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16th September 2021
Power transient response is 3x faster than 12V battery.

You may wonder why does an EV need a conventional battery when there’s a 400V or 800V battery already in the vehicle to power the motors? Today the 12V or 48V batteries power all the other systems in the vehicle, but they add cost and weight and take up valuable space. Why not remove the 12V battery and use the 400 – 800V battery to power everything in the car?

23rd August 2021
Electric Vehicles vs Hybrid Electric Vehicles

As the transportation sector becomes electrified, many consumers remain conflicted about buying a new car that is fully an Electric Vehicle (EV). Whether warranted or based on misconceptions, concerns about EVs are slowing their adoption. Fortunately for automotive suppliers, and power electronics engineers, Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) offer a 'bridge' technology to going totally electric.

12th January 2021
Fast charging: a critical enabler of EV adoption

The world’s automobile manufacturers are responding to ever stricter emissions regulations by increasing the proportion of electric vehicles (EVs) in their ranges. Global EV sales have surged in recent years and data from 2020 suggests that EVs are beginning to take market share from traditional, internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. By Martin Keenan, Technical Director, Avnet Abacus

29th May 2020
Are low-voltage direct current supplies a safe choice?

Industrial control panels can, and sometimes do, use many different power and control voltages ranging from 480Vac down to 24Vac, and 110Vdc down to 5Vdc, with occasional designs using voltages outside these ranges, so are low-voltage direct current supplies a safe choice?

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