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3rd February 2022
Sustainability innovation challenge launched

Nokian Tyres is launching an innovation challenge to recreate the future of driving. The FAST RACE, BIG CHANGE challenge is an open competition inviting startups, businesses, students and academics to innovate for more sustainable tires.

26th January 2022
Concept tire made of 93% recycled or renewable materials

For decades, Nokian Tyres has been striving to make the world a safer place. The company reaches yet another milestone, as it introduces its most sustainable tire yet. The Nokian Tyres Green Step concept tire is a masterpiece of sustainable innovation with its ambitious design consisting of 93% of the materials either recycled or renewable.

17th January 2022
NOKIAN TYRES offer durability and puncture resistance

Nokian Tyres invites drivers to extend their boundaries with a new all-terrain tyre, the NOKIAN TYRES Outpost AT. Outpost AT is an all-season tyre for SUVs, crossovers and light trucks that delivers safe, durable driving on any road – or off the road. Forged with features to help drivers tackle the toughest surfaces, Outpost AT is designed to make work productive and leisure limitless. 

1st September 2020
Nokian Tyres Intuitu smart tyres available

The digital transformation of heavy tyres makes a huge difference for everyday driving as well as fleet management. Nokian Tyres introduced the Intuitu smart tyres in Agritechnica 2019 fair in Hannover last November. Now Intuitu will be available for selected agricultural and contracting tractor tyres, with sales starting from Finland.

4th December 2019
New EU label simplifies winter tyre choice

The renewal of the EU tyre label is especially useful for winter tyre consumers, as the tyre label will now include information concerning grip on snow and ice. So far, markings related to properties required in demanding winter weather have been absent. The purpose of the tyre label is to guide consumers toward tyres that are more fuel-efficient, safer, and quieter. The new label will enter into force in May 2021. 

4th September 2019
Digital monitoring system for getting the most out of tires

The vehicles we drive and work with are becoming increasingly digital – from fleet management and remote diagnostics to data driven logistics, autonomous vehicles, IoT and much more. But while the tires are a crucial factor in a safe, efficient and economical operation, they have been all but invisible in terms of gathering digital real-time data. 

8th August 2019
Nokian Tyres’ US factory produces first test tyre

Nokian Tyres has produced the first test tire at its factory in Dayton, Tennessee, USA. The first tyre, a Nokian eNTYRE 2.0 in size 205/55R16, marks the beginning of trial production, as Nokian Tyres remains on schedule to start building tires for commercial sale in the early part of next year. 

25th July 2019
Rising to climate-change challenges by reducing environmental effects

Nokian Tyres is reducing greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the rolling resistance of its tires and cutting energy emissions from their manufacture. This socially responsible company wants to be at the forefront of combating climate change and its effects, through intervention at every stage of a tire’s lifecycle.

9th July 2019
High speed oval track to test tyres year-round

Nokian Tyres’ new testing centre in Spain enables year-round testing of summer, all-season and winter tires and the tracks will be ready in 2020. The total investment is estimated to be EUR 60 million. Despite some heavy rain during Easter time, the construction work of the new Nokian Tyres testing centre in Spain is proceeding in schedule.

10th June 2019
Can tyres help reduce CO2 emissions?

On World Environment Day, Nokian Tyres reminded everyone how drivers can impact air pollution. Car owners have more ways to make environmentally friendly choices than they may realise. One way is choosing tyres with a lower rolling resistance: this will save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions.

13th May 2019
Tyres designed for safety in all weathers

For the coming summer season Nokian Tyres, the Finnish tyre manufacturer, has prepared two new products: Nokian Powerproof and Nokian Wetproof. Nokian Wetproof is a test winner in two German automotive magazines Auto Motor und Sport and ACE Lenkrad. The new summer tyres were available from spring 2019.

25th April 2019
Wide or narrow tyres? What you choose will affect your driving...

Many drivers want their summer tyres to look flashier than their winter equivalents. That is why wider and lower tyres are usually selected for the summer, whereas narrower tyres are commonly used in the winter. The tyre choice affects the car’s appearance, driving comfort, and many other characteristics. In Central Europe, car owners usually have two sets of rims: one for the summer and another for the winter. A co...

21st March 2019
The first all-weather robot bus runs on Nokian Hakkapeliittas

  Gacha is a self-driving robot bus that works in any weather. What makes Gacha different is its ability to work reliably even under difficult conditions - in the dark as well as rain, snow, or slush. The Nokian Hakkapeliitta winter tyres rolling under the bus do their part to ensure that passengers are safe and comfortable even under extreme conditions.

18th March 2019
Progress on one of most advanced factories in tyre industry

Nokian Tyres has made significant progress on its first North American production plant and remains on schedule to begin commercial tire production in the new manufacturing facility in 2020. The exteriors of the factory’s mixing tower and production building are largely complete, and workers are currently installing manufacturing technology inside the Dayton facility. 

19th February 2019
Summer tyre range offers driving comfort and safety

Nokian Tyres is launching its Nokian Hakka summer tyre range on the Japanese market. Nokian Hakka summer tyres offer balanced behaviour on dry and wet surfaces, have good wear durability, and offer safety and driving comfort to drivers from spring until late fall. The products will be available to Japanese consumers from April 2019 onwards.

12th February 2019
Drivers want smart tyres that can react to weather

Increasingly more smart technology is being put into cars. Artificial intelligence can react more quickly than people, and it is also being introduced into tyres. Consumers are particularly interested in tires that can adapt to different weather conditions by utilising sensor technology. According to a survey commissioned by Nokian Tyres, 34% of European drivers hope that the black and round rubber parts on their cars will also automati...

19th December 2018
Does winter driving make you anxious?

  The most challenging driving season is ahead of us, and the arrival of winter makes many of us uneasy about driving. Statistically, inexperienced drivers are many times more likely to have a traffic accident. Even newcomers can enjoy driving when their car and tires are in good condition.

19th November 2018
What is required to extend the life of your tires?

The storage location of your tires matters. According to experts, the correct storage temperature is the most important factor. You can also extend the service life of your tires by protecting them against moisture, chemicals, and UV radiation, and did you know a tire hotel is the easiest choice? Should I store my summer tires in the garage, basement, on the balcony, or outside next to the house? According to Martin Dražík, Prod...

25th October 2018
Be prepared and outsmart the winter with new tyres

  Today the extreme changes in winter weather are well known all over Europe. Heavy rain is becoming more frequent which increases the amount of the ever-dangerous slush, while driving on dry roads is also common.

24th September 2018
Survey finds customers’ favourite tyre manufacturer 2018

Premium tyre manufacturer, Nokian Tyres, has received the Customers’ Favourite 2018 Award in the consumer satisfaction ranking by the German business magazine Focus Money and Deutschland Test. The Germany-wide survey examines which brands are especially popular with consumers. 

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