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13th May 2010
PA&E Announces Lightweight, Hermetic Micro-D Connector

Design engineers in defense, aerospace and other industries where low weight and superior electrical performance are key considerations have a new option, following PA&E’s release of its new aluminum Micro-D connector.

19th February 2010
PA&E Announces New Ceramic Sealed Hermetic Windows

PA&E is now using its patented ceramic-to-metal sealing technology to manufacture hermetically sealed windows for optical, laser and infrared applications. The unique bonding properties and polycrystalline structure of PA&E’s Kryoflex® material now allow the company to produce sight or wave-guide windows that maintain the highest levels of hermetic integrity under the extreme environmental conditions. This new product is particularly well suit...

29th January 2010
PA&E - New Non-magnetic Micro-D Connectors

Engineers designing electronic components for use in applications where non-magnetic characteristics are required now have a new connector option following PA&E’s announcement of its new non-magnetic Micro-D connector line.

22nd July 2009
Fiber Optic Bulkhead Feedthrough for Souriau 38999 ELIO Connectors

Engineers designing electronic components that must operate reliably in harsh environments can now leverage the increased performance of fiber optic technology, following the release of PA&E’s new hermetic fiber optic bulkhead feedthru for the Souriau ELIO 38999 fiber optic connector line. This new, lightweight interconnect solution allows engineers to take advantage of fiber optics in applications where that technology was once unworkable due ...

11th June 2009
Hermetic Aluminum 38999 Connector from PA&E

Design engineers in defense, space, aviation, and other industries, where light weight and superior hermetic performance are key considerations, have a new option following PA&E’s release of its new aluminum circular 38999 DC connector.

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