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16th September 2014
Fanless computer is highly integrated to connect multiple factories

Supporting data-intensive analysis, effective information delivery and communication across automation protocols, Nexcom has introduced the NISE 3720 fanless computer. The device features high integration to connect multiple factories, is based on the 4th gen Intel Core i7-4650U processor and targets big SCADA applications.

12th September 2014
Security device manages more workloads & consumes less energy

Designed to manage more security workloads while consuming less energy, the NSA 7130 2U network security device has been released by NEXCOM.  The device, which is powered by the Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 product family, provides improved computing performance, system responsiveness, I/O throughput and hardware design to safeguard network traffic for both enterprise and telecommunication applications.

19th June 2013
Industrial Wi-Fi AP Arms Wireless Network with Preinstalled Security Protection

NEXCOM SWF 1210 is an industrial Wi-Fi access point built with security features to protect small and medium enterprises from security threats posed by BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend. The SWF 1210 offers enterprise-level encryption and authentication to prevent unauthorized access.

7th June 2013
Integrated with SIP Cores, Complete SoC Solution Expands IoT Coverage

The development of System on Chip technology has increased significantly due to the increasing demands of lower power and smaller form factors in mobile devices, which are gaining widespread popularity in recent years. Throughout this period, the performance of SoC processors underwent significant improvements in performance and design simplicity, while still retaining the advantages of low power consumption and miniaturization, making them suita...

6th June 2013
Fanless Digital Signage Player Creates Engaging and Secure Customer Experience

NEXCOM’s fanless digital signage player, NDiS B533, is designed to redefine customer experience in a smart stunning and secure way. NDiS B533, based on the 4th generation Intel Core processor family, offers improved computing and graphic performance as well as enhanced security in a reliable design. NDiS 533 can address the needs of customer and context-aware interaction, delivering engaging experience and compelling visuals while securing the ...

4th June 2013
NEXCOM COM Express Module Based on 4th Generation Intel Core Processors

NEXCOM COM Express Type 6 Basic module ICES 670 comes with a full design package, aimed to stimulate innovation of intelligent systems by facilitating system integration. Featuring the 4th generation Intel Core processor family, the ICES 670 integrates an embedded controller and offers Embedded Application Programming Interface.

4th June 2013
Fanless Digital Signage Player Creates Engaging and Secure Customer Experience

NEXCOM's fanless digital signage player, NDiS B533, is designed to redefine customer experience in a smart stunning and secure way. NDiS B533, based on the 4th generation Intel Core processor family (formerly codenamed Haswell), offers improved computing and graphic performance as well as enhanced security in a reliable design.

23rd May 2013
Advanced COM Express Type 2 ICES 268 Comes with 4 Cores, 16GB Memory and Multiple Displays

NEXCOM ICES-268 is a COM Express Type 2 Basic module designed to prolong the use of systems by allowing them to be updated in line with evolving technologies. Based on the rPGA988-type 3rd generation Intel Core processors, the ICES 268 supports up to 45-Watt quad-core Intel Core i7-3610QE Processor integrated with Intel HD Graphics 4000 and supports up to 16GB of DDR3 1600 memory.

3rd May 2013
Digital Signage Player Stretches Full HD Contents the Way You Want

NEXCOM digital signage player, NDiS 165, is a surefire solution for multi-screen display deployments. Powered by the latest AMD Embedded R-series APU integrated with Radeon HD 7000 Graphics engine, NDiS 165 supports DirectX 11 and provides accelerated yet power-efficient graphics processing performance and video encoding features.

16th April 2013
Dual-GPU Video Wall Player Supports 6K Resolution on Six Displays

NEXCOM's high-end video wall player, NDiS B862, is designed to drive multiple displays for digital-out-of-home applications. The video wall player provides superior graphic performance to display immersive visuals at 6K x 2K resolution on tiled displays.

11th April 2013
Fanless POS BOX and Monitor Offers Enhanced Reliability and Simplifies Maintenance

NEXCOM has launched the Point-of-Service box NPB 3550 and 15-inch touch monitor NPD 1050 series to maximize operation uptime. Featuring a power-efficient processor and robust fanless enclosure, the NPB 3550 delivers long-term stable operation and requires a fraction of time when field maintenance is necessary.

2nd April 2013
NEXCOM Upgrades the Security Surveillance Level with Latest Technology at IFSEC 2013

NEXCOM presents advanced and comprehensive security surveillance products at IFSEC 2013. The lineup covers applications from retail shops, enterprises to transportation. The latest intelligent security technologies including True WDR, Video Stabilization and 1080p@60 video recording will also be demonstrated.

2nd April 2013
NEXCOM Network Security Introduces Appliance Based on Freescale QorIQ T4240 SoC

NEXCOM 1U network security appliance NSA 5640 is designed for advanced Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions with multi-Gigabit throughput. Featuring the Freescale multicore QorIQ T4240 SoC and high-speed networking and interconnect interfaces, the NSA 5640 addresses the escalating cyber threats fueled by rising network communication, bandwidth-hungry activities and number and complexity of Internet-based attacks.

Test & Measurement
27th March 2013
Compact Low Power ARM-based Vehicle Terminal Facilitates Fleet Management

NEXCOM has launched the mini ARM-based vehicle terminal VTC 100 which can run telematics applications on 8 watts of power and boot in 10 seconds. The VTC 100 features low power ARM Cortex-A8 processor, pre-installed operating system, various wireless and CAN bus communications and smart power management. This vehicle terminal can step up mobility and assists with driver hours of service (HOS) compliance for a variety of dispatch service, includin...

11th March 2013
NEXCOM Factory Automation, Machine Automation and Industrial Wireless Solutions Debuts at Hannover Messe 2013

NEXCOM has broadened its Industrial Automation portfolios with Factory automation, Machine Automation and Industrial Wireless offerings, aimed to build the infrastructure for an Ethernet-connected factory. Mirroring the trend of an intelligent world, a connected factory will enable raw data to be exchanged over the network and translated into valuable information, helping enterprises make insightful decision and therefore increase competitiveness...

25th February 2013
Stand out the Eminent Feature in the Crowd at ISE

NEXCOM's digital signage players were the remarkable success of the 2013 Integrated Systems Exhibition. Exciting new products such as the NDiS B532, NDiS B862 and NDiS M532 enthralled visitors with their sleek fanless design and brilliant performance.

22nd February 2013
NEXCOM Invites You to RSA Conference 2013 Where The World Talks Security

NEXCOM is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at RSA Conference 2013 taking place February 25th thru March 1st at the Moscone Center – San Francisco. Join us along with other information security professionals from more than 40 countries around the world and from major industry verticals such as Computer Security, Computer Technology & Communications, Financial Services, Government and Technology at the RSA Conference 2013.

25th January 2013
Versatile NDiS B322 Digital Signage Player Helps SMEs Capitalise On Advertising

NEXCOM digital signage player NDiS B322 is designed to offer excellent value for money to independent retailers and small and medium enterprises. The B322 features impressive graphical performance, a low maintenance fanless design, accelerated content and system management, and support for a wide variety of operating systems. The B322 can therefore help cost-sensitive users display compelling advertisements while reducing costs of system procurem...

23rd January 2013
From Mini-ITX to ATX, NEXCOM Industrial Motherboards Comes in Various Form Factors

NEXCOM announces the release of a full series of industrial motherboards to empower industrial computer applicaitons. Based on the 3rd generation Intel Core processors, the new additions to NEXCOM industrial motherboards include Mini-ITX NEX 609, Micro-ATX NEX 883 and Standard ATX NEX 980. Supporting industrial PCI/PCIe expansions, industrial power supplies and product longevity, this series can lay the digital infrastructure for industrial autom...

10th January 2013
OPS Digital Signage Player Helps Accelerate Technology Rollout and Tap New Turf

The beauty of digital signage is the ability to deliver right message to the right audience. To realize this ambitious goal, digital signage needs new technologies and needs it fast. In this white paper, NEXCOM explains how Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) accelerates technology roll-out and simplifies digital signage deployment; how the 3rd generation Intel Core processors fulfill technology needs; and how Intel Active Management Technology fa...

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