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10th December 2019
2020 set to see more businesses hire more robots

Increasing automation in the work place will continue to be a key trend in 2020 according to new research released today, with AI and robots taking on more roles from human employees. From building products to crunching numbers, machines will become ever more present in companies’ workforces.

22nd November 2019
Controlling and lowering heating costs with energy-saving controllers

Winter has very much arrived, so Brits will be looking at ways to save on their heating costs as they prepare to keep out the bitter cold. According to the National Grid’s annual winter outlook, energy bill payers could expect price hikes as the UK is weaned off using imports from Europe.

25th October 2019
Build your own Alexa Smart Speaker with Raspberry Pi

Despite privacy and data storage worries, Alexa smart speakers are becoming ever more popular with thousands of Brits using them every day. From simple tasks like playing songs and adding items to shopping lists to more advanced requests like controlling the home’s temperature, an increasing number of us are using voice assistants to make life that little bit easier. But can you use Alexa without buying the smart speaker?

10th September 2019
Why do only one in four Brits trust Alexa?

“Alexa – Okay Google – Hey Siri” have become commonplace sayings with over a fifth of British homes now housing a voice activated smart speaker according to EY. This includes the incredibly popular Amazon Echo, as well as Google Home and Apple HomePod. However, the majority of Brits are still concerned about their privacy when using a voice assistant device.

22nd August 2019
Which Raspberry Pi is right for your project?

Ever since it first came into the world, the Raspberry Pi has been seen as a device with huge potential. Although it was initially designed as a tool for teaching people the basics of computing, the micro-computer has since evolved into a dream device for any DIY enthusiast who wants to build their own computing project. A smart home device, an internet radio, a virtual cloud device, and many more projects are possible for all to build themselves...

30th July 2019
A guide to kickstarting your Raspberry Pi 4 project

Since 2012, Raspberry Pi has dominated the market for mini PC developer boards. Many competitors have tried to emulate its success, sometimes offering better hardware, but none have managed to dent the popularity of the Raspberry Pi. More than 23 million Raspberry Pi boards have been sold worldwide, and not without reason. Here Sven Pannewitz, developer board product manager, reichelt elektronik, has the ultimate guide when it comes to strat...

10th May 2019
European electronics distributor celebrates 50th anniversary

  This May, reichelt elektronik celebrates its 50th anniversary. Since its inception, the company, now part of the Daetwyler Group, has become one of the large distributors in the electronics and IT markets. The company is celebrating the landmark year by thanking customers for being the best part of their project.

24th April 2019
Over half of UK electronics projects face product availability issues

New research from reichelt has revealed 52% of electronics project managers face challenges sourcing products, and that this has led to projects being cancelled. reichelt surveyed professionals in software design, engineering, development, programming, IT and purchasing and found that pricing and delivery were two of their top issues, making it hard to not only choose but source the components they need. As many as 31% of projects have had t...

3rd April 2019
Concerns about privacy during rise of voice assistants

Voice assistants on devices such as smartphones are being widely used despite 72% being concerned about how their data is collected and used, according to new research from reichelt elektronik. The survey of UK consumers reveals that nearly half (49%) believe safety and privacy worries need to be sorted before the technology becomes more commonplace, as only six percent plan to buy a smart home voice assistant in 2019.

Cyber Security
7th March 2019
Popularity in voice assistants grows despite security concerns

  According to new research from reichelt elektronik, voice assistants on devices such as smartphones are being widely used despite 72% being concerned about how their data is collected and used.

Cyber Security
4th February 2019
A better security system means a secure building

Last year, ONS figures reported the number of burglary offences hit over 420,000, which is a major concern for businesses, facilities managers and homeowners alike. That’s almost 50 burglaries every hour! Having an efficient alarm system that’s reliable is essential to protect against break-ins. Today, complete alarm system kits are not only affordable but also suitable for any building, no matter the size or location. There are sever...

27th November 2018
Flexibility, innovation and personalisation top distributors' needs

New research by one of Europe’s largest online electrical distributors, reichelt elektronik, has revealed that the most important factor when choosing a distributor to work with is stock availability, with speedy delivery a close second (38% and 37% respectively). According the research of 300 UK employees in the engineering sector, conducted by OnePoll, low pricing was ranked as the third most important factor, suggesting buyers are w...

3D Printing
30th October 2018
New research reveals home 3D printing may not be dead

New research by reichelt elektronik, highlights new, untapped potential for 3D printing at home. Over half of UK consumers (58%) say they would buy a home 3D printer to repair and replace household items or small parts. 3D printing applications in education and industry are well known but making our own 3D printed creations at home didn’t take off as originally predicted. Only 6% of UK consumers currently own a 3D printer. 

Cyber Security
25th October 2018
How to keep a smart home secure

It’s well known that when it comes to the Internet, homes are never 100% protected. In the wake of high-profile cyber attacks and data mishandling, many homeowners are unsurprisingly cautious to kit out their home with smart home technology. But are the smart home devices themselves the real open door for attackers?

9th August 2018
What does the EU halogen ban mean for your business?

We all use light bulbs in some shape or form every day, from lamps to spotlights to fairy lights. They are available in all shapes, colours and sizes, and can be tailored to a specific space and purpose. This extensive use does mean they can a big source of energy consumption, something the EU aims to reduce by imposing a ban on the energy wasting halogen light bulbs and encouraging businesses and homeowners alike to switch to more efficient solu...

24th July 2018
Dashcams could make other drivers more careful on the road

reichelt elektronik has revealed that 34% of UK drivers say using Dashcams makes road traffic safer. 42% of Dashcam users believe other drivers take more care on the road as a result too, according to the research conducted by OnePoll. Personal and vehicle security is also a prominent concern amongst Brits and is the main reason behind choosing to buy a Dashcam - 64% say these in-car cameras provide additional security for themselves an...

3D Printing
6th June 2018
Adding more colours and materials into your 3D printing

If you look back, 3D printing has come a long way since 1980 when its first patent was filed by Dr Hideo Kodama of the Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute. At a time when many were still marvelling at owning paper printers, Dr Kodama described a photopolymer rapid prototyping system that would involve exposing UV light to a vat of photopolymer material, hardening it into plastic.

24th April 2018
Quarter of Brits plan to make their own smart home devices

As the Raspberry Pi becomes more popular, it is evident it is popular here in the UK with half of Brits (48%) planning to use Raspberry Pi for an electronics project, and 87% of makers having already used the mini-PC to make a smart home device, reveals new research from online electrical retailer reichelt.

5th April 2018
Smart tech has taken over homes but not yet the workplace

Online electrical retailer reichelt elektronik has found with new research, that uses for smart technology in the workplace are misunderstood or not valued, with over 50% saying they will not be investing in the next 12 months. Smart technology has now become mainstream in our homes but it is yet to make the transition to the workplace.

23rd January 2018
What are the 2018 electrical trends I hear you ask...

It is all thanks to new technologies that implementing innovative new ideas is all possible to realise your own designs or to make your home more efficient and comfortable, from 3D printing to smart homes it all counts. Product managers Frank Gerwarth and Sven Pannewitz from reichelt elektronik have highlighted the three most important trends that will impact the electronics industry in 2018.

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