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19th November 2020
Smooth transition to new British distributor

The company Control Technologies UK has taken over as the distributor of PEAK-System products in Great Britain. After many years of successful cooperation, the previous trading partner Computer Solutions has ceased its activities.

11th November 2020
I/O with CANopen and CANopen FD for industrial use

In cooperation with the partner Embedded Systems Academy (EmSA), PEAK-System has developed an I/O device with CANopen and CANopen FD connection. The PCAN-MicroMod FD DR CANopen Digital 1 has eight digital inputs and eight digital outputs and is delivered in a DIN rail housing with Phoenix screw terminal strips.

22nd July 2020
Free RP1210 support for PEAK CAN interfaces

The Recommended Practice 1210 (RP1210) is a standardised interface for the communication between vehicles and Windows software. The PCAN-RP1210 API is an implementation of RP1210 version C by PEAK-System.

25th March 2020
Freely programmable six-channel router for CAN

The German company PEAK-System Technik has expanded its product range by the freely programmable PCAN-Router Pro FD. The router connects the data traffic of up to six modern CAN FD or classic CAN buses. The routing from CAN to CAN FD or vice versa allows the integration of new CAN FD applications into existing CAN 2.0 buses.

Events News
3rd February 2020
Latest CAN FD and CANopen FD products at embedded world

At the embedded world 2020 in Nuremberg, PEAK-System, the German provider of hardware and software for the field buses CAN and LIN, will introduce products for advanced use in the environments CAN FD and CANopen FD. The industrial I/O device PCAN-MicroMod FD DR CANopen Digital 1 can be used in CANopen or CANopen FD networks.

17th December 2019
Quick CAN bus diagnosis from one hand

The German company PEAK-System has published the handheld device PCAN-MiniDiag FD for the basic diagnosis and fast checking of CAN and CAN FD buses. The battery-powered device has functions which show, for example, the termination, bus load, message and error counters as well as the levels at the CAN connection.

17th December 2019
Free app calculates register values for CAN and CAN FD controllers

The manufacturer PEAK-System has released the Bit Rate Calculation Tool for iOS, Android, and Windows. The cost-free tool determines the register values of a CAN, CAN FD, or SJA1000 controller for user-defined CAN and CAN FD bit rates. In addition, the result list can be adjusted using various parameters such as clock frequencies and sample point.

13th December 2019
PEAK and EmSA collaborate on CANopen and J1939 solutions

PEAK-System Technik and Embedded Systems Academy have deepened their partnership to provide common CANopen, CANopen FD, and J1939 solutions. For more than 15 years, Embedded Systems Academy (EmSA) has offered numerous CANopen software products including monitors, analysers, simulators, configurators, and protocol stacks for the CAN (Controller Area Network) hardware of PEAK-System Technik (PEAK). 

11th December 2019
CAN FD interface integration solution

With the PCAN-MicroMod FD, the German company PEAK-System Technik has released a universal solution for the integration of a CAN FD interface and I/O functionality into custom hardware. Developers can plug the CPU module into their motherboard and configure it with the PCAN-MicroMod FD Configuration Windows software included in the scope of supply.

Events News
5th February 2019
Classical and modern CAN innovations at embedded world

Specialist in classical CAN and modern CAN FD, PEAK-System, will present its latest products at embedded world 2019. Exhibition visitors can take a look at the PCAN-MiniDiag FD, which was released at the end of January 2019, and the new PCAN-MicroMod FD product series, which will be released after the exhibition.

10th July 2018
USB adapter for LIN with master/slave functionality

It has been announced by PEAK-System that they have launched a compact USB adapter, called PLIN-USB, for connecting a computer to a LIN network. The adapter supports the LIN protocol according to ISO 17987 and complies to all LIN specifications up to version 2.2.

6th July 2018
PCAN-PCI/104-Express FD stacks up to four cards

Available now as single, dual, and four-channel version, from PEAK-System, is the PCAN-PCI/104-Express FD. Up to four cards can be stacked for access to CAN and CAN FD networks. The connection to the CAN bus is made via the D-Sub slot brackets included in the delivery. Stack-through connectors for the PCI bus are supplied on request.

4th July 2018
Self-configuring CANopen controller for PCAN interfaces

In cooperation with PEAK-System, the German company Embedded Systems Academy (EmSA) from Barsinghausen has published the self-configuring CANopen Controller Library for host applications and control programs that supports all CAN interfaces of the PCAN series. 

2nd July 2018
PEAK-System welcomes new sales partners from Switzerland and Israel

It has been announced that PEAK-System, German manufacturer of hardware and software for the CAN and LIN fieldbuses and pioneer in the introduction of the new CAN FD standard, is expanding its worldwide distributor network to include Switzerland and Israel. 

Events News
29th June 2018
New technology released at embedded world 2018

PEAK-System Technik, manufacturer of hardware and software for CAN, CAN FD, and LIN applications, have showcased new and upcoming products, originally exhibited at embedded world 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany. 

20th June 2018
New interface released for software access

The connection of CAN buses via IP networks is enabled by the PCAN-Gateway product family from PEAK-System, the CAN messages are packed as data in TCP or UDP messages and forwarded via an IP network. 

22nd June 2017
4x CAN FD on a PCI Express card

PEAK-System extends its CAN FD range and continues the series of the PCAN-PCI Express FD with a four-channel version. This allows computers with PCI Express slots to be integrated into CAN FD and CAN networks. The two additional CAN connections three and four can be easily connected to the two-channel slot bracket included in the scope of supply via flat-ribbon cables.

5th June 2017
Acid test for CAN & CAN FD busses

With the new PCAN-Diag FD, PEAK-System is launching a mobile and low-priced solution for the analysis and error diagnosis of CAN and CAN FD networks. Thanks to the handheld, diagnostics on the protocol and physical level are possible, such as symbolic representations of incoming messages, recording and playback, measurement of the bus load or the termination.

26th May 2017
Development package for complex Windows software

PEAK-System has extended the development package PCAN-Developer and the included PCAN-API programming interface with CAN FD. Therefore Windows applications can now be created with CAN and CAN FD connections. Specifically, the API provides extensive programme libraries via 32-bit and 64-bit interface DLLs, as well as header files and sample projects for the programming languages C, C++, and Delphi. In the near future,.NET-compatible languages such...

12th April 2017
CAN FD adapter withstands dirty environments

After the PCAN-USB X6 with D-Sub connectors, PEAK-System brings new versions of the CAN FD adapter on the market and reacts to the growing demand for circular connectors. The PCAN-USB X6 with M12 circular connectors is the company's first CAN FD interface for use in harsh environments.

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