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28th April 2020
COVID-19 Task Force provides strategic business support

Powerbox is not only working diligently to reduce the risk inherent to the COVID-19 to the ecosystem, but equally to ensure that its customer support and service continue without interruption. PRBX Standard and Custom power solutions are used in medical equipment such as ventilators, infusion-pumps, remote patient monitoring, anesthesia machines, ultrasound, MRI and mobile X-ray equipment.

2nd April 2020
Dual channel power supply for marine engine control

Powerbox has announced the release of a new dual channel power supply for marine engine control. Based on a ruggedised platform for use in harsh environments, the ENMA500D24/2x27-CC provides two 27V/20A isolated outputs and a total power of 540W.

29th January 2020
High peak load power supply designed for medical applications

Powerbox has announced the release of its new power supply solution for high peak load applications in the medical sector. Based on digital control and high energy storage management techniques, the SMM3000A80024C series delivers 2.25kW repetitive peak power to medical lasers with high efficiency. The SMM3000A80024C complies with medical safety standards and for silent operation it includes a thermo-controlled cooling system.

14th November 2019
Industry’s first power supply for immerged computing applications

Powerbox has announced the release of its ‘industry first’ power supply solution for immerged applications such as hyper loaded computing machines. The OFI600A12 is the first commercial power supply designed to meet immerged applications specifications and guarantee the highest level of safety for system and operators. With its built-in digital supervising functions, in just a few minutes the OFI600A12 can be factory reconfigured to m...

5th August 2019
What should you know about RoHS 3?

  From July, manufacturers have had to comply with the third revision of RoHS. Patrick Le Fèvre, Powerbox explores the directive’s small print

27th June 2019
Extra wide input quarter-brick DC/DC converters

Powerbox has announced the launch of three new series of extra-wide input voltage range, 40W to 100W board-mounted DC/DC converters for the railway, transportation and defence industries. The converters have an extra wide input voltage range of 14 to 160V and nine to 75V.

28th May 2019
DC/DC converter features wide input voltage range covering 9-75V

Powerbox has announced the introduction of three new series of 15W, 20W and 30W board mount DC/DC converters for demanding medical applications, totaling 105 models. The PMM15, PMM20 and PMM30 are certified to the 3rd Edition of the IEC/EN/ANSI/AAMI ES 60601-1 medical safety standard and rated for the highest levels of patient protection - 2xMOPP.

21st January 2019
Portable product selector app for all mobile devices announced

Powerbox has announced the release of Cosel’s first portable product selector app developed to operate across all mobile devices and computers - even without internet connection. The application has been designed for speed, and coded to offer power designers and sales forces quick access to the most important parameters, helping them to choose the best Cosel power solution for their applications in just a few clicks.

5th October 2018
Precharger solution for railway applications

European power supply company, Powerbox, has announced the introduction of its ENR1000-PC series precharger unit designed to deliver peak power to high capacitive loads in railway applications. The precharger converts the battery nominal bus voltage of 50 to 137.5VDC to a regulated output voltage of 400 or 600VDC. 

23rd August 2018
Flexible, adaptable enhanced rail power solutions at Innotrans 2018

  Power supply company, Powerbox Group, has announced that it will be showcasing its PRBX Enhanced Rail Power Solutions (PRBX-ERPS) at Innotrans 2018 in Berlin, 18th to 21st September 2018, Hall 17, Booth 103. 

25th June 2018
Cosel announces new acquisition of The Powerbox Group

Cosel Co has announced that it has acquired The Powerbox Group. The Powerbox Group and its subsidiaries employ 120 people, with a consolidated turnover of more than €40m throughout 15 countries. With design centres in Sweden (HQ), Germany and Netherlands as well as offices throughout Europe, US, China and Australia, they specialise in the design and manufacturing of standard, semi-standard and full custom power supplies throughout the indust...

20th June 2018
New technology delivers peak power to medical applications

The supercapacitor boost technology, S-CAP BOOST, has been announced by Powerbox, offering backup and peak power solutions to industrial and medical applications. Based on the latest supercapacitor technology combined with intelligent control and monitoring, S-CAP BOOST offers a solution to equipment manufacturers requiring high energy peaks for short periods or emergency backup purposes in applications where due to safety regulations, Lithi...

17th May 2018
Extra-wide input DC/DC converters for railway industry

Powerbox has announced the launch of four series of extra-wide input voltage range, 8W to 20W board-mounted DC/DC converters for railway and transportation industry. With a 13:1 input voltage range of 12V to 160V, the MAD33 (8W), MAD32 (10W), MAE35 (15W) and MAF35 (20W) have been developed to provide systems designers with a single part number that is able to power a large range of transportation industry applications, reducing inventory, ti...

15th December 2017
Medical power supply delivers safety to healthcare facilities

A new series of power supplies has been launched by Powerbox for medical applications requiring BF (Body Floating) class insulation and full, reliable operation up to 5,000m altitude to power medical healthcare facilities and equipment. Complying with the latest EMI coexistence standard IEC 60601-1-2: 2014 (4th edition) and specifically designed with patient and operator safety in mind, the OBR04 series delivers an output power of 650W.

30th October 2017
Power supply dedicated to marine applications

European power supply company, Powerbox, has announced the launch of its second generation of power supplies dedicated for marine applications and demanding industrial systems. Responding to a demand from marine equipment manufacturers to simplify logistics and to reduce energy consumption, the PT578 integrates programmed digital protection, built-in redundancy and paralleling circuitry. Based on latest technologies, the 500W PT578 has ...

10th October 2017
Coreless power solution named finalist at Elektra Awards

  European power supply company, Powerbox, has announced its new coreless technology platform to power medical and industrial equipment operating in very high magnetic field environments such as magnetic resonance imaging or particle accelerators has been selected by the prestigious Elektra Awards committee as finalist.

6th October 2017
Battery backup unit reduces railway modernisation times

Powerbox has announced the launch of its second generation Battery Backup Unit System (BBU-S) to support the modernisation of railway networks and industrial applications that require flexible power backup systems with extended monitoring and control. Responding to the needs of a large range of applications and designed for use in enclosed outdoor environments, Powerbox’s BBU-S comprises an industry standard 19-inch rack unit with sub-...

17th August 2017
DC/DC converters designed for microgrids and data centres

A new range of high-voltage input DC/DC converters has been introduced by Powerbox for microgrid, data centres and industrial applications. Part of its industrial line, the new series of HVDC/DC converters operate with an input voltage range of 180-425VDC, and deliver output power levels from 150-750W.

15th June 2017
Subsea power supplies offer reliability & resilience

Powerbox has announced a technology platform to power industrial applications requiring high reliability and resilience in extreme environments. Designed to power subsea equipment such as gas and oil monitoring and control systems situated on the seafloor, fed from an AC or DC high voltage line feeder the PRBX VB410-380 power solution delivers 48VDC with very high reliability and resilience.

24th April 2017
Power supply is ready for industrial system integration

Powerbox has introduced a 100W encapsulated AC/DC power supply, ready for industrial systems integration. Aimed at compact industrial systems applications with limited space, the ENI100 has a narrow width of 31.7mm and a length of 140mm making it easy to fit in even the smallest of places. The unit’s input voltage range is from 90 to 264VAC and the output delivers a fixed 24V at 4A.

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