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17th June 2016
MTM Power successfully re-audited to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standard

MTM Power always wants to meet the market's growing demand for top quality and durable products. The company was certified in 1998 according to the international Quality Management System ISO 9001.

2nd June 2016
Primary switched AC/DC power modules suit worldwide use

MTM Power's PMAS15 and PCMAS15 series of primary switched AC/DC power modules have been designed as universal compact power supplies with AC/DC wide input ranges (90-264 VAC, 100-300 VDC) for worldwide application. They are available with single output voltages of 5, 12, 15, 24 and 48VDC. The series offers 15W constant output wattage, is short circuit protected, needs no ground load and features reduced stand-by power.

24th May 2016
Primary switched DC/DC converters suit railway vehicles

MTM Power's PMDS/PCMDS30 series of primary switched DC/DC converters has been especially designed as a decentralised power supply for railway vehicles and industrial applications. These converters operate according to the current source push-pull principle and work with a frequency of 70/140kHz.

12th May 2016
DC/DC converter functions as decentralised power supply

Based on the well-established 150W converter series PCMDS150 for railway and industrial applications, MTM Power has designed the PCMDS150 350S24 DC/DC converter especially for generating control voltages from high voltage energy storages.

3rd May 2016
Multi-power card's modular design offers unparalleled flexibility

MTM Power has released the MPK multi-power card, a 19" Euro card with up to six galvanically isolated outputs in 6 or 8 TE, easily providing nearly every required output configuration up to 100W. The principle is simple: delivered as a construction kit, the 19" power supplies can be individually assembled with the three basic components - front plate, PCB and H15 connector - as well as the vacuum encapsulated modules of the series PMA, PMAS,...

30th March 2016
DC/DC converters feature 8:1 input in a half brick case

MTM Power, the specialist for individual power supplies, offers in its programme DC/DC converters in a brick case with an 8:1 input (9-75V). The PMD150 UHB8 has an output power of 150W and is available with the output voltages of 5, 12, 15, 24, 28 or 48 V.

8th February 2016
DC/DC converters for IP65 applications

MTM Power’s primary switched PCMDS150WK-IP65 DC/DC converters are specially designed for applications in vehicle and rail technology but also for use in industrial and telecommunication applications.

26th January 2016
Meeting sophisticated power requirements

MTM Power has introduced the HSA50 DIN-rail module, designed as a universal compact power supply with AC (90-264V AC) and DC (120-340V DC) wide input range for use under rough environmental conditions. The modules are available with single outputs of 12V, 24V and 48V.

9th November 2015
Primary switched supplies suit worldwide use

 The primary switched MTM Power modules PMAS/PCMAS100 have been designed as universal compact power supplies with AC and DC wide input ranges for worldwide application and allow an efficient, cost-saving solution for different tasks where medium-ranged power is needed. The devices offer 100W constant output power and are available with 24, 36 and 48V output voltages.

14th October 2015
DC/DC supplies combine quality & reliability

MTM Power's MPG-Series DC/DC power supply systems are designed for different applications in transportation and telecomms, as well as the charging of lead batteries during stand-by parallel operation. The supplies offer a combination of high quality, reliability and stressability. The universally usable, modular and easy-to-scale system is based on the PCMD250W and PCMD400W series of DC/DC converters.

1st October 2015
5-6W converters offer 6kW isolation voltage

MTM Power has announced that it now offers, as part of its extensive programme of standard industrial converters, a version in a DIL 24 case with an output power of 5 to 6W and outstanding isolation voltage of 6kV. Besides their compact design, the PMD5UD-6kV converters are characterised by a 4:1 ultra wide input range.

4th August 2015
Primary switched supplies suit medium-power applications

The primary switched MTM Power modules PMAS/PCMAS24 have been designed as universal compact power supplies with AC and DC wide input ranges for worldwide application and comprise an efficient, cost-effective solution for different tasks where medium-ranged power is needed. The devices offer 24W constant output power and are available with 5, 12, 15, 24 and 48V output voltage.

16th July 2015
60W push-pull DC/DC converters operate at 70kHz

MTM Power GmbH has announced its PCMDS60W series of DC/DC converters, specifically designed for applications in rail and vehicle technology, but also for use in industrial and telecomms applications. These primary switched DC/DC converters are available with an output power of 60W and operate according to the push-pull principle with a frequency of approximately 70kHz.

2nd July 2015
MTM Power appoints Michael Peters as Marketing & Sales Director

Michael Peters has been appointed in the board of directors of MTM Power Messtechnik, Mellenbach, effective from 1 July 2015. Together with Dr. Mathias Ullrich, Managing Director and Steffen Heinrich, Technical Director, Michael Peters as Marketing & Sales Director will lead the company to a continuing positive development. After 10 successful years as Sales Manager Germany until 2010, Peters returned to MTM Power in November 2...

11th June 2015
75W DC/DC converters suit automotive applications

MTM Power GmbH, a power supply specialist, has announced its URC series of 75W DC/DC converters for use in automotive applications. They have been designed as power supplies for use in vehicles, particularly for railway applications. The converters are available as a 19" plug-in version, or for wall mounting, both to be connected via a H15 connector, and can be switched on and off by the enable input.

12th May 2015
AC/DC power modules are fully waterproof

  A series of fully waterproof AC/DC power modules have been introduced by MTM Power. The PM-IP67A series is comprised of 50, 75, 100 and 200W devices.

26th March 2015
Primary switched DIN modules offer dust & water ingress protection

MTM Power has announced its HSD30 series of primary switched DIN rail modules with DC input voltage. The devices offer an input voltage range of 20-72VDC and present an efficient solution for low power applications. Due to MTM's patented thermoselective vacuum encapsulation technology, the devices offer protection against dust and humidity and are especially robust against mechanical stresses.

20th March 2015
2x1" 15W industrial converters offer 2:1 input range

MTM Power has added to its range of standard industrial converters with a 2x1" case model with an output power of 15W. The PMD15WHS-T series convertors function over the temperature range of -40 to +85°C, and offer efficiency up to 90% as well as a 2:1 input range. The series is available in 21 different input/output configurations with 1.5VDC isolation.

10th March 2015
DC/DC converters suit rail & automotive applications

MTM power has released a set of primary switched DC/DC converters, PCMDS80, designed specifically for applications in rail and automotive, but also suitable for use in industrial and telecomms applications. They are available with 80W output power and operate according to the single transistor forward converter topology with a frequency of 50kHz.

6th February 2015
Power modules provide standby consumption of 300mW

MTM Power has announced its PMAS10 series Print Power modules with low idle power consumption, an increasingly important criterion in light of the current combination of dwindling resources and spiralling energy costs. The standby power consumption of the PMAS10 is reduced below 1W, typically to around 300mW.

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