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11th May 2017
AC/DC medical power supplies offer up to 95% efficiency

The new wide input range, single output PQC series of industrial/medical power supplies has been announced by Murata Power Solutions. Rated at 250W of output power, and packaged in an industry-standard open frame 3x5”, 1U footprint, this high-efficiency design can deliver its full output using convection cooling when operating in temperatures up to 50°C.

7th April 2017
Datacomms integrated devices save space and design time

Two data communications (datacomms) devices, the NM485D6S5MC and NMTTLD6S5MC, are isolated and include power outputs in one, compact module, saving space and design time, says Murata Power Solutions.

5th April 2017
Data communication devices isolated and include power outputs

Two new low power electrically isolated data communication devices, NM485D6S5MC and NMTTLD6S5MC have been announced by Murata Power Solutions, to provide RS485 or TTL interfaces with isolated power. No external components are needed; a single 5V supply allows function on either side of the isolation boundary. With the combination of isolated data communication and power in a single module, the devices save space and design time.

30th January 2017
Helping to improve NFC performance

The latest LQM18JN series of chip inductors from Murata have been developed for near field communication (NFC) applications. The devices can overcome the inherent problems associated with previous NFC designs to offer a better, more consistent performance.

6th December 2016
Safety capacitors are X and Y rated for arduous mains duties

Murata is expanding its rated voltage lineup with the introduction of a new series of safety standard certified ceramic capacitors including X1, Y1 and Y2 types. The new AC400V and AC500V rated capacitors have high impulse tolerance and are therefore suitable for use in large-scale equipment where high reliability is needed, such as solar cell generating systems and fully automatic machinery.

16th November 2016
DC/DC converter aids industrial 12 & 24 VDC systems

  Murata is announcing the third modular DC/DC converter development effort from Murata Power Solutions designed for industrial 12 & 24 VDC systems. The ICF series follows the same design principles to provide an industrial grade, rugged, high-power, baseplate-cooled DC/DC converter.

10th November 2016
DC/DC converters power IGBT gate drive circuits

The MGJ6HB (dual), MGJ6FB (triple), and MGJ63P (quad) DC/DC converters from Murata Power Solutions save space and cost while simultaneously powering high-side and low-side gate drive circuits for IGBTs, and Si/SiC MOSFETs in bridge circuits.

19th October 2016
Half brick converters with efficient baseplate-cooled power

A development effort for industrial class DC/DC half brick converter modules has been announced by Murata Power Solutions. The ICH series of industrial grade, isolated DC/DC converters provide efficient, baseplate-cooled power from 360-500W from an industry-standard half-brick package measuring 61.0x64.0x13.2mm. 

14th September 2016
DC/DC converter is optimised for IGBT, SiC and MOSFET drives

Isolated 6W dual output DC/DC converters from Murata Power Solutions are optimised to suit the bipolar voltages required for high-side and low-side IGBT, SiC and MOSFET gate drive applications. The MGJ6 series is available in SIP, DIP and a low profile surface mount package format.

27th July 2016
DC/DC converter powers gate drives for optimal efficiency

Suited for driving high and low-side gate circuits such as those using IGBTs and SiC MOSFETs for optimal efficiency, a series of 1W DC/DC converter series has been announced by Murata Power Solutions. The compact MGJ1 series features high isolation characteristics, up to 5.2kVDC, popular nominal output voltage combinations of +15 / -5, +15 / -9 or +19 / -5VDC. The series also offers a choice of +5, +12 or +24VDC input.

6th July 2016
Front end power supplies deliver over 35W per cubic inch

  Murata Power Solutions has announced the D1U54P-W-1500-12 series of 1,500W power supplies packaged in an industry standard 1U format measuring 54.5x40mm (2.15x1.57"). It has a length of 12.66", the same as the 1,200 and 1,300W power supplies in this family.

14th June 2016
Miniature 2W DC/DC converter meets medical safety standards

  Murata Power Solutions has announced the MTC2 series of 2W single output, regulated and isolated DC/DC converters. Available with either a 12 or 24VDC 2:1 input voltage range and output voltages of 3.3, 5 or 12VDC, the surface mount MTC2 has a 3kVAC input to output isolation.

25th May 2016
Digital thermometer uses NTC thermistor for sensing

Expanding its DMR20 series of round, miniature digital panel meters, Murata Power Solutions announces the DMR20-1-TMP-R-C digital thermometer. Designed to monitor ambient air temperatures from -40 to +105°C (-40 to +221°F) using an NTC thermistor as the sensing element, this meter is packaged in a round polycarbonate housing designed to easily mount in a 30.5mm (1.2") 'oil tight' panel cut out.

28th April 2016
3.5/5kW 3-phase AC/DC power supply targets data centres

Murata Power Solutions has announced a highly efficient, 3.5/5kW, three-phase power converter for 230/480VAC systems. The D2U5T-H3-5000-380-HU3C operates from utility-grade, three-phase AC power to deliver 5kW of reliable power to 380V distributed power systems, HVDC data centres and other industrial applications.

20th April 2016
DC/DC converters provide more power output in the same space

Comprised of four models with nominal input voltages of +5 or +12VDC and outputs of +5, +12 or +15VDC, the NXE2 series of 2W SMT DC/DC converters have been announced by Murata Power Solutions. Footprint compatible with similar 1 and 2W devices available and measuring just 12.5x4.36x10.41mm, the NXE2 series provides more power output in the same space.

1st April 2016
Murata introduces 300W PMBus compliant 1/8th brick

Murata has announced the Murata Power Solutions DBE series of 300W fully regulated digitally controlled DC/DC converters packaged in an industry standard 1/8th brick format. The footprint conforms to the Advanced Bus Converter (ABC) Digital standard as specified by the AMP Group industry collaboration.

29th March 2016
Striking a balance between flexibility, performance and cost

Designed to provide a balance between electrical performance, rugged mechanical design and cost, while providing flexibility for power system engineers, Murata Power Solutions has introduced the BPM15 Series of isolated DC-DC power modules, which can deliver 15W of isolated output power from ±5V, ±12V and ±15V outputs.

28th March 2016
Determining DC/DC converter requirements for gate drive applications

How to design ‘well-behaved’ high side gate drive circuits, by Paul Lee, Murata Power Solutions. The MGJ series, for example, has options for +15 or +20V. IGBTs and GaN MOSFETS will be fully ‘on’ with 15V drive but typical SiC MOSFETS may need closer to 20V for full enhancement. 

16th March 2016
Digitally controlled PoL converters are PMBus compatible

Expanding its Okami series of non-isolated PoL DC/DC converters, Murata Power Solutions has announced a range of digitally controlled OKDL products. The OKDL-T/6-W12, OKDL-T/12-W12 and OKDL-T/18-W12, delivering 6, 12 and 18A respectively, are capable of being monitored and configured via PMBus communications.

10th March 2016
Regulated converter delivers 54V PoE from a 12V source

Murata announces a regulated converter which is designed to deliver isolated 54V PoE at up to 240W (enough to power 9 PoE devices at 25.5W) from a 12V source. The SPC-54/4.4-L12PG-C compact SIP (Single Inline Package) module was developed to deliver power to Ethernet devices over traditional Cat 5 network cables in accordance with IEEE 802.3 PoE requirements.

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