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17th August 2020
Meet the robot influencers on Instagram

The number of Instagram influencers has increased dramatically over the past few months, with interest rising by 137% since March. The rise of virtual robot influencers on Instagram has led OnBuy, with the help of Influencer Marketing Hub’s Sponsored Post Calculator, to investigate who is making the biggest waves and just how much they are earning.

30th April 2019
What is the most profitable area of tech?

The technology buying-and-selling sector can yield impressive profits. Gaming and recreational tech have led for many years, with the likes of retro consoles and Polaroids dominating the cashback limelight. But with the increase in smart home technology, perhaps collectors’ interest could shift towards a new area of investment?

9th April 2019
Consumers are sharing less on social media 2019

Type ‘social media’ in the Google search bar and you’ll see words like ‘questions beliefs’, ‘leads to depression’ and ‘who are you really engaging with’. In fact, per Google Trends, queries like ‘social media harms your mental health’ and ‘social media seriously harms your mental health’ have risen in the last 12 months, by +5,000% and +4,000% respectively. 

6th February 2019
More than half of Brits would embrace working with a robot

The concept of robots living among humans has often been explored within the genre of sci-fi. And whilst the idea seems far-fetched, the idea that robots could become part of everyday life has become a topic of conversation. With the influence of TV shows such as Westworld and Humans, and movies such as Blade Runner and Her, robot-human relationships has become a concept many have begun to form an opinion on. As AI continues to advance,...

Artificial Intelligence
20th June 2018
Virtually visualising items before purchase via AR

Despite being in its infancy, Augmented Reality (AR) technology has enormous potential. AR is already enabling individuals to seamlessly project virtual images through their smart devices onto the physical world, with such capabilities, AR is set to redefine the ways in which consumers intend to interact with brands. 

18th August 2017
Chargers and adaptors are the most recalled electrical products

A product recall is usually a request to return a product after a safety issue or defect has been found, which can be potentially very dangerous. The prospective dangers can include - risk of an electric shock, fire, explosion, injury and overheating. An electrical product can become subject to a product recall for several reasons. It could be due to the way an electrical product is made - which could be down to a design flaw, use of inadequ...

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