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21st February 2010
Battery back-up system is solar powered

This DIN rail mounted combined PSU/Battery back-up system from Omniflex is ideal for providing 12 or 24Vdc power when mains power is not available. Applications include RTU’s, data-loggers, remote monitoring systems, alarm systems and remote access systems, to name just a few.

15th October 2009
Omniflex Industrial Network reduces costs

The well proven Conet token passing deterministic network designed by Omniflex over 20 years ago has always enabled plant engineers to find the most cost-effective way of transferring data from the remote point of measurement to the point of monitoring or control.

21st July 2009
Replacement for Robinson Alarm Logic Units

Omniflex have released a 24 way IEC61508 SIL 1 Alarm Annunciator, which can be used to replace the now obsolete Robinson Alarm logic Units. These Old Robinson ALU units, many of which are in operation but are no longer supported can now be replaced with minimal disruption and cost.

13th July 2009
Omniflex - Device provides isolation and surge protection

Omniflex has released a range of Signal Isolators, the Omniterm LZ series with integrated surge protection designed specifically for the Signal Conditioning Market where isolation and surge protection are required together.

29th June 2009
CONET Industrial Network from Omniflex can save real money

The CONET Network was designed by Omniflex over 25 years ago realising that one of the biggest problems facing plant engineers was finding the most cost effective way of being able to transfer information from the point of measurement to the point of monitoring or control due to the high cost of new cable runs within plants. Omniflex's CONET network and the Maxiflex I/O system has since been installed in hundreds of applications around the world...

27th May 2009
HMI screens from OMNIFLEX

OMNIFLEX has introduced the EasyView 500 Series and 8000 series of HMI screens to their process control and alarm management product range. The EasyView 500 Series is ideally suited for cost effective operator interface applications with the 8000 series designed for the more advanced operator interface applications. Both ranges are designed for use in harsh industrial environments.

27th April 2009
Sellafield substantiates first SMART annunciator in compliance with requirements of the UK NII

In accordance with the requirements of the UK Nuclear Installations Inspectorate, every nuclear site licensee in the UK must justify their safety case in order to operate in the UK. This involves substantiating the safety certification of each instrument involved.

13th May 2008
True 12/24Volt Split Dual Voltage Power Supply Battery Charger from Omniflex

Providing both 24Volts and 12Volts in battery standby systems can be inconvenient and costly so Omniflex has introduced the DUAL Voltage PTL Charger series which is a combined power supply and true 12/24Volt Split Battery Charger.

23rd February 2007
Omniflex Omni16 Alarm Annunciator continues to lead the way

In an age when a generation of technology is probably less than 12 months it is barely conceivable that the Omni16 Alarm Annunciator has remained at the forefront of its market niche, flashing its way into control rooms of industry around the world for more than 25 years. For the benefit of non omni16 users, the annunciator is packed full of user selectable features that enable practically any alarm annunciation function to be accomplished.

5th February 2007
Wall mounted visual alarm indicator

Omniflex has developed the Omni2, a compact wall mounted visual alarm indicator designed for hazard warning in high risk environments. The Omni2 is used to safeguard against personnel inadvertently entering plant areas where abnormal conditions are present.

19th May 2006
Accurate alarm/trip amplifers for safety critical applications

The Omniflex Dual Trip Amplifier is designed for safety critical applications, with set points reached using 4-20mA, 0-10V (1-5V), Universal Inputs such as TC, mV, RTD, V, or frequency signals, producing an alarm to either alarm annunciators, PLCs or DCS Systems.

19th May 2006
Alarm Monitor sends text message to report alarm condition

The Teleterm 'Silent Sentry' from Omniflex is a new low cost, off the shelf, state-of-the-art Alarm Monitor capable of monitoring a wide range of input types and sending SMS Alarm messages upon detection of an alarm condition. The Silent Sentry has 12 direct Binary or Analogue Inputs, plus a Modbus port allowing alarms from a variety of sources to be monitored. Up to 64 different messages can be sent from one unit.

7th April 2006
Dual Redundant Programmable Automation controllers.

These MAXIFLEX P3-R CPUs are designed specifically for redundant remote I/O and control applications, where high availability is required in hot standby configurations. The high availability system is constructed by combining two identical P3-R CPU’s, each with their own power supply and base, to create independent Primary and Secondary Master Controllers.

13th March 2006
Power supply charger combination is ideal for remote telemetry systems

Omniflex has introduced what it believes will solve voltage incompatibility problems in remote telemetry applications. The PT L50C-D is a combined power supply and dual charger that runs from a universal 85 to 264V AC input and is designed specifically for those applications that need to maintain both 12 and 24V systems.

13th March 2006
Annunciator displays standalone panel-mount packages

Omni-X remote displays from Omniflex provide from 8 to 120 points of annunciator display in a standalone panel-mount package. They are designed to be used with a remote alarm annunciator logic such as an Omni16C RLU for safety-critical alarms, or to be connected directly to a PLC or Scada system for simple operator-friendly display of essential alarm information.

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