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Powersolve Electronics Ltd. was established in 1987 by a group of experienced power supply specialists who had had many years previous experience in the world wide power supply industry. The company was set up to provide a very wide range of standard products, not only of the highest quality, but also at competitive prices and variants and custom power supplies when the need arises.

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14th August 2006
Powersolve launches Sine Wave DC/AC Power Inverter Family

Leading power solutions specialist company Powersolve has announced a series of true sine wave DC/AC power inverters available with UK, European or American AC sockets. The Powersolve PSIT series is available in four power ranges – 150, 300, 600 and 1000W and offer true sine wave outputs of either 230VAC (50Hz) or 115VAC (60Hz). Inputs are nominal 12, 24 or 48VDC.

22nd July 2006
75W Half Brick DC/DC Power Modules

Leading power solutions specialist company Powersolve announces two 4:1 input, half brick, high efficiency, high density DC/DC power modules designed to suit a wide variety of board level power supply applications.

20th July 2006
DC/DC Converter Provides up to 30W

Powersolve has announced a DC/DC converter that provides very high power density levels – 30W from a 51 x 25mm (2 x 1in) industry standard pin-out package. With efficiencies as high as 88%, the new converters feature a low 5mA input current in standby mode and a wide operating temperature range of –25 to +71°C.

14th July 2006
80 to 130W Single-Output Open-Frame AC/DC Converter

Powersolve has announced the availability of Astec’s LPS120 Series of open-frame, 5 x 3in footprint switch mode power supplies. Power output is a maximum of 80W (convection) and 130W with 30 CFM forced air cooling. Single DC outputs are 3.3, 5, 12, 15, 24 or 48V and there are additional 5V standby and 12V fan outputs. Input is 85 to 264VAC with active power factor correction.

11th July 2006
350W Front-End AC/DC Power Supply

Powersolve has made available a bulk front-end power supply providing 12 or 48VDC at 350W. The NTS350 series, manufactured by Astec, is ideal for use in distributed power applications to power on-board Point of Load and DC/DC converters.

3rd July 2006
Wide Variety of Medically Approved Power Supplies from Powersolve

Powersolve has announced a wide selection of external power supplies designed specifically for use with medical equipment. Made up of five product families, the new medically approved power supplies all meet UL, cUL2601-1 and EN60601-1 safety approvals and EMC standards to EN55011 or EN55022 “B” and FCC”B”.

29th June 2006
Miniature Encapsulated AC/DC Power Modules Suit a Wide Range of Applications

Powersolve announces TRACOPOWER’s TMT series of ultra-compact AC/DC power modules with approvals that make them suitable for a wide range of commercial, industrial and medical applications.

29th May 2006
Buffer Module gives Standby Power for DIN-Rail Power Supplies

Powersolve introduces a buffer module - a power back-up device that will supply stand-by voltage for a 24VDC power supply without the need for batteries.

9th May 2006
Versatile Power Adaptor can be used as a Desk-Top Unit or Wall-Mounted using Interchangeable AC Plugs

Powersolve, the UK’s leading power solutions specialist company, announces a new series of versatile, cost competitive power adaptors that can be used as either plug-top or desk-top units. Called the PSD40-65 Series, the adaptors provide between 40 and 65W from a universal 90 to 264VAC input range. Output voltages range from 5 to 24VDC.

24th April 2006
Product Guide includes Power Supplies for practically every application

Powersolve has published its latest power supply product guide which gives brief details of one of the industry’s most comprehensive selection of power sources. Powersolve was established almost 20 years ago to offer customers a single-source for power supply products and applications.

11th April 2006
Vehicle Power Adaptors Provide up to 90W

Powersolve has made available a range of DC/DC power adaptors designed to power a variety of equipment in vehicles. The VDN & PSS Series operates from either 12 or 24V DC and provides a variety of output voltages. Maximum power output is 90W.

31st March 2006
Power Supplies Give Users Up to 21 Outputs and Intelligent I²C Monitoring and Control

Leading power specialist Powersolve has announced the iMP Series of intelligent, configurable power supplies that provide users with a number of control and monitoring options as well as a flexible DC output range that will satisfy most applications.

3rd March 2006
Ultra compact RoHS compliant 2W DC/DC Converters

The TEL-2/TES-2N series from Powersolve is a new generation of cost effective 2W DC/DC converter modules which comply fully with the upcoming RoHS directive.

9th February 2006
DC-DC Converter Family has 6 to 30W Applications Covered

Powersolve has announced a family of Industrial DC-DC converters that will suit a very wide range of applications requiring nominal 12V, 24V or 48V DC inputs. Manufactured by Astec, the new family comprises five series of DC-DC converters with outputs from 6 to 30 W.

25th January 2006
60W Lead Acid Battery Charger gives Three-Stage Charging

Powersolve's latest series of battery chargers is designed to charge 12 or 24V lead acid batteries.

10th January 2006
Powersolve uses latest power modules as basis for new power supply design service

Powersolve is now offering customers the opportunity to specify custom, high performance power supply solutions based around the latest power module designs from several leading manufacturers including Astec.

10th December 2005
DC/DC converters give 15W from a 1 x 1 x 0.4in package

Powersolve announces a new generation of isolated, high performance 15W DC/DC converters in a package that is 50% smaller than competitive products.

10th December 2005
Single Output 25A Sixteenth Brick Modules

Powersolve announces TDK’s Belleta® iSA series of single output, 25A sixteenth brick DC/DC converters designed for a variety of applications where power output, size and thermal considerations are key.

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