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18th July 2019
Industrial design student receives guidance on her sensor design

When Trevyn Rayner-Canham, a BA Industrial Design and Technology student in her final year at Brunel University, realised that she needed guidance in regard to the electronic elements of her personal stress sensor design, she turned to Newbury Electronics. With her project deadline looming, Trevyn needed to work with a company that could translate her rudimentary design specifications into a fully functioning PCB in just one week.

25th April 2019
Improvements in productivity with pick and place machines

In order to improve productivity and maintain high levels of production, Newbury Electronics has received a boost this month with the installation of two new pick and place machines. This new equipment means that Newbury Electronics will have a complement of ten Yamaha I-pulse M20 and S20 SMD pick and place machines.

Component Management
18th March 2019
Will space be the final frontier for Newbury Electronics' PCBs?

Not content with supplying prototype PCBs for everyday designs and developments, some of Newbury Electronics recent boards are being used in the development of a space borne GPS receiver. This is the latest in a string of projects that the company has completed for Dr Ben Kieniewicz, Founder and Director of European Engineering & Consultancy (EECL). 

27th April 2017
Newbury continues to invest in technical capabilities

PCB designer and manufacturer, Newbury Electronics, has purchased and installed three new pieces of manufacturing equipment. The new machines are a laser drilling and milling machine, a selective soldering machine and the company’s tenth SMD pick and place machine.

Around the Industry
8th March 2017
Engineering skills gap is not just a numbers game

Electronic Specifier Editor Joe Bush caught up with John Hawkins, Technical Director of Newbury Innovation, who shared some insightful views on the state of engineering education in the UK.

23rd January 2017
Electric motorbike aims to exceed 100mph

Newbury Innovation, a sister company of Newbury Electronics, has agreed to sponsor the 2016-17 Bath Zero Emissions Motorcycle team. Consisting of 34 students studying engineering, the team will design and build a bike to compete in the Moto E season in the summer of 2017.

Tech Videos
18th January 2017
How to hand solder surface mount components

This is a video guide showing how to hand solder surface mount (SMD) components on to a PCB.

Tech Videos
18th January 2017
How to hand solder an SOIC SMD component

This video shows the process of SOIC SMT soldering.

Tech Videos
16th January 2017
How to print solder paste onto PCBs using basic equipment

This is a video guide showing how to printing solder paste onto PCBs using basic equipment.

Tech Videos
16th January 2017
How to hand solder DIP components

This video shows the process of DIP PTH soldering.

Tech Videos
16th January 2017
How to hand solder a leaded through hole resistor

This video demonstrates PTH Resistor soldering.

2nd December 2016
Newbury helps Ionoptika with complex PCBs in low volumes

According to Newbury Electronics, the company has supplied thousands of assembled circuit boards made up from over 500 different PCB designs to Ionoptika, a leader in the development of ion beam systems and accessories. The final, highly specialised and complex systems are used by manufacturers and research groups for analytical and process instrumentation.

Component Management
17th May 2016
Will there ever be 3D printed PCBs?

Many industries have been investing in the latest 3D printing techniques and has certainly been used for product prototyping purposes thus far. Currently, the closest that we’ve come to 3D printed PCBs is through the creation of the enclosures that surround electronics. This is not an overly complex process, as only one material is required in the printing.

17th May 2016
Where have all the electrical design engineers gone?

Jon Hawkins, Technical Director, Newbury Innovation - the electronic design division of Newbury Electronics - believes that there is a serious dearth of suitably qualified electrical design engineers and he is struggling to find the right candidates to join his team and enable him to grow the business.

5th May 2016
Latest electronic sight is on target

The sport shooting community is set to benefit from a new telescopic sight accessory – the result of a two year development programme from Rowan Engineering. Newbury Electronics has been involved throughout the development programme of the Digital Side Wheel (DSW), which is a low cost accessory which helps target shooters train themselves by measuring and reporting some of the variables that effect the accuracy of a shot in the split second...

15th April 2016
Newbury Electronics works with National Oceanographic Centre

Newbury Electronics' connection with the National Oceanographic Centre (NOC) in Southampton started in the early 1990s. Since then both the research science and PCB manufacturing processes have made considerable advancements but Newbury Electronics has kept pace with the scientific demands and continues to supply an extensive range of bespoke boards to the NOC, an internationally renowned research organisation.

7th March 2016
Enhancing traffic signal development

In response to the need for more stringent monitoring of traffic light phasing for the purposes of enforcing violations, Downton Technology Limited (DTL) has developed an LED interface for use between UK traffic signal heads and enforcement cameras. Newbury Electronics has provided PCB development expertise using DTL designs to enable manufacture of the product. 

Component Management
4th November 2015
BIZ Karts continues the trend for sourcing UK produced PCBs

In the last year BIZ Karts has purchased 4000 battery terminal PCBs and 200 of each of the necessary connector interfaces from Newbury Electronics. BIZ Karts manufactures 200+ electric karts per year and each one includes up to 20 of these battery terminal PCBs, depending on the model and size of the battery.

Component Management
14th October 2015
PCBs from Newbury to Detroit

Newbury Electronics has announced that it is supplying PCBs to Detroit Electric. The PCBs are a key component in Detroit Electric’s development of the battery packs for the Geely Emgrand EC7 sedan, which is a medium to high end luxury brand vehicle that should be available for purchase in July 2016.

Component Management
10th August 2015
Racing yachts use Newbury Electronics' PCBs for monitoring

Sailors in high performance racing yachts are the latest to benefit from advancements in electronics which allow them to monitor every aspect of their vessel's performance and the prevailing conditions. Many will have fitted their yacht with a Bravo Systems solution which has at its heart PCBs from Newbury Electronics.

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