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8th December 2014
DC/DC converters target automotive applications

Designed for automotive applications, the PCMD400W series of 400W DC/DC converters has been released by MTM Power. A transformer and a secondary linear choke enable a galvanically isolated output voltage of 12 or 24V, which is adjusted by pulse-width modulation according to the current mode principle.

11th November 2014
Extended series of DC/DC converters features full brick case

  MTM Power GmbH offers, as part of its extensive programme of DC/DC converters, a full brick case version with dimensions of 116.80x61.00x12.70 mm and an output power of 600W.

20th October 2014
Primary switched modules offer plug and play solution

MTM Power’s primary switched modules PM-IP67A200 are suitable for applications with protection degree IP67 as a plug and play solution directly on site. This feature eliminates the need for switching cabinets or enclosures. They are specially designed for the electric supply of control, sensor and actuating systems in the field.

22nd September 2014
DC/DC converters have an efficiency of more than 90%

  Designed for automotive and railway applications, the PMGS/PCMGS14 series of DC/DC converters has been released by MTM Power. The converters, which are available with a nominal input voltage of 72 or 110VDC, provide an output voltage of 24VDC (12 and 48VDC on request).

1st September 2014
PoL converters are both compact and powerful

A series of PoL converters, designed for the use within stationary and mobile telecommunications as well as computing applications, has been released by MTM Power. The PMDPOL series of DC/DC converters, which are both compact powerful, are available with 5, 10, 15, 16 and 20A output currents.

31st July 2014
DC/DC converters offer wide input voltage range of 24-110V

DC/DC converters offering a wide input voltage range and high efficiency, have been released by MTM Power. The PCMDS150WK-IP65 150W converters are available with a wide input range for battery voltages of 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 80, 96 and 110V according to EN 50 155. This is enabled by the push-pull topology used while developing these converters.

20th July 2014
Power supplies feature AC and DC inputs for worldwide use

Designed as universal compact power supplies with AC and DC wide input ranges for worldwide applications, the PMAS/PCMAS75 series have been unveiled by MTM Power. They allow an efficient, cost-saving solution for different tasks where medium-ranged power is needed.

23rd May 2014
Converters operate to the current source push-pull principle

A primary switched DC/DC converters series, specifically designed for automotive and railway applications, has been introduced by MTM Power. The PMDS/PCMDS30 series operate according to the current source push-pull principle and working with a frequency of 70/140 kHz.

13th May 2014
Universal power supplies are compact and rugged

Providing an efficient, cost-saving solution for a variety of tasks where low power is needed, the PMAS5-S and PMAS5-L series power modules have been introduced by MTM Power. Designed as a universal compact power supply, the modules feature 90-264V AC and 100-353V DC input ranges for worldwide applications.

25th April 2014
DC/DC converters boast 110V input in a brick case

DC/DC converters in a brick case with an input of 110 V (66…160 V) are now available from MTM Power. The PMD100 110WQB in a quarter brick case (57,9 x 36,8 x 12,7 mm) has an output power of 100W and PMD150 110WHB in a half brick case (57,9 x 61,0 x 12,7 mm) supplies 150 W. The output voltages are 5 V, 12 V or 24 V.

26th March 2014
Converter launched for wind energy plants

The PCMDS150 350S24 UK DC/DC converter, based on MTM Power's exisiting PCMDS150 150W converter series, has been specifically designed for use in wind energy plants. The converter is directly supplied from the battery-supported direct current line voltage in wind energy plants. Thereby the wide input voltage range of 100-450VDC allows an optimal utilisation of the existing battery capacity.

7th March 2014
250W DC/DC converter for railway applications

Suitable for supplying points, signal lamps and electronic monitoring of the rail net, MTM Power has introduced the HVC series 250W DC/DC converters for railway applications. The devices are available with an input range of 420-1100V dc (375-1125V dc for less than 2 seconds), isolation up to 8 kV ac and the standard output voltage of 24V dc.

7th March 2014
AC/DC power supplies for medical applications

Available with an output power of 150W, the CPAmed150 series of AC/DC power supplies have been announced by MTM Power. Complying with EN/UL 60 950-1 and EN/UL 60 601-1 "3rd edition" with 2 MOPP medical approvals, the series provides common single output voltages of 12, 24, 36 and 48V dc.

21st June 2013
Absolutely Economic: Series PMAS/PCMAS24

The primary switched MTM Power modules PMAS/PCMAS24 have been designed as universal compact power supplies with AC and DC wide input ranges for worldwide application and allow an efficient, cost-saving solution for different tasks where mediumranged power is needed.

29th April 2013
Desktop Power Supplies Series TDA with 70 W

MTM Power extends its broad portfolio by the AC/DC desktop power supplies series TDA70S. High packing density and smallest dimensions of 132,0 x 58,0 x 30,5 mm allow an efficient, cost-saving solution for different tasks where a power range up to 70 W is needed.

26th March 2013
AC/DC modules That Are Absolutely Waterproof

Whether splash water, condensed water or completely under water – MTM Power modules are absolutely waterproof. The worldwide unique thermoselective vacuum encapsulation enables an undisturbed use of the power supply modules with AC (90…264 VAC) and DC (100…353 VDC) wide input range in the field range.

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