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11th December 2014
Transformers reduce noise in PoH applications

Providing common mode noise reduction for improved EMI performance and isolation in PoH (Power over HDBaseT) applications, the HDBaseT transformers have been released by Pulse Electronics. The HD8004FNL and HD8005FNL transformers are qualified for Valens chipsets VS100/010/020/202.

21st November 2014
MIMO DAS antennas enable high multi-port performance

Expanding its PIMinator line of low PIM antennas, Pulse Electronics introduces its DAS in-building ceiling mount MIMO antennas. The DASLTE500NFMIMO antennas have high port-to-port isolation and superior gain patterns for both ports 1 and 2, providing wireless carriers with improved data throughput and implementation flexibility.

31st July 2014
AC current sensor fits existing solid conductors

Capable of being clamped onto an existing solid conductor without having to disconnect it, the PA3828NL 50/60Hz, di/dt AC current sensor has been unveiled by Pulse Electronics. The clamp-on sensor is suitable for applications include metering, industrial motor control, power monitoring, circuit protection and current fault monitoring.

16th July 2014
Inductors have low DC resistance and high Q values

A line of multilayer RF ceramic inductors with low DC resistance, high Q values, self-resonant frequency, and reliability, has been introduced by Pulse Electronics. The line includes the 0201CC series whch are 1.0-100nH, with a low DCR and high Q, the 0402CC series which are 1.0-270nH, with a low DCR and high Q and the 0402CH series which are 1.0-15nH, with a very high Q.

19th June 2014
Pulse Electronics' Optimized Planar Transformer ER25+ Platform Delivers up to 800W Power Capability in Small Footprint

Pulse Electronics Corporation launches a new planar platform which increases throughput power for Pulse's planar SMT transformers by 50% over transformers of comparable size to deliver up to 800 watts of power capability. These transformers are used for isolation and voltage conversion for switched mode power supplies in datacom and intermediate bus converter applications.

18th June 2014
Chokes are optimised for Broadcom's Ethernet technology

Pulse Electronics Corporation has introduced the HOT ROD product family of I-Bar chokes for automotive networks, a new concept to provide EMC/EMI protection for automotive electronics. The new line of I-Bar HOT ROD chokes are optimized to meet Broadcom Corporation's BroadR-Reach Automotive Ethernet technology for mode conversion up to 400 MHz. The first part in the series, the AE2000, meets the need for the current generation of 100 Mbps BroadR-R...

Events News
7th May 2014
Pulse to present two papers at PCIM 2014

Papers will be presented at two poster sessions by Pulse Electronics at the 2014 PCIM event. The first paper, 'Arc Fault Detection Using Rogowski Coils', will be presented at the Renewable Energy Systems poster session on Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at 3:30 P.M. The second poster, 'Design of a High Efficiency Planar Transformer with Deep Interleave Flat Coil Windings for >250W Converter Topologies', will be presented at the Converters poster session...

26th March 2014
Current sensor offers MTTF of over 6,000 years

Following the publication of a test report into the reliability and longevity of the company's Sidewinder AC current sensing technology, Pulse Electronics has revealed that Sidewinder-based products achieve at least 99.7% reliability after 20 years of 24/7 service and have an estimated mean time to failure (MTTF) of 6,090 years with 90% confidence.

25th March 2014
Power splitters for indoor DAS antennas

Suitable for use with the company's PIMinator low passive intermodulation (PIM) indoor distributed antenna system (iDAS) family, Pulse Electronics introduces a new line of power splitters. The power splitters are designed to work with Pulse's PIMinator line of antennas in order to ensure a PIM spec of -155dBc at 2x20W.

13th March 2014
10GBASE-T ICM provides flexibility for designers

Pulse has introduce the JT3-1101HL ultra-low profile offset and halogen free 10GBASE-T RJ45 ICM for server, router, and storage applications. Pulse's 10G RJ45 ICM is only 9.04mm tall once installed on the PCB. This gives flexibility to 10GBASE-T hardware designers who have an I/O panel with limited height, but who need to configure it so the RJ45 is in line with the PCB.

21st January 2014
Transformers fulfill continuing demand for higher bandwidth

Compliant for use with the Lantiq Vinax V3 chipset family, the BX4289LNL and BX4289LNLT signals the expansion of Pulse Electronic's series of transformers. The Class H line driver VDSL2 30MHz vectored transformer is used with the BX4289LNL and BX4289LNLT to deliver high bandwidth over existing copper transmission lines.

14th January 2014
Omni antennas boast PIM spec of -155 dBc at 2x20W

Claiming an industry-leading PIM spec of -155 dBc at 2x20W, the 3 low PIM DAS omni antennas are the latest products announced by Pulse Electronics. The low PIM DAS in-building, ceiling mount omni antennas fulfill the demanding requirements of cellular operators and integrators of low PIM components for 2G, 3G, and LTE/4G bands around the world.

12th December 2013
I/O connectors for high-performance computing

Pulse Electronics has announced four new input/output connectors which are specifically designed for high-performance computing applications including cloud computing, data centers, enterprise servers, the switch market, and consumer electronics. Operating over frequencies ranging from 5Gbps to 10Gbps, the new generation high-speed connectors are designated SATA III, PCI Express 3.0, USB 3.0, and Thunderbolt.

21st November 2013
30MHz transformer compliant with Lantiq Vinax V3 family

The new VDSL2 30MHz transformer from Pulse is now compliant for use with the Lantiq Vinax V3 chipset family. Providing improved longitudinal balance and excellent total harmonic distortion performance, the BX4290LNL and BX4290LNLT transformers are used with the Class AB line driver to deliver high bandwidth over existing copper transmission lines.

9th October 2013
Pulse's ultra-thin NFC antenna for mobile devices

Pulse Electronics introduces an ultra-thin near field communications ferrite sheet antenna. The antenna is 28% thinner than the previous version and still meets the EMVCo specification of 40mm. It enables NFC connectivity to mobile devices for payment sharing, credential storage and exchange, accessing and controlling data, and wirelessly connecting to tags.

30th September 2013
Enhanced LDS antennas with integrated SMT components

Pulse Electronics announces in-house capability to integrate passive surface mount technology components on 3D laser direct structuring antennas. Incorporating SMT components with the 3D LDS antenna structure saves space on the mobile device's printed circuit board and optimizes the use of available space on the antenna.

30th August 2013
10GBASE-T press-fit ICM from Pulse Electronics

Pulse Electronics has today announced the new 10GBASE-T press-fit integrated connector module product family. These 10 gigabit press-fit RJ45 ICMs meet IEEE 802.3 specifications and are available in common industry configurations: 2x2, 2x4, 2x6 and 2x8. The Pulse Electronics ICMs facilitate the implementation of 10GBASE-T in large enterprises and cloud data centers.

19th August 2013
Vehicular mount navigation antenna includes 5 GHz WiFi

Pulse Electronics introduces its new vehicular mount antenna for 3G, 4G long term evolution, WLAN, and GPS applications. The GPSDM700/5800SSS (black) and GPSDMW700/5800SSS (white) offer the best gain on the market over multiple frequency bands. By including 5 GHz bands, from 5150 MHz to 5850 MHz, the complete range of IEEE802.11a/b/g/n bands are included in a single device for WLAN applications.

22nd July 2013
SMT Flat Coil Planar Transformers produces 500W Power Capability

Pulse Electronics introduce a new series of low-loss, flat coil surface mount planar transformers to deliver high efficiency power to applications with tight height constraints. This technology uses a copper fill factor that is twice that of a PCB so the direct current resistance of the primary winding is reduced by 50% and the power rating is increased by 20% to deliver up to 500 watts of power capability. Replacing the traditional multilayer PC...

15th July 2013
Pulse announce Sidewinder Current Sensor with Unique Non-round Shape

Pulse Electronics has introduced the PA3207NL, a unique new addition to the Sidewinder AC current sensor line. This non-round sensor specifically fits the standard 0.750x0.093 buss bar of an ANSI 2S smart meter, making the design of the meter base simpler and the assembly easier. The current sensor is linear from 0.1 Amps to 200 Amps.

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