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2nd September 2011
Crystal filter from Precision Devices delivers improved selectability and low insertion loss in small package

Precision Devices Inc has announced the FTR80220, its latest 124.800MHz fundamental crystal filter. Made in the USA and priced competitively, the FTR80220 crystal filter is targeted at a broad range of RF applications. The FTR80220 filter offers better selectability and lower insertion loss in a smaller package, compared to competitors.

25th January 2011
Ultra stable TCXO from Precision Devices targets femtocells and base stations

Precision Devices ( has announced the TS05, an ultra stable temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) in a 5mm by 3.2mm by 1.5mm package. The TS05 provides exceptional stability of only ±0.2ppm over an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. When operating over a restricted temperature range of -10°C to 70°C, stability is even lower at ±0.1ppm.

27th September 2010
New ultra low noise, ultra stable OCXOs from Precision Devices

At European Microwave Week, Precision Devices has announced the OCXO-510, an ultra low noise and ultra stable crystal oscillator (OCXO). The OCXO-510 series has a phase noise floor of -168dBc at 10 kHz. It offers excellent stability, and operates at a precision of only 0.0002ppm (or 0.2ppb – parts per billion) over a temperature range of 0 to +70C or 0.0005ppm at -20+70C.

3rd August 2010
Precision Devices to introduce new OCXOs at European Microwave Week

Precision Devices ( will unveil new oven controlled crystal oscillators (OCXOs) at the European Microwave Week exhibition, 26th September to 1st October in Paris, France. The company will also be showing its range of frequency control products, including sinewave OCXOs and high-end temperature compensated crystal oscillators (TCXOs) targeted at microwave applications.

27th January 2010
Precision Devices clock oscillator targets extreme temperature applications

Precision Devices has announced the introduction of a new miniature clock oscillator the OC8037 which is targeted at extreme temperature and harsh environment applications. Extreme conditions are ably supported by the new oscillator which provides an extensive range of operating temperatures including -40°C to +85°C, -55°C to +225°C and additional options to support even higher operating temperatures. Aiding the clock oscillators suitability ...

6th November 2009
Precision Devices - OCXO with low phase noise and tight stability

Precision Devices has announced the introduction of a new low noise oven controlled crystal oscillator, the OCXO-100 series. The new oscillator is manufactured at Precision Devices production facility in Cambridge, England and is produced using AT-cut or precision SC-cut crystal technology. The Precision Devices OCXO-100 series offers very low phase noise options with a square wave TTL/HCMOS or Sine wave output and is available in frequencies fr...

8th September 2009
Compact Crystal features frequency range of 12MHz to 60MHz

A new highly compact crystal has been introduced by frequency control solutions manufacturer, Precision Devices Inc (PDI). The new C2 crystal consumes only 5.0mm² of PCB real estate with extremely compact dimensions of only 2.5mm (l) x 2.0mm (w) x 0.55mm (d).

Frequency Control
2nd June 2009
Spread Spectrum Clock Oscillators from Precision Devices

Precision Devices has announced the introduction of two new spread spectrum clock oscillators, the SSOC5 and SSOC7. The new SSOC5 and SSOC7 provide an efficient and economic method of reducing system EMI at its source, the clock oscillator. The modulated output frequency of the SSOC5 and SSOC7 enables EMI to be reduced by up to 15dBc relative to fixed crystal oscillators. The SSOC5 and SSOC7 operate with a 3.3V supply voltage and the CMOS clock g...

Frequency Control
3rd February 2009
Precision Devices' ultra miniature clock oscillator

Precision Devices Inc (PDI) has introduced a new ultra miniature clock oscillator. The new OC2 clock oscillator has an operating frequency range of 1.544MHz to 80MHz and features a TTL/HCMOS output.

Frequency Control
2nd December 2008
Precision Devices introduces new high frequency clock oscillators

Precision Devices Inc has announced the launch of two new clock oscillators. The OC7A is Precision Devices first clock oscillator to operate with a frequency above 1GHz. The OC7A oscillator supports an operating frequency range of 10.9MHz to 1.17GHz. The new OC5A supports an operating frequency range of 25MHz to 350MHz.

Frequency Control
10th October 2008
electronica 2008 - Precision Devices - Frequency control solutions

Precision Devices Inc (PDI) will be exhibiting the latest frequency control products and solutions at Electronica 2008 which is being held from November 11th to 14th 2008 at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre, Germany. Precision Devices are a leading global developer and manufacturer of frequency control products.

5th February 2008
PDI frequency control solutions to be distributed by the Abacus Group

Precision Devices, the frequency control solutions manufacturer, has today announced a franchise distribution agreement with electronic component distributor Abacus. This agreement enables the Abacus Group to distribute and supply PDI’s frequency control products in the UK and Ireland.

24th September 2007
PDI receives prestigious NASA Approval

Precision Devices Inc (PDI), the frequency control products specialist, are pleased to announce that they have been granted ‘Approved’ vendor status for all of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration).

24th September 2007
J-lead Clock Oscillator provides Enhanced Integrity

Precision Devices Inc announces the introduction of a newly designed and developed ceramic J-lead crystal clock oscillator. The new J-lead package has been introduced to enable compliance with the stringent type approvals that need to be met.

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