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30th June 2010
Napatech enables standard servers to build 10Gbps IPS

At the recent Interop Tokyo event, Napatech successfully demonstrated that a standard server with 8 CPU cores can be used to build a full throughput 10 Gbps Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). Napatech has shown with this breakthrough that high-performance IPS products can be built using off-the-shelf components at lower cost, with less risk and faster time-to-market. More significantly, this demonstration shows that throughput performance can be...

26th April 2010
Napatech Introduces Traffic Generation And Capture & Replay Feature Sets

Napatech today launched two product features sets to address Traffic Generation and Capture & Replay applications. The Traffic Generation feature set addresses Ethernet full line-rate traffic generation applications, while the Capture & Replay feature set addresses Capture & Replay applications. The introduction of the Traffic Generation and Capture & Replay feature sets coincides with the announcement of Napatech’s new NT20E2 2x10 Gbps PCI-Exp...

20th April 2010
Napatech announcesd Intelligent 10G PCI-Express Gen 2 Capture & In-Line adapters

Napatech today announced what it says is the world’s first 2x10 Gbps Intelligent Real-time Network Analysis adapters based on PCI-Express Gen 2 with the introduction of the NT20E2 Capture adapter and NT20E2 In-line adapter products. The NT20E2 In-line is ideal for applications that require both capture and transmit in real-time, such as Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and Policy Enforcement applications operating at 10 Gbps line-speed. This ...

13th April 2010
Napatech To Demonstrate How To Build 10G IPS

Napatech today released a new whitepaper on how a Universal Network Appliance approach can be used to develop high-performance Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS). At the upcoming Interop Las Vegas and Infosecurity events, Napatech will show a 10 Gbps IPS demonstration based on this approach.

18th March 2010
Napatech supports Windows 7 for Appliance development projects

Napatech today released support for Microsoft Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 on all Napatech PCI Express intelligent real-time network analysis adapters. This extends Napatech’s unique support for full 10 Gbps data transfer from port to application on Windows operating systems on a par with Linux and FreeBSD. OEM network appliance vendors now have full flexibility in choice of operating system for their appliance development projects.

11th February 2010
Napatech Enables Monitoring Of Mobile Data Networks

Napatech announced the release of essential technology for detailed monitoring and troubleshooting of IP-based mobile data networks. According to market research firm Infonetics, by 2010, data traffic will surpass voice traffic on mobile networks. This is driving investment in 4th generation all-IP mobile data networks, such as LTE, which will extend the need for IP network monitoring, analysis and troubleshooting appliances.

3rd February 2010
Napatech Selected as Finalist in Network Computing Awards

Napatech has been selected as one of the finalists in the Network Computing awards for 2010. Napatech’s NT20E 2 x 10 Gbps network adapter has been selected in the “New Product of the Year” category.

20th January 2010
Napatech Receives Red Herring Global 100 Award

Napatech has been selected as one of the top 100 private companies in North America, Europe and Asia by Red Herring. This follows Napatech’s selection for a Red Herring Top 100 Europe award in April 2009. Napatech received the Red Herring Global 100 award in recognition of the superior innovation, technology and financial performance that Napatech has exemplified.

12th January 2010
Napatech Expands IPV6 Monitoring Support

Napatech announced the introduction of full IPv6 support in all Napatech PCI-Express network adapters. IPv6 usage is expected to grow with IPv4 addresses running out and the number of Internet users set to increase by 45% over the next 5 years. Napatech has therefore ensured that the advanced packet capture, analysis and transmission capabilities offered for IPv4 today are also supported for IPv6.

Test & Measurement
8th December 2009
Napatech Brings Intelligence To Network Monitoring

Napatech today announced the availability of unique features that provide visibility into tunnels for network monitoring and analysis of value-added services running over IP, such as VOIP, VPN and mobile data. Napatech’s network adapters have the unique capability to intelligently distribute 10Gbps flows in real-time to up to 32 CPU cores based on Ethernet, IP, MPLS, layer 4 and now GTP, GRE and SCTP tunnel information.

17th November 2009
Groundbreaking approach to Intrusion Prevention

With the transition to 10 Gbps networks, there is increasing emphasis on increasing the performance of Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) to keep up with higher data rates. High-Performance IPS provides in-line processing of network traffic in real-time and has traditionally required expensive systems based on proprietary hardware platforms. With the introduction of Napatech’s family of In-line network adapters, an alternative approach based on...

10th November 2009
Affordable 10 Gbps Replay System for Network Testing

nPulse Network Systems today announced the availability of the nPulse HammerHead 10 Gbps Capture and Replay system based on the Napatech NT20E 2 x 10 Gbps In-line adapter. HammerHead is the first traffic testing product to provide full line-rate 10 Gbps packet capture, record-to-disk and replay capabilities at an affordable price.

29th October 2009
Napatech Announces Winpcap Support

Napatech recently released WinPCAP support on its intelligent real-time network adapters. WinPCAP is an additional feature to the previously released Windows driver, believed to be the world’s fastest Windows driver for Ethernet applications. The same packet capture feature set and high performance can now be supported across Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.

24th September 2009
New time synchronization technology improves availability of IT services

Napatech today released new time synchronization features that will allow extremely accurate packet time stamping. This is important for measuring quality of service factors, such as latency, in packet networks.

20th July 2009
Napatech zero packet loss technology boosts data throughput

Napatech today extended its range of In-line adapters to support 1 Gbps networks. The NT4E In-line and NT4E-STD In-line adapters provide full line-rate throughput at 1 Gbps with zero packet loss, no matter the packet size. This allows vendors of network appliances, such as Intrusion Prevention Systems or WAN Optimization solutions, to build high performance products based on cost-effective, standard server platforms.

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