensor is at the same time the smallest on the market.

11th October 2012
New SU-MM5.10 lean-angle sensor for motorcycles

The new KTM 1190 Adventure and KTM 1190 Adventure R are the world's first motorcycles to feature Bosch Engineering’s new SU-MM5.10 lean-angle sensor as standard equipment. The sensor replaces the previous SU-MM3.10 model. It constantly supplies data on the motorcycle's driving dynamics, thus providing the basis for numerous safety and comfort functions and ensuring safer, more comfortable, and also more dynamic motorcycling.

8th October 2012
New Bosch MEMS acceleration sensors Fifth generation of sensitive crash detectors SMA58x and SMA59x in SOIC14n housing

Bosch has introduced the next generation of peripheral acceleration sensors for passenger protection systems in vehicles – the fifth since 1996. The key features of the new digital sensors include a wide measurement range of between ±120 g and ±480 g and the choice of communication via the SPI or the PSI5-V1.3 interface. Peripheral sensors are located at the outermost points of a vehicle's engine compartment, at the sides, or at the rear, thu...

13th September 2012
Bosch at IAA 2012 in Hanover

At the IAA 2012, Bosch presents solutions for future utility vehicles. Discover our latest developments for clean and economical, safe and comfortable driving. You will find us in Hall 17 at Stand B 10. We look forward to your visit.

29th August 2012
Robert Bosch GmbH becomes the first company from the automotive sector to join the AVX “Solutions for Hope” Project

AVX Corporation announced today that the major automotive electronic part manufacturer Robert Bosch GmbH, has joined the AVX “Solutions for Hope” Project. “We are very pleased to have Bosch, one of the world’s premier electronics suppliers to the automotive sector participate in our project,” said Peter Collis Executive Vice President of the AVX tantalum division.

18th June 2012
Le Mans Teams Rely Once Again On Bosch Technology

This year, the ‘24 Hours of Le Mans’ endurance race will again be starting with many vehicles equipped with Bosch Motorsport racing technology. Since 2000, all overall winners of this long-distance race have used Bosch injection technology. Following the victory of a vehicle with port fuel injection in 2000, all the winners up to 2005 were equipped with gasoline direct injection. The year 2006 then marked the start of a run of victories for d...

13th April 2012
Anniversary for a life saving technology

Bosch has manufactured 75 million ESP systems since series production began in 1995 – and in the process made a vital contribution to greater road safety. Especially on slippery roads and when entering a bend too quickly, the electronic stability program keeps vehicles safely on track. In this way, it prevents skidding accidents, which can often be particularly severe. Summarizing the findings of many studies of its effectiveness, Gerhard Steig...

13th April 2012
Bosch Driver Drowsiness Detection

Fatigue and microsleep at the wheel are often the cause of serious accidents. However, the initial signs of fatigue can be detected before a critical situation arises. Bosch Driver Drowsiness Detection can do this by monitoring steering movements and advising drivers to take a break in time. The required information is provided either by the car’s electric power steering system, or by the steering angle sensor which is part of the car’s ESP a...

13th March 2012
New Version Of Bosch Esi[tronic] Workshop Software Released With Simplified Operating Concept

Bosch has made a number of changes to the operating concept of the world's leading workshop software ESI[tronic], making it much simpler to use and giving it a clearer structure. The new interface of ESI[tronic] 2.0 takes the user to the information they require in fewer clicks of the mouse or stylus. The system search provides a clear overview of all control units fitted to the vehicle, along with all stored errors. Shortcuts allow the user to q...

31st January 2012
Two Billion Bosch Mems Sensors

Bosch has set a new production volume record: the technology company has manufactured two billion MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) sensors since production began 16 years ago. While it took 13 years to produce the first billion, the two-billion mark was recently crossed, just three years later. And production volumes are still growing. Recently, annual production has reached almost half a billion units – more than 1.3 million every worki...

17th January 2012
Bosch Research Finds Engineering Is Undervalued

A survey by the Bosch Group has found that engineering is undervalued and misunderstood by adults in the UK. The research was carried out amongst 1,347 people aged between 18 to 45 years old and in general shows that many people, particularly younger adults, see engineering as a ‘back of house’ function in business that is not critical to the UK economy.

9th January 2012
Bosch Motorosport Shows Off New Dash Logger At Autosport International

Bosch Motorsport is showcasing its new Sport Line DDU 7 dash logger at Autosport International from 12th to 15th January at the NEC in Birmingham.

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