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Rigol Technologies is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of test and measurement instrumentation for applications in research and education, production and development and other industrial areas including communications, aerospace/defense, industrial electronics, and many more.

Rigol's premium line of products includes Spectrum Analyzers, Digital Oscilloscopes, Waveform Generators and DC Power Supplies. Rigol offers 3 years guaranty, an extraordinary price-performance ratio, and a variety of accessories, like active and passive probes, high voltage probes, 19“ racks, and software drivers.

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Test & Measurement
9th October 2020
RIGOL steps up RF measurement performance

RIGOL Technologies is extending its presence in the field of RF measurement technology with the RF signal generator series DSG3000B (IQ).

News & Analysis
18th September 2020
RIGOL expands office space and adds to headcount

Test and measurement technology specialist RIGOL Technologies EU has expanded its workforce and moved into new, larger offices in Gilching near Munich.

Test & Measurement
26th August 2020
VNA option enhances spectrum analysers

A Vector Network Analyser (VNA) option has been added to RIGOL Technologies’ real-time spectrum analysers series RSA5000 and RSA3000.

Test & Measurement
22nd July 2020
VNA capability enhances spectrum analyser performance

RIGOL Technologies RSA3000N and RSA5000N Spectrum Analyser which extends the flexibility and capability of the UltraReal platform with a new Vector Network Analyser measurement mode.

5th June 2020
Possibilities and More - at Less Cost

For a limited time only - until 30th June - a promotion of Rigol Technologies is offering unprecedented opportunities with bundle packages of add-on functions and free upgrade options for their Digital Oscilloscope series MSO8000, DS-MSO7000 and MSO5000 as well as for their Spectrum Analysers series RSA3000E and more other devices. Check it out

22nd May 2020
Possibilities and More - at Less Cost

For a limited time only – until June, 30 – a promotion of Rigol Technologies is offering unprecedented opportunities with bundle packages of add-on functions and free upgrade options for their Digital Oscilloscope series MSO8000, DS-MSO7000 and MSO5000 as well as for their Spectrum Analyzers series RSA3000E and more other devices.

Events News
16th January 2020
Oscilloscope families centre stage at embedded world

With its newly introduced digital oscilloscope series MSO8000 and MSO5000, Rigol is presenting a significant addition to its UltraVision II oscilloscope portfolio at embedded world 2020 in Nuremberg (February 25-27). The core of the UltraVision II architecture is the Phoenix chip set with two ASICs developed in-house, which build the analogue front end and deliver the signal processing performance.

Test & Measurement
9th December 2019
Economy oscilloscope meets advanced debug challenges

The newly-introduced DS2102Z-E Oscilloscope will take centre stage for Rigol Technologies at embedded world 2020 in Nuremberg (February 25-27). It is available with 200MHz bandwidth, and the new models provide two analogue channels, with real-time sample rate of 1GS/sec, memory depth of up to 24Mpts standard, and waveform capture rate up to 60,000wfms/sec.

Test & Measurement
29th November 2019
Spectrum analysers provide performance for limited budgets

A series of spectrum analysers featuring a compact design and 10.1in touchscreen have been unveiled by Rigol Technologies. They are based on the Rigol-developed Ultra-Real technology as a complete platform. The new models are available with 1.5GHz and 3.0GHz bandwidth.

Test & Measurement
13th October 2019
Spectrum analyser delivers real-time analysis at a lower cost

RIGOL Technologies has extended its RF Test Portfolio with the release of a lower cost Real-Time Spectrum Analyser. The RSA3000E Spectrum Analysers bring UltraReal real-time analysis to a new class of customer who previously had no access to this advanced capability.

Test & Measurement
6th August 2019
Mixed signal scope tackles high speed signal analysis

Following its launch in the spring of this year, Rigol Technologies’ MSO8000 series is now fully available. With bandwidths from 600MHz, 1GHz and 2GHz (BW usable for 2 channel) and a maximum sampling rate of 10GS/s, the MSO8000 series is ideally suited for high speed and instantaneous signal acquisition and analysis.

Test & Measurement
24th June 2019
Oscilloscopes enhanced to adapt to new tasks

An MSO upgrade option with the 16-channel logic probe has been added to Rigol Technologies’ DS1000Z-Plus low-end oscilloscope series. It allows users to cost-effectively start the DS1000Z-Plus series of oscilloscopes with a low-cost model, and add digital channels to the oscilloscope when needed.

Test & Measurement
4th March 2019
Seven-in-one oscilloscope unveiled at embedded world

At embedded world 2019 in Nuremberg, RIGOL Technologies announced a significant addition to its UltraVision II family of oscilloscopes with the introduction of the MSO8000 Series Digital Oscilloscope. The core of the Rigol’s UltraVision II architecture is its Phoenix chip-set.

Test & Measurement
4th March 2019
Software tools enhance spectrum analysers

Measuring applications for its real-time spectrum analysers were unveiled by Rigol Technologies at embedded world 2019 in Nuremberg - the Vector Signal Analysis Software VSA and the EMI Analysis Software. The RSA3000 and RSA5000 real-time spectrum analysers are based on Rigol's newly developed "Ultra Real" technology and are characterised by their compact design, operation via touch screen and their modularity for a variety of applications. &nbs...

Events News
30th January 2019
Oscilloscopes range to the fore at embedded world

At embedded world in Nuremberg (February 26-28) Rigol Technologies will feature its portfolio of high-performance oscilloscopes includes the fully featured MSO/DS7000 Mixed-signal Digital Oscilloscope Series, introduced in 2018 and based on Rigol's state-of-the-art on-chip ASIC technology.

Events News
13th December 2018
Oscilloscopes range takes centre stage in Nuremberg

The embedded world 2019 exhibition in Nuremberg (February 26-28) will give Rigol Technologies the opportunity to present a number of innovations alongside the company’s established and proven instruments for test and measurement applications.

Test & Measurement
18th November 2018
electronica: Chip-set takes oscilloscope to new level

A test and measurement highlight at electronica was RIGOL Technologies’ addition to its UltraVision II family of oscilloscopes. The MSO5000 Series digital oscilloscope delivers transformational price/performance capability in a bench oscilloscope, says RIGOL. At the heart of the UltraVision II architecture is the Phoenix chip-set.

Test & Measurement
6th November 2018
High-performance scopes centre stage at electronica

At this year's electronica in Munich (November 13-16) Rigol Technologies EU will be focusing on its high-performance oscilloscopes in addition to its tried-and-tested product families and presenting interesting innovations. The recently-released and fully-featured MSO/DS7000 mixed-signal digital oscilloscope series is based on Rigol's state-of-the-art On-chip ASIC technology.

Test & Measurement
18th September 2018
Waveform generators target makers, IoT designers

The Waveform Generator portfolio at Rigol Technologies EU has been expanded with the DG800 and DG900 Series. They give budget constrained customers value with advanced features typically reserved for much higher price points.

Test & Measurement
13th June 2018
10.1 inch colour screen enhances oscilloscope signal display

Four oscilloscopes with a large 10.1in display have been introduced by Rigol Technologies. The MSO/DS7000 is a versatile, mixed-signal, high-performance oscilloscope that incorporates many of the latest Rigol in-house-designed ASIC technology and integrated processes.

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