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Rigol Technologies is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of test and measurement instrumentation for applications in research and education, production and development and other industrial areas including communications, aerospace/defense, industrial electronics, and many more.

Rigol's premium line of products includes Spectrum Analyzers, Digital Oscilloscopes, Waveform Generators and DC Power Supplies. Rigol offers 3 years guaranty, an extraordinary price-performance ratio, and a variety of accessories, like active and passive probes, high voltage probes, 19“ racks, and software drivers.

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Test & Measurement
21st September 2016
electronica 2016: Oscilloscope makes Munich debut

Two new 4-channel high-end oscilloscopes with a large nine-inch colour display will be debuted at electronica in Munich by Rigol Technologies EU. The DS4000E is a versatile high-performance oscilloscope that incorporates many of the latest technologies and processes.

Test & Measurement
28th January 2016
Oscilloscopes to the fore at Embedded World

The Embedded World exhibition in Nuremberg (Feb 23-25) will supply the platform for Rigol Technologies to present its complete product portfolio. Besides the Oscilloscope series MSO/DS2000A and MSO/DS4000 offering 50MHz up to 1GHz bandwidth, Rigol will show the new MSO-Ready Mixed Signal Oscilloscope series DS1000Z Plus with 70MHz and 100MHz bandwidth.

Test & Measurement
26th November 2015
Low-end scopes get upgrade option

“On-customer-site” MSO Upgradeability is being offered by Rigol Technologies for its low end Oscilloscope Series DS1000Z. It will now be possible to start with the low-priced DS1000Z-plus model and upgrade the mixed signal functionality later when this new requirement arises. This offers more flexibility and secures the initial investment of customers.

Test & Measurement
4th November 2015
Linear DC power supplies target R&D applications

The DP800 series of power supplies from Rigol Technologies is designed for easy deployment in research, development and all laboratory applications. It is Rigol's next generation power supply solution and extends the existing product line offering an optimal price performance ratio.

Test & Measurement
6th October 2015
RF signal generators offer bandwidths of 1.5GHz or 3GHz

The new RF Signal Generator Series DSG800 enhances Rigol’s presence in the RF Measurement domain. The new source is available with bandwidths of 1.5GHz or 3GHz and addresses customers in Wireless Communication, Radar Test, Audio/Video Broadcasting, Education and Consumer Electronics.

16th July 2015
Rigol authorises partners to improve transparency for customers

To strengthen its market position, Rigol Technologies EU now supports its authorised distributors with a new brand label. With this label Rigol will not only offer security to its partners against non-official direct importers, but also to the customers. Officially approved distributors are well trained and educated to professionally support customers with choosing the right Rigol products to solve their application.

Test & Measurement
8th June 2015
Oscilloscope family gets bandwidth upgrade via software

The Mid and High Range Oscilloscope Series DS/MSO4000 from Rigol has been extended and it now offers the possibility to upgrade the oscilloscope bandwidth via software code license. Users can now start with a lower cost solution of the MSO/DS4000 family and can extend it based on future needs or applications. For enhanced application and measurement needs they can get much higher instrument bandwidth through an easy to handle software code upgrad...

Test & Measurement
9th October 2014
electronica 2014: Spectrum analysers, scopes on launch pad

Rigol Technologies EU will deploy a full range of its products at the upcoming electronica exhibition in Munich. The lineup will include new products including two models of the DSA800 Spectrum Analyser Series. Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes (MSO) and a PC Software to perform standard measurements for example on switching power supplies will also premiere at the show.

Test & Measurement
2nd September 2014
Spectrum analyser platform extends to 3.2GHz and 7.5GHz

Two new high performance high frequency spectrum analysers have enhanced the Rigol Technologies DSA800 series platform. The DSA832 and DSA875 expand the family to 3.2GHz and 7.5 GHz respectively. The new instruments enable direct measurements of higher performance signals and systems.

3rd July 2014
Rigol moves manufacturing into new Chinese facility

Rigol Technologies has opened a new 440,000 square feet manufacturing facility in Suzhou, China. The new manufacturing campus will house all of Rigol's instrument manufacturing operations as well as logistics, dormitories, conference facilities and expansion of its R&D team. The manufacturing facility includes state-of-the-art SMT lines for board build as well as injection moulding and metal fabrication capabilities all in one location.

Test & Measurement
11th June 2014
Digital oscilloscopes get mixed-signal extensions

The mixed signal versions of Rigol Technologies DS2000A and DS1000Z oscilloscopes are now available. The instruments now enable easier configuration thanks to the addition of a multilingual user interface. The digital oscilloscopes detect signal and device characteristics with comprehensive trigger functions, and advanced hardware based real time waveform records, replay, search and analysis functions.

Test & Measurement
18th March 2014
Digital scope designed to cut test time

RIGOL Technologies says its new DS2000A-(S) series digital oscilloscope come with lots of breakthrough technologies, ranging from the analogue front end to the trigger unit. Designed to reduce test time in research, development and failure analysis applications, the oscilloscopes make detecting signal and device characteristics easier than ever with comprehensive trigger functions,advanced hardware based real time waveform records, replay, search...

Test & Measurement
17th March 2014
Data logger houses DMM with gauge head selector switch

Rigol Technologies has added a new data acquisition/data logger switch to its product line-up. The M300 combines a digital multimeter (DMM) with a gauge head selector switch. The system can be extended with five plug-ins and optionally with a six and a half digit DMM, 10 different switch and control modules of bipolar switches to matrix cards. For direct connection to a PC or notebook, all relevant interfaces such as LAN (LXI), USB, RS232 and GPI...

Test & Measurement
5th November 2013
RF signal source features output frequency up to 6GHz

Rigol Technologies’ RF Signal Source is available with a maximum output frequency up to 6GHz. Applications for the DSG3000 Series RF sources include wireless communication, radar test, audio/video broadcasting, general purpose, education, and consumer electronics.

Test & Measurement
24th October 2013
Rigol packs five functions into one instrument

Rigol's DG1000Z series arbitrary waveform generators will help engineers to accomplish a wide range of testing applications by combining many functions in one instrument. Functions include Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Function Generator, Pulse Generator, Harmonic Generator, and Analogue/Digital Modulator.

27th August 2013
EMI Filter Option For Spectrum Analyser

A free EMI filter and Quasi Peak Detection option is being offered by Rigol Technologies to enhance the DSA1000 series spectrum analysers. This enhancement allows users to perform their own EMI Pre Compliance tests up to 3GHz. Although the device does not perform exactly like a fully compliant EMC test instrument according to CISPR 16-1-1, it is ideal for all necessary pre-tests.

Test & Measurement
11th September 2012
DSA815 Low-Cost, Compact and Versatile Spectrum Analyser

RIGOL has today revealed the introduction of its new low-cost DSA815 compact and versatile spectrum analyser. It can double as a scalar network analyser, thanks to the addition of a 1.5-GHz tracking generator with flat output amplitude versus frequency.

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