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14th January 2021
Making the bus cabin as ergonomic as the office

Professional drivers are at a higher risk of developing musculoskeletal pain due to prolonged sitting, vibration, awkward posture and repetitive actions. Here, Kostas Poulios, principal design & development engineer at steering system specialist Pailton Engineering, has examined the situation from the vehicle design stage, and argues the importance of fully adjustable driver workstations.

7th December 2020
The ethical dilemmas of autonomous driving

The trolley problem is a classical philosophical dilemma that is used to illustrate the moral conundrum surrounding how to program autonomous vehicles to react to different situations. However, this particular thought experiment may be just the tip of the iceberg. Here Kostas Poulios, Principal Design and Development Engineer at Pailton Engineering, takes a closer look at the ethical dilemmas of fully autonomous vehicles.

23rd November 2020
New financial director at steering system manufacturer

Steering system manufacturer, Pailton Engineering has appointed Karen Birch as Financial Director. The appointment aligns with a five-year growth plan, reaffirming Pailton Engineering’s unique position in the vehicle design market, as it looks ahead to post-COVID economic recovery.

12th November 2020
Targeted support is key for bus industry recovery

In November 2020, the UK Government agreed a financial bailout with Transport for London (TFL), promising to make up some of the revenue lost due to the pandemic. At a time when bus operators and manufacturers are facing unprecedented uncertainty, deals like this will be welcome news to the sector. Here, Roger Brereton, Head of Sales at Pailton Engineering, looks at the challenges facing the bus industry and makes the case for targeted gover...

5th November 2020
Electric buses: why not full charge ahead?

According to the Department of Transport, a town with 200 electric buses could reduce its CO2 emissions by around 7,400 tonnes a year. That would be equal to taking 3,600 diesel cars off the road. The environmental incentives are obvious, so why not full charge ahead? Here, Roger Brereton, Head of Sales at Pailton Engineering, explains some of the technological barriers to the widespread adoption of electric buses.

23rd October 2020
New Business Development Manager for Pailton Engineering

Pailton Engineering has appointed Stephen Moore as its new Business Development Manager. Moore brings with him over 20 years of experience in mechanical and design engineering roles and commercial positions. Merging an engineer’s mind with sales proficiency, Moore is set to nurture and expand Pailton Engineering’s customer portfolio.

22nd October 2020
Facing the test: are we ready for autonomous vehicles?

The KPMG Autonomous Vehicle Readiness Index has provided a welcome stimulus to debate the development of Autonomous Vehicles (AV) technology. However, the index arguably understates the importance of testing. Here, Roger Brereton, Head of Sales at Pailton Engineering, discusses the importance of testing in allowing manufacturers to bring AVs to the market.

7th September 2020
Keeping electrification on track

£4.2bn was set aside for UK rail electrification schemes in 2012, but what results are apparent eight years later? Here, Roger Brereton of Pailton Engineering, gives the current state of play and explains why locomotive parts suppliers have a key role in keeping electrification projects on track.

21st August 2020
Detachable steering wheel to limit bus virus spread?

As we collectively endeavour to stay safe in public spaces, public transport is one area where innovation is required to limit the potential spread of coronavirus. Here, Roger Brereton, Head of Sales at Pailton Engineering, has told the story behind the development of the detachable steering wheel and how it might be used to improve safety conditions for bus drivers.

17th August 2020
Smart systems, the smart choice?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) such as lane change assist have the potential to significantly increase safety in commercial vehicles. But, are smart systems really the smart choice? Here, Roger Brereton, Head of Sales at Pailton Engineering, explains why in this age of innovation, we shouldn’t ignore the importance of marrying quality steering system components with ADAS technology.

21st July 2020
Electric bus design standardisation from Pailton

A number of European cities have committed to securing only zero-emission buses by 2025. However, to achieve this objective, manufacturers must make bold design choices, radically changing bus componentry, systems, and bodywork. Here Roger Brereton, Head of Sales at steering system manufacturer Pailton Engineering, has weighed in on the debate for greater electric bus design standardisation.

14th July 2020
How can steering wheel design keep bus drivers safe?

Finding ways to limit the spread of coronavirus on public transport is a complex problem with no single solution. However, a new detachable steering wheel concept would offer substantial benefits, particularly from the perspective of bus driver safety. Here, Roger Brereton, Head of Sales at bus and coach steering system specialist Pailton Engineering, has explained more.

26th May 2020
Is the UK ready for autonomous vehicles?

The KPMG Autonomous Vehicle Readiness Index has provided a welcome stimulus to debate the development of autonomous vehicle (AV) technology. However, the index arguably understates the importance of testing.

4th May 2020
EV battery standardisation: the pros and cons

It is estimated that by 2050, 74% of Europe’s vehicle stock will be battery powered. What role will the standardisation of these batteries play in this story? Here, Roger Brereton, Head of Sales at steering system manufacturer Pailton Engineering, has assessed the arguments for and against greater EV battery standardisation.

3D Printing
16th March 2020
Steering specialist invests in 3D scanning arm

Coventry-based steering system specialist, Pailton Engineering has added to its quality assurance (QA) equipment with the addition of an Absolute Arm 7-axis with RS5 laser 3D scanning arm manufactured by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

2nd November 2017
The latest in commercial vehicle technology

Everything we eat, drink and wear depends on road delivery. That's why road haulage is essential for the people and businesses of the UK. With 2.2 million working in the haulage and logistics industry, it's the UK's fifth largest sector. Cy Wilkinson, Managing Director at Pailton Engineering, looks at the latest technology available in the commercial vehicles, which is helping this thriving industry meet growing demand.

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