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22nd September 2015
Take control of cathodic protection

REO UK has launched the REOTRON SMP-CP, a range of transformer-rectifier power supplies designed specifically for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) applications. Using the latest in primary switch mode technology, the SMP-CP provides an economical and reliable solution to remote cathodic monitoring and control.

11th August 2015
Remote monitoring on cathodic protecion

Often dubbed the inconspicuous killer, rust costs the global economy $2.2 trillion dollars every year. It accounts for anywhere between 3.5 to 4.5% of gross domestic product and is responsible for the structural failure of steel frames around the world. From bridges and cars, transcontinental and marine pipelines, to industrial machinery, tools and parts, rust contributes significantly to plant downtime the world over.

14th July 2015
Parity Medical becomes REO Healthcare Solutions Provider

Healthcare IT solutions provider Parity Medical has announced that it has achieved REO UK's Healthcare Solutions Provider status. The Wirral based IT firm will now be able to add more value to sales of its systems by including REO's medical isolation transformers in an application. The company will be able to offer its customers preferential levels of pricing and service on the devices.

25th June 2015
Liquid-cooled SMPS suit laser perforation applications

REO UK has launched a range of Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) for use in laser perforation applications. The REOTRON SMP is used to overcome power quality issues caused by conventional power supplies when used for high frequency laser perforation in applications including food and beverage, printing, packaging and food processing.

2nd June 2015
Medical isolation transformers updated to comply with regulation

The medical isolation transformers from REO's REOMED range have been updated to bring them into line with changes to the third edition of IEC/EN/UL 60601-1:2005. The range is targeted at patient environments where the rise in the complexity of medical devices has increased mains electrical interference and introduced the risk of electrical shocks and errors in monitoring equipment.

18th May 2015
Hidden healthcare savings

Using a REOMED medical isolation transformer is a cheap and easy way to protect patients and use less energy. Despite the many cost saving measures introduced over the last decade, healthcare providers are still some of the most energy intensive users of electricity in the UK. The NHS, for example, spends on average over £750m annually, spread over 2,300 hospitals, 10,500 general practices, as well as numerous additional trusts.

8th May 2015
Electrical isolation in medical device setups

The increased complexity of medical device setups is causing concern in the medical industry. As more and more healthcare professionals use a variety of electrical equipment as part of their diagnosis and measurement regime, there is a knock-on effect on the stability of the mains power supply. Here, Steve Hughes, Managing Director at REO UK, explains the importance of electrical isolation and good product design.

23rd April 2015
Exploring liquid cooling in high power applications

The last few years have seen an increase in high power applications, from railway and EVs to manufacturing and renewable energy. Traditional air-cooling is unsuitable for these applications due to high temperature and low space constraints. Here, Steve Hughes, Managing Director, REO UK, explores the world of liquid cooling and how it can provide significant efficiency gains.

12th February 2015
Braking resistor frees up panel space

A braking resistor, which incorporates a component mounting surface, has been released by REO. This design will free up installation space for mounted components used within motors and Variable Speed Drives (VSDs). Featuring a high IP rating and forced cooling, the BW156.9 also provides improved power efficiency and safety. 

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