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25th May 2021
Percepio announces new hires and explores new markets

Following last year’s successful Series A funding, Percepio is accelerating its growth through the appointment of a new Nordic sales manager, a senior FAE and several new developers. To accommodate the enlarged team as well as to enable future expansion, Percepio moved into new offices earlier this month, effectively doubling its space.

13th April 2021
Percepio and Lauterbach collaborate for faster debugging

Percepio and Lauterbach, have announced their cooperation to achieve faster debugging through closer integration between Percepio Tracealyzer and Lauterbach’s series of TRACE32 high-end tracing tools.

16th March 2021
Ensuring error-free operation of scores of IoT devices

Percepio has developed an integrated solution that allows IoT device developers to monitor software behaviour after deployment of their firmware, providing them with the ability to immediately detect, debug and deploy fixes before many, if any, customers are affected. Johan Kraft, PhD, CEO and Founder explains more.

Events News
2nd December 2020
Inaugural IoT Online Conference launches with Percepio

Percepio has announced that it is helping engineers navigate challenges on the Internet of Things (IoT) by sponsoring a major new conference and virtual exhibition. Organised by embedded industry experts Stephane Boucher of and Jacob Beningo of the Beningo Embedded Group, the IoT Online Conference brings together experts from industry and academia December 8th to 9th in an all-digital event.

Test & Measurement
16th October 2020
Full availability of Percepio's Tracealyzer version 4.4

After extensive public beta testing, Percepio has announced the immediate availability of Tracealyzer version 4.4 with new support for embedded Linux. Percepio Tracealyzer gives a new level of insight during software debugging and verification at system level by enabling visual top-down exploratory analysis.

3rd September 2020
Percepio to host Cypress IoT-AdvantEdge webinar

Percepio has announced that it will be hosting a Cypress IoT-AdvantEdge webinar on 17th September 2020 at 9am PST (6pm CEST). Entitled 'Closing the Loop On IoT Device Error Reporting', the webinar outlines a strategy for dealing with bug reports from users of field-deployed IoT products.

17th June 2020
Percepio launches open beta program for Tracealyzer 4.4

Percepio has announced an open beta test program for the upcoming Tracealyzer 4.4, which provides much improved support for visualisation and analysis of embedded Linux software, packaged in an intuitive and modern user interface.

Test & Measurement
13th May 2020
Find bugs faster: Percepio Tracealyzer user story

Jan Ropek of VNT electronics, a Czech maker of electronic dog training equipment, tells his story of how a development project was plagued by memory leaks. It could take days to locate and fix a single leak, but when they deployed Percepio Tracealyzer the same bug hunt was completed in a matter of hours.

24th February 2020
Cloud service for remote monitoring of IoT devices

Percepio has announced DevAlert, a cloud service for IoT product organisations that provides immediate awareness of firmware problems in deployed IoT devices and visual diagnostic information to speed resolution.

Events News
31st January 2020
Event-recording tools for debugging at embedded world 2020

Traditional debugging techniques for embedded software are no longer sufficient, due to ever increasing complexity of embedded applications. To help embedded and IoT developers with this challenge, Percepio CEO Johan Kraft and Reinhard Keil, Senior Director of Embedded Tools at Arm, will discuss this paradigm shift in a joint presentation at Embedded World 2020 in Nuremberg. 

17th July 2019
Using a Device Firmware Monitor (DFM) to deal with software bugs

Johan Kraft, CEO and Founder of Percepio, introduces a new solution that leverages cloud connectivity to root out software bugs after device deployment. Computer scientist Edsger Dijkstra once said, “Program testing can be used to show the presence of bugs, but never to show their absence”. Despite developers testing their software as much as possible, they just can’t prove that bugs don’t exist in the system.

2nd May 2017
Embedded software tracing tool offers insight during debugging

Specialist in software tracing tools for real time operating systems, Percepio, has announced immediate availability of Tracealyzer for ThreadX from Express Logic, which the company claims to be the leading embedded RTOS with over five billion units deployed worldwide. Tracealyzer for ThreadX leverages the already existing trace library in ThreadX bringing visualisation to thousands of ThreadX developers.

23rd March 2017
Percepio Tracealyzer suits ThreadX from Express Logic

Percepio AB has been working closely with Express Logic to develop Tracealyzer for ThreadX. ThreadX from Express Logic is an embedded RTOS with over five billion units deployed worldwide. Tracealyzer for ThreadX leverages the already existing trace library in ThreadX bringing visualisation to thousands of ThreadX developers. “Tracealyzer for ThreadX will provide a serious productivity boost for many ThreadX and Renesas Synergy projects...

14th March 2017
ARM’S RTOS gets visualisation from Percepio

Percepio AB has been working closely with ARM to develop Tracealyzer for ARM Keil RTX5, the new RTOS for Keil MDK and ARM mbed OS. Tracealyzer for RTX5 is based on Percepio’s latest Tracealyzer v3.1 platform and builds on ARM’s new Event Recorder technology in Keil MDK. This allows for continuous streaming of event data to the host PC over JTAG or SWD, using common debug probes such as the Keil ULINK series. Percepio is...

7th December 2016
Trace recorder library supports streaming over USB

Percepio has announced Tracealyzer 3.1, the improved tool which adds support for trace streaming over USB, provides detection of dynamic memory leaks and includes many other updates to get up and running even quicker. The trace recorder library is now easier to configure for streaming over custom interfaces, and includes support for USB streaming on STM32 (easily adapted for other MCUs). 

5th August 2016
Three software engineers and a bug

By Mike Skrtic, Sales and Marketing Director, Percepio. Recently, I was fortunate enough to have dinner with three embedded software engineers. It brought to mind a story that I thought would be both appropriate and amusing, so I shared it with them and, to my surprise, it was met with puzzled looks.

7th July 2016
Embedded software tracing tool upgrade available

Percepio has announced the launch of Tracealyzer for Micrium’s µC/OS-III th streaming trace. The new Tracealyzer for µC/OS-III is built on Percepio’s latest Tracealyzer 3.0 platform and contains its streaming trace recorder, which allows for capturing arbitrarily long trace recordings as well as the traditional snapshot (RAM buffer) recorder. 

14th June 2016
Embedded software tracing tool supports latest FreeRTOS release

Percepio announces the latest release of Tracealyzer, version 3.0.7, to support the newly released FreeRTOS version 9.0. This latest release of the leading embedded software tracing tool will contain all the current features of Tracealyzer as well as complete support for all the new FreeRTOS features announced in version 9.0. A new Tracealyzer for FreeRTOS with several new features including custom intervals, is also in the works.

9th June 2016
Embedded software tracing tool now available to IntervalZero customers

IntervalZero, makers of the Windows-based real-time operating system, RTX64, are utilising the Tracealyzer RTOS visualisation tool from Percepio.

18th February 2016
Percepio announces Tracealyzer for IntervalZero RTX64

Percepio AB has announced a cooperation with IntervalZero, makers of RTX64, the leading Windows-based real time operating system. A new Tracealyzer version for IntervalZero RTX64 will be bundled with the RTX64 SDK and provided free of charge for IntervalZero customers, including the full suite of Percepio Tracealyzer visualisations and analyses.

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