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25th February 2020
Enclosure ranges embedded with digital processes

Rittal has launched its new AX and KX compact enclosure range, details of which will be on show at Drives & Controls 2020. The AX and KX enclosures are both embedded with digital processes, delivering simpler, faster assembly and component installation, greater flexibility and enhanced safety. 

4th February 2020
IT rack solution adapts to new innovations

The key attributes of an IT rack include being easy to order, meet current standards, provide a safe environment for servers and other equipment, be modifiable at no great cost, and have an optimum price/performance ratio. The Rittal TS IT Rack and its accessory options, aim to tick all these boxes.  By Clive Partridge, Rittal Technical Manager, IT Infrastructure

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3rd February 2020
Modular infrastructure at Data Centre World 2020

For any business the need to increase IT flexibility, boost corporate agility and lower operational costs are all critical factors to future success at Data Centre World 2020, visitors will see Rittal’s advanced IT infrastructures and streamlined processes are designed to drive business competitiveness, alongside solutions to help companies stay abreast of global innovation.

7th January 2020
Using edge data centres to create decentralised IT resources

The volumes of data that now need to be processed are soaring as a consequence of digital transformation, so companies need a quick and easy solution for establishing new data centres directly, where that data is generated.  By Clive Partridge, Rittal technical manager for IT Infrastructure

21st November 2019
Protecting the industrial environment by applying ergonomic design

A report from the Health and Safety Executive in 2018 estimated that 6.6 million working days were lost in the UK in 2017/18 due to work related musculoskeletal disorders. This accounts for nearly a quarter (24%) of all working days lost due to work related ill-health in the UK, with an average of 14 days lost in each case. By Paresh Kansara, Rittal’s Product Manager for Industrial & Outdoor Enclosures

11th October 2019
Increased sustainability in enclosure chillers

Rittal has improved its range of cooling technology for machines and enclosures with its new Blue e chillers in 11 to 25kW output class. Using 40% less refrigerant, the devices will make an important contribution to sustainable environmental protection. Meanwhile users benefit from the chillers’ precise temperature control, simplified operation and installation, as well as new safety functions. 

10th October 2019
Bespoke panels for critical controls

The East Midlands Instrumentation Company (EMI), had a complex specification from a client. The client needed specially designed panels to protect critical equipment that controlled a remote pumping station and dam. A complex control and distribution system with Rittal's Ri4Power system allowed segregation of the busbars from the controls. 

19th August 2019
Save carbon dioxide with new F gases regulation

Starting on 01 January 2020, there will be bans on the use of certain refrigerants as well as new regulations and rules on the operation, servicing and labelling of cooling and air-conditioning plants. Rittal has the answers to the users of refrigeration equipment questions on what to do now. 

30th July 2019
Rittal celebrates its 40th anniversary in Rotherham

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Rittal in the UK, the company started its operations in Rotherham in July 1979, providing provide distribution, sales and marketing support for its customers. It also has sites at Canary Wharf in London and it has manufacturing operations in Plymouth. 

5th June 2019
Enclosure range for enhanced safety

At the Hanover Trade Fair 2019, Rittal showcased its new AX compact and KX small enclosures. The AX and KX enclosures are both embedded with digital processes, delivering simpler, faster assembly and component installation, greater flexibility and enhanced safety. In other words, Rittal has rethought and redesigned the two enclosures inline with the principles of Industry 4.0. 

29th May 2019
Copper busbar delivers high levels of efficiency for panel builders

Rittal has unveiled the new Ri4Power; a streamlined copper busbar that has been designed around the new VX25 enclosure. According to the company, it delivers greater levels of efficiency for panel builders and switchgear manufacturers across electrical power distribution in industrial environments. It also offers other advantages, such as higher current ratings and easier monitoring and maintenance. Solutions based on this system have b...

17th May 2019
A charging infrastructure that is standardised, safe and fast

E-mobility is gaining in importance and is set to become available to a broad user market. The expansion of the charging infrastructure is helping to boost confidence in e-mobility and reduce the current problems of range, infrastructure and price. Rittal supports the entire value chain, from power generation to the climate control of the charging station.

10th May 2019
All-round hygienic solutions for the meat industry

In the food industry, production plants must be designed with hygienic aspects in mind. Depending on the hygiene zone, the requirements of the splash, packaging and non-food zones vary widely. At the IFFA, Rittal presented system solutions for enclosure, power distribution and climate control technology that are universally suitable, through to solutions for efficient engineering.

29th April 2019
Data centre in a wind turbine unit wins award

Constructing power-intensive data centres where electricity can be obtained on a climate-friendly basis, for example in wind turbines, has been the idea for ‘WindCORES’ for a couple of years now. A new project called ‘WindCORES++’, which was developed in cooperation between WestfalenWIND IT, Rittal and SICP, won in Category 1 of the German Data Centre Award in the ‘Ideas and research in relation to data centres&rsquo...

16th April 2019
Five key elements to selecting a PDU

Electricity is like air and water, something that we have all come to take for granted. But there is now clear evidence that we cannot assume our energy sources can be forever guaranteed. Data centres rely on a stable electricity supply 24/7, but our future supply is far from assured.  By Mark Guest, Rittal’s Product Manager for IT Power Distribution

9th April 2019
Enclosure testers offer improved operational efficiencies

  Rittal’s innovative VX25 enclosure was recently put through its paces by technicians from the Schaper Group. Their observations on the new enclosure are notably around improved operational efficiencies and increased productivity. These offer interesting insights for other operators, and indeed anyone who has the final say on enclosure technology.

8th April 2019
5G rollout and the data centre sector

The imminent rollout of the 5G mobile communications network and the significant increase in data that will need to be processed, stored and distributed is likely to have a significant impact on the data centre sector. So what should data centre operators be doing to prepare for it? By Clive Partridge, Rittal’s Technical Manager, IT Infrastructure

1st April 2019
Controlling industrial robots with edge-based 5G network

It has been estimated that, by next year, 3.1 million industrial robots will be deployed in factories around the world. Connectivity, controlling and maintenance operations pose major challenges for manufacturing companies. Local, private 5G networks in combination with edge computing permit secure, near real time communication networks that can be run where production takes place.

28th February 2019
Compact 125A adaptor designed for IEC and UL markets

  Rittal has launched a new 45mm RiLine Compact adaptor, which is rated at 125A. It has two rear contact rows enabling users to easily and quickly plug the adaptor into two power boards mounted adjacent to each other.

11th February 2019
Set up central, compact power distribution systems

With the newly launched Rittal VX25 large enclosure system, low-voltage switchgear and distribution boards can reportedly be easily and safely manufactured in accordance with IEC 61439. This means that electrical engineering companies can set up central and compact power distribution systems, with a rated current of up to 2,100A using the ‘VX25 Ri4Power 185mm busbar system’.

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