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21st October 2014
Flexible photodiode process delivers high efficiency

PREMA Semiconductor develops silicon photodiodes with adapted spectral sensitivities. While light with short wavelengths is absorbed by the initial microns, the penetration depth for light with longer wavelengths varies a lot. Therefore, the spectral sensitivity of photodiodes can individually be adapted by the position of the pn‑junction.

29th October 2012
PREMA ICs at electronica 2012

PREMA Semiconductor is exhibiting again at this year's electronica in Munich from 13th to 16th November 2012. Our location: Hall A4, Booth A4-406. Life is analog. This motto describes PREMA Semiconductor's presentation of their analog and mixed-signal ASICs and standard ICs.

16th November 2011
Three Phase Filter (no neutral line) for Renewable Energy (Wind Generation)

Renewable energies are now becoming an ever-growing alternative to generating electricity. This is the case of power generation through windmills. The power injection on the network must be done cleanly; this means that the power generating must inject it with RF noise free. The radio frequency noise that typically range from 10kHz to 30MHz is unintentionally injected into the network and therefore requires the use of an appropriate filter elemen...

5th October 2010
PREMA ICs at electronica 2010

PREMA Semiconductor is specialized in state of the art designs and cost effective production for analog and mixed-signal ASICs. Custom-specific solutions (ASICs) as well as standard ICs are offered for numerous applications. The complete range of standard ICs will be presented, especially LED drivers are enjoying increasing popularity and attention in the markets. These products are trendsetters for environmentally friendly and energy-saving app...

17th May 2009
80V High Voltage Op-Amp from PREMA

The new PREMA high voltage operational amplifier PR2201 is for supply voltages of up to 80V single supply or up to ±40V with a maximum output current of ±6mA is now available. The common mode input voltage covers nearly the complete supply voltage range with an excellent common mode and power supply rejection ratio of typical more than 110dB.

24th September 2008
electronica 2008 - PREMA - 1V Boost Driver for Power LEDs

Custom-specific solutions (ASICs) and production of mixed-signal ICs are the main focus of PREMA Semiconductor GmbH at electronica. Their product range is growing continuously, particularly by buck and boost LED drivers.

1st September 2008
10-Channel Constant Current LED Driver from PREMA Semiconductor

For LED displays the German manufacturer PREMA Semiconductor GmbH has designed a new 10-channel LED driver. The PR4010 drives up to 10 LEDs of any color individually. For more LEDs several PR4010 can be cascaded and programmed via one serial interface. In this way it is possible to drive for example 75 LEDs of a mulitplexed 15x5 dot matrix display with only two PR4010 and five additional transistors.

4th March 2008
Dual Photo Diode for the near infrared range

PREMA Semiconductor has announced the release of its first optical standard component PR5001, a dual photo diode for the near infrared range with minimum footprint. An active area of two times 0.75mmx1.2mm is packaged in a small clear DFN package with a size of only 1.8mmx2.9mm.

23rd November 2007
LED Driver is designed for solar applications

PREMA Semiconductor GmbH has extended its family of LED drivers by adding a boost driver for solar applications. The new PR4403 drives and controls white LEDs out of one single battery charged by solar cells. It uses the connected solar cells to detect daylight.

20th April 2007
0.9V Boost Driver for Currents up to 40mA

The PR4402 from PREMA Semiconductor is the latest in a family of 0.9V LED boost drivers, operating white LEDs from one battery cell. While the device is best suited for LED currents of up to 20mA, it is capable of 40mA. The current is set by the inductor value, resulting in a low number of external components. Applications are pocket torches, key ring pendants or head lights and LCD back lighting in single-cell devices like MP3 players.

21st June 2006
0.9V-White LED Driver Requires Just One External Component

PREMA has introduced a white LED driver designed for a variety of applications. The core of the new driver PR4401 consists of a step-up converter with current output, that provides an output voltage of typically 3.6V for white LEDs. The input voltage can be as low as 0.9V, thus allowing a single cell battery operation.

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