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28th April 2021
AEC-Q200-compliant inductors for in-vehicle PoC systems

Murata has continued to support ongoing engineering progression within the automotive sector with the introduction of the LQW21FT_0H series. These are small inductors with broadband impedance for in-vehicle power-over-coax (PoC) circuit of SerDes-based interfacing. The LQW21FT_0H series is compliant to AEC-Q200 and delivers a combination of both broadband impedance and high-current performance.

29th January 2021
Railway compliant IRV300 offers 300W system level power

Murata has announced a new 300W chassis mount ultra-wide 10:1 DC input range converter with patented inrush current control topology and high efficiency more than 92% from Murata Power Solutions. The IRV300 is a fit-and-forget module designed for harsh operating environments in railway and industrial applications.

21st January 2021
DC-DC converters feature 16-160VDC input voltage range

Murata has announced two new ultra-wide 10:1 ratio DC-DC converters, the 250W IRH-W80 half-brick and the 150W IRQ-W80 quarter-brick from Murata Power Solutions. Both high power density modules feature efficiency levels above 91% with a 16-160VDC input voltage range. 

6th November 2020
Ultra-compact fully integrated DC/DC converters

Leveraging a multi-patented design that significantly reduces the footprint and height of power-conversion circuitry, Murata has introduced the UltraBK family of compact, low-profile, fully integrated DC/DC converters.

3rd September 2020
MICS modules from Murata enable short range wireless connectivity

Murata has announced the availability of a new addition to its Type 1RM family of ultra-small Medical Implant Communication System (MICS modules) band radio modules. The LBAA0PC1RMH298 module utilises the 402 to 405 MHz frequency band. It supports a 128kbps data rate and can cover a communication range of up to 2m.

16th March 2020
Rolling out IoT connectivity at the touch of a button

Murata has announced its partnership with global mobile network provider Truphone, to deliver state-of-the-art IoT connectivity in a few simple clicks. As its preferred connectivity supplier, Murata will use Truphone’s cutting-edge SIM technology to allow users to connect IoT devices to network providers from the moment they switch it on.

16th March 2020
Rolling out IoT connectivity at the touch of a button

Murata has announced its partnership with global mobile network provider Truphone, to deliver state-of-the-art IoT connectivity in a few simple clicks. As its preferred connectivity supplier, Murata will use Truphone’s cutting-edge SIM technology to allow users to connect IoT devices to network providers from the moment they switch it on.

26th September 2019
New transformer for high power and frequency applications

Murata has announced a new transformer technology for high power, high frequency applications that uses a novel winding technique to allow designers to efficiently reach power and frequency levels that were never possible with conventional winding methods. Murata’s innovative and patented pdqb winding technology makes it possible to construct high frequency transformers of up to and over 400 kW that can operate at frequencies as h...

23rd January 2019
Digital DC/DC converter designed for high reliability applications

Murata has launched a series of 600W, DOSA compliant, 12V output, digital quarter-brick DC/DC converters. The series was designed for high reliability applications based on a 32-bit ARM processor that supports the latest PMBus commands for digital control and telemetry functions.  The DSQ, DCQ and DAQ converters support the full ‘TNV’ input range of 36-75V, with a typical efficiency of 96% @ full load 48Vin.

21st November 2018
Using electronica to spread the word

At the recent electronica exhibition in Munich, Electronic Specifier editor Joe Bush spoke with Massimiliano Premoli, Business Development Engineer at Murata, where he explained the company’s message to its customers.

1st November 2018
High drain and extended temperature models for lithium coin cells

Murata has announced the development of two high drain and extended temperature additional ranges for its offering of lithium coin cell batteries. Building on Murata’s standard and heat-resistant ranges of ‘CR’ battery sizes, the high current type, designated suffix ‘R’, has twice the maximum pulsed discharge rating of conventional models at 50mA (three seconds at 2V or higher, at 50 % nominal capacity, 23°C) and...

1st November 2018
Resolver-to-Digital converters with 3.3V or 5V I/O compatibility

Data Device Corporation (DDC) has announced the introduction of its RD-19231 Series of 16-bit Resolver-to-Digital (R/D) Converters, which offer 3.3V or 5V compatibility and are designed for high performance aerospace, industrial, and commercial positioning systems. The RD-19231, contained in a small 64-pin plastic quad flat pack (10x10mm), is a drop in replacement to all RD-19230 legacy designs, and replacement requires no modification of the Pri...

25th October 2018
World’s Smallest 32.768 kHz MEMS Resonator

Murata has developed the world’s smallest 32.768 kHz MEMS resonator which is expected to make a significant contribution to reducing the size and power consumption of IoT devices and wearable devices.

12th July 2018
Multifunction DC panel meters display voltage, current and power

Murata introduces the new DCM20 series of multifunction panel meters from Murata Power Solutions. For DC systems, these meters measure DC voltage and current, calculate power up to 96kW, and display values either manually selected or continuously cycling. The miniature panel-mount product provides an input voltage range of 0.5-72VDC, with 10mV of resolution. The metre also supports current measurement ranges from 5-1200A when used with an externa...

10th July 2018
New series of DC/DC converters for networking equipment applications

It has been announced by Murata that they are releasing the 1kW DRQ-11.4/88-L48 series of quarter brick, intermediate bus, DC/DC converter modules that address the growing power requirements of high-reliability networking and telecommunications infrastructure equipment. 

11th May 2018
Transformers pre-approved for push-pull drivers save time

A 782100 series of transformers has been announced by Murata. The product has been designed specifically for use with the Peregrine (pSemi) PE22100 push-pull DC/DC converter driver ICs. The combination of driver IC and transformer allows easy implementation of an isolated DC/DC converter rated up to 1W, typically used for powering the secondary side of an isolated data interface such as RS232, RS485 or CAN bus.

14th March 2018
SMT DC/DC converter is cost effective and fully regulated

The product range from Murata, embedded-core technology DC/DC converters has been expanded with the NXF1 series, a cost effective, fully regulated, high isolation converter with 3.3V or 5V outputs from Murata Power Solutions. Inputs available are nominal 3.3V and 5V in an industry-standard surface-mount package with a low profile. Line regulation is typically better than 0.03% and load regulation typically better than 0.5%.

9th February 2018
Smallest RF noise filter for audio lines in portable devices

  Murata has announced the NFZ03SG_SN series, an RF filter in 0201 size for audio lines in portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. Quality of sound has become a competitive selling point in portable devices and measures must be taken to avoid distortion caused by the necessary RF filtering in audio lines.

11th October 2017
DC/DC converters offer efficient drop in harsh environments

Murata has revealed its latest addition of the OKI-78SR-E series of three terminal non-isolated DC/DC converters designed by Murata Power Solutions for use in harsh environment applications. The series features three modules with a fixed single output voltage of 3.3V at 1.5A, 5V at 1.5A and 12V at 1A. The converters provide a cost effective, highly efficient alternative to a T0-220/78xx series linear regulator.

21st September 2017
DC/DC converter range extended for embedded applications

A 12V model has been added by Murata to its OKI-78SR series of non-isolated switching regulator DC/DC power converters for embedded applications. The fixed single output converter offers both tight regulation and high efficiency directly at the power usage site, and is a direct plug-in replacement for TO-220 package 78xx series linear regulators.

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