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15th April 2020
Air-to-air heat exchangers cool electrical enclosures

Typical air-to-air heat exchangers creates a path that allows heat to move from a higher to lower temperature more quickly than cooling can occur within an enclosure wall.

26th March 2020
High quality PMF LED light for industrial applications

Pfannenberg has announced the PMF LED-Hi LED multifunction light, well suited for both indoor and outdoor use in industrial environments, including automotive, plant construction and logistics, open-cast mining, heavy industry, and maritime applications.

20th February 2020
Environmentally-friendly tech cools electrical enclosures

A typical air-to-air heat exchanger creates a path that allows heat to move from a higher to lower temperature more quickly than cooling can occur within an electrical enclosure wall. In contrast, Pfannenberg’s Kinetic System (PKS) Series Air to Air Heat Exchangers create a closed passive loop system that unlike a filter fan, does not allow external and internal air to mix and unlike cooling units, does not have an active compressor that us...

16th July 2019
Protecting factory electrical enclosures from summer heat

The threats that make enclosure thermal management necessary to begin with reach the height of their destructive energies all at once, once a year, in the summertime. While some logistics of manufacturing become vastly less complicated in the summer sun, several interrelated changes in the weather threaten the critical electronics that allow production lines to operate.  By Chris Marlow, Pfannenberg Application Engineer

20th May 2019
What is the right temperature point for my electrical enclosure?

Electrical enclosures serve to protect electrical devices from adverse environmental influences, such as dirt, other particulates, moisture, or chemicals that could damage components. Plus, by housing electrical devices inside a secure enclosure or box, personnel are protected from electrical hazards such as electric shock, arc flash, and burns. However, electrical devices generate heat as a byproduct of their operation.

30th May 2013
Compact chillers give scalable, efficient cooling

Pfannenberg has extended its ecool enclosure thermal management portfolio with the introduction of the CC Compact range of air-water chillers, which are very cost-effective and energy efficient. The family consists of six models rated at 1100 to 6500W: the three smaller sizes are powered from 115/230VAC 50/60Hz single-phase supplies, the larger three units from 50/60Hz three-phase power.

22nd June 2007
142-page enclosure thermal management catalogue includes many new products

Pfannenberg has published a new 142 page comprehensive catalogue which gives full performance details, mechanical, electrical and environmental specifications for its comprehensive range of thermal management products for use in indoor and outdoor electrical and electronic cabinets.

26th March 2007
Filterfans give much increased airflow in IP55 environments

The latest fourth generation of Pfannenberg's Filterfan, with free airflows ranging from 25 m3/h to 925 m3/h, is the latest update to a concept originally invented by the company as long ago as 1958. Uniquely in this market, the new design uses a pleated fabric filter and a sophisticated louvre profile to give a significantly higher airflow at IP55 than was achieved by the previous version at IP54; filter life is also three times longer. The un...

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