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3D Printing
26th October 2016
Using conductive ink to produce electrical circuits

  A new generation of FluidWRITER printers that create printed electronics directly on 3D surfaces have been introduced by Pulse Electronics.

12th May 2016
Performance-enhancing installation options for antennas

Pulse Electronics Corporation introduces two performance-enhancing installation options for its PIMinator line of Distributed Antenna System (DAS) in-building ceiling-mount antennas. The DASACHOLDER is a sturdy, plastic, above-ceiling antenna holder that is easy to install, is hidden above the ceiling so it doesn't interfere with the aesthetics of the building, and does not induce passive intermodulation (PIM) in in-building installations.

19th April 2016
Ceiling-mount, omni-directional antennas available in white

Expanding its Clarity family of DAS, ultra-thin, ceiling-mount, omni-directional antennas, Pulse Electronics has introduced the Clarity White Antenna. The white antenna offers a lower cost, yet high performance antenna that fits the aesthetic requirements of many buildings and public places. It can be installed with Pulse's solid-ceiling adapter which makes antenna installation amazingly simple, even in hard-pan ceilings without easy access.

Events News
8th February 2016
Translucent antennas to be showcased

Pulse Electronics Corporation's line of translucent antennas will be showcased at Booth 2440 at the DistribuTECH Conference and Exposition, being held at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL, February 9-11th, 2016. Pulse's Distributed Antenna System (DAS) ultra-thin, clear, ceiling mount antennas have been selected to enable wireless network coverage in building 7 of the World Trade Center, New York, NY.

21st January 2016
Satellite navigation system antenna provides wireless signal reception

Pulse Electronics Corporation's Monarch series multi-mode global navigation satellite system ceramic antennas provide wireless signal reception for the four major global and regional satellite systems: GPS, GLONASS, Beidou (Compass) and Galileo. The Monarch series W3010 is a compact, low profile antenna that delivers high efficiency (75% typical) over a wide bandwidth for enhanced navigation and device tracking.

16th December 2015
Proximity sensor & antenna combine to optimise functions

Pulse Electronics introduces an all-in-one combination antenna and proximity sensor package to optimise the characteristics of both functions, thus enabling better device performance and increased design flexibility for tablets, laptops and notebook computers.

11th December 2015
Ultra-thin antennas operate from 380-520Mhz & 698-960Mhz

Pulse Electronics Corporation introduces a recent edition in the Clarity family of antennas that operates at UHF band frequencies including 380-520MHz and 698-960MHz to improve public safety radio coverage. The Clarity-Pearl antennas deliver an architecturally pleasing solution to requirements set by the International Fire Code and National Fire Protection Association (IFC/NFPA) codes for public safety in-building communication.

8th December 2015
Antenna miniaturisation enables high data rates in tight spaces

Pulse Electronics has announced a new method of constructing antennas to enable high data rates in tight spaces that require 3x3 MIMO configurations such as tablets, laptops, and notebook computers. The DenseAnt TL 1.0 advanced manufacturing antenna technology fits three WLAN antennas in physically the same volume as was used for two LDS antennas without compromising performance or isolation.

8th December 2015
Antenna to provide data transmission for IoT applications

Pulse Electronics Corporation introduces an internal dual-band flexible printed circuit (FPC) antenna to provide connectivity and data transmission for IoT applications in security, home automation, appliances, lighting, medical/telemedicine, sensors, network monitoring, data collection, wearables, automotive, in-vehicle communication and vending.

12th November 2015
Improve vehicle data throughput & GPS navigation

Featuring superior port-to-port isolation for excellent signal clarity, Pulse Electronics has announced a combination GPS/multiband vehicle-mount antenna. The GPSMB501 consists of five connectors to access five antennae solutions (two MIMO cellular, two dual-band MIMO WLAN and one for GNSS). An optional magnetic mount base makes this antenna easy to install and remove without drilling a hole in the vehicle.

21st October 2015
Antennas enable wireless comms in the World Trade Center

Pulse Electronics announces that its Clarity family of antennas has been selected by a major US wireless carrier to enable wireless network coverage in a key building of the World Trade Center complex in New York, NY. Over 700 of Pulse's Clarity DASUTCCR500NF Distributed Antenna System (DAS) ultra-thin, clear, ceiling-mount antennas will be deployed in the building.

24th September 2015
Power transformers target RS485, CAN, MODBus & ProfiBus

A series of 5KVrms isolation power transformers for communications interfaces such as RS485, CAN, MODBus, and ProfiBus for automation, automotive, and smart grid applications has been introduced by Pulse Electronics. The PH9385 transformer series achieves 12mm creepage in a patent-pending, low-profile, compact, 17x16x7mm surface mount package.

11th September 2015
Power transformers offer 2.5KV isolation for interface applications

Pulse Electronics introduces a series of power transformers that offers isolation to communication interfaces such as RS485, CAN, MODBus, and ProfiBus for automation, automotive and smart grid applications. The PH9085 series is part of Pulse Electronics' isolation transformer line that offers a range of insulation (functional to reinforced) and isolation (up to 5KVrms) capabilities.

11th August 2015
Shielded, SMT power inductors suit small electronics

Designed for compact PoL and mobile devices, a family of six ultra-low profile SMT shielded inductors have been introduced by Pulse Electronics. The PA4330, PA4331, PA4332, PA4333, PA4334 and PA4335 inductors feature mounted height profiles from 1.0 to 3.2mm, making them suited for today's mobile computing, home automation, portable POS and other small handheld devices.

6th August 2015
Small multi-band antennas enhance IoT communications

Combining GPS and WiFi for high efficiency in a compact package, Pulse Electronics has announced two embedded ceramic multi-band chip antennas. Their small size, low cost, high efficiencies and multi-band capabilities enable a seamless antenna solution for many IoT applications in the medical, transportation, point-of-sale, vending, utility, security and tracking industries, as well as for smart homes/cities.

26th June 2015 transformers can be used with Broadcom's chipsets

  Pulse Electronics has introduced its new family of functional isolation transformers. The BX4500LNL and BX4500LNLT transformers can be matched with a Microsemi line driver and used with Broadcom's BCM652xx DSP and BCM659xx AFE chipsets for transmission, Le87282. 

10th June 2015
Ultra-thin ceiling antennas appear almost invisible

Expanding its ultra-thin, clear, DAS ceiling antennas, Pulse Electronics' DASUTCC family has a see-through housing which makes them nearly invisible when mounted. Extending just 8.4mm (0.33") below the ceiling, the antennas have an industry-leading PIM rating of better than -155dBc at 2x20W (2x43dBm).

29th May 2015
Integrated connector module features PoE capability

A 1x4 10GBASE-T Integrated Connector Module (ICM) platform, Pulse Electronics' JT6 ICMs are designed to meet or exceed IEEE 802.3an 10GBASE-T requirements over 100m and can support IEEE 802.3at PoE. The ICMs are suitable for base stations, gateways, routers and switches that require PoE capability and have a need for higher bandwidth.

19th May 2015
Gate drive transformers use insulation wire on all windings

  Pulse Electronics has expanded its P0584/85NL high isolation gate drive transformer line with a series that uses insulation wire on all windings, making them compliant to safety standards such as IEC61558 and IEC60601 for reinforced isolation. 

13th January 2015
High isolation transformers suit smart grid applications

A series of high isolation switch mode transformers, which are compatible with the MAXIM MAX253 to power RS-485/RS-232 transceivers, has been released by Pulse Electronics. The PH9185 series of transformers operate in a fixed duty cycle push-pull topology that delivers lower power (up to 3W) from a low voltage source and a working voltage of up to 4000V, with 5000V isolation and only 8mm creepage.

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