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1st April 2020
Smartphones get nanocoating for extra protection

P2i has sealed a partnership agreement with Samsung that will see its Barrier nanocoating technology deployed across several smartphone designs from 2019, extending water and liquid protection to the internal components of selected Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Component Management
25th March 2020
Why reworkable components matter in manufacturing

The pressure to become more environmentally conscious and more sustainable in operational terms is a major consideration for modern manufacturers. Often, it forms a key element of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) model.  By Chris Snowdon, Head of Account Development, P2i

23rd July 2018
USB-C connector reliability from P2i

As the smartphone sector moves towards universal adoption of USB-C connectors on Android devices, rapidly, let's take a look at the obvious advantages it has over previous versions, such as orientation flexibility and speed of data transfer. Here Christopher Snowdon, Senior Product Line Manager at P2i, tell us more on this topic in a detailed whitepaper entitled: 'USB-C connector reliability'.

Component Management
11th July 2018
Advanced nano coating technology for increasing demand

It has been announced by P2i that its high speed Splash-proof X nano coating solution is available. With improvements made in the process that chemically bonds its patented water resistant coating to electronic devices, OEMs can now process up to twice as many devices in the same amount of time. 

6th July 2018
Always connected: the smart cities of the future

Technology is constantly advancing, from the Internet of Things (IoT) to Artificial Intelligence (AI). This innovation is contributing to the expansion of smart cities at a considerable rate, and so these connected urban centres of tomorrow are turning into connectivity powerhouses. Smart cities are set to increase citizen engagement using digital technologies – such as sensors, networks and data analytics. 

10th January 2018
The nanocoating tech boom thanks to the smartphone market

Most people daily encounter the use of smartphones, tablets, laptops and a whole host of other connected devices in common places such as home, work and travel life. But which of these devices do consumers currently need (or expect) to be water resistant? Ady Moores, CEO of P2i, has the answer and explains more here.

Component Management
3rd January 2018
Big demand for water-resistant nano coating in consumer electronics

P2i has announced that it has coated more than 250 million electronic devices since it started working with smartphone manufacturers in 2011. The Oxfordshire based company has seen 55% year-on-year growth in the period Q1-Q3, between 2016 and 2017, the company said it had a strong finish to the year to push totals towards the 300 million mark.

25th May 2017
One for all: water resistance in the mobile industry

A handful of high-end devices with the latest innovative features a constant point of discussion and speculation normally dominate the media coverage of the smartphone market. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is just the latest in a line of flagship smartphones sporting industry leading features, but these will take a few generations to down to the mid-to-lower end devices that make up the vast majority of the market.

Component Management
15th May 2017
Waterproofing technology company receive £10m funding

Pioneers of a liquid repellent technology employed by smartphone manufacturers, P2i, has received a £10m pound funding package from Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank’s Growth Finance team. With its headquarters in Oxfordshire, British company P2i has already applied its innovative water resistant nano-coating solution to more than 175 million smartphones. Globally, 900,000 smartphones are damaged by liquids every day, at an estimated...

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