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Aerospace & Defence
12th May 2017
Morgan Advanced Materials and Airbus collaboration reaches new heights

  Morgan Advanced Materials has partnered with global aerospace giant ASL (Airbus Safran Launchers) to develop and manufacture ceramic thruster chambers to aid satellite propulsion using ion beam engines. The products are being developed using Morgan’s proprietary high performance alumina materials, which are proven to deliver exceptional electrical properties.

Component Management
15th March 2017
Halsic-N production expanded to meet market demand

As recent forecasts estimate enviable growth of 69% in the global ceramics industry between 2014 and 2020, one global materials specialist is already boosting production capability for the luxury ceramic tableware market, in respond to demand from across Europe. Morgan Advanced Materials has further developed a range of kiln furniture made from a specially-formulated material which offers increased strength and resilience and therefore, lowe...

Component Management
4th October 2016
Alumina sensor withstands extreme temperatures

  Morgan Advanced Materials has produced a type of alumina sensor specially designed for high pressure and high temperature water and sub-metering. The sensor has been specifically developed to withstand extreme temperatures, making it ideally suited to both heat metering and high temperature fluid metering.

Test & Measurement
14th September 2016
Endless rotating axis launched for automotive industry

A flexible rotary distributor has been launched by Morgan Advanced Materials, to help customers in the automotive industry maximise efficiencies and reduce maintenance costs. The latest innovation from Morgan’s Electrical Carbon business can be used in six axis robots, welding turntables and trunnions.

Aerospace & Defence
22nd June 2016
The world’s most advanced helmet for defence sector

Morgan Advanced Materials has incorporated D3O TRUST high-performance padding system into its ultra-lightweight combat helmet portfolio, the LASA AC914 and LASA AC915. The combination of Morgan’s hybrid composite ballistic helmet shell technology, with D3O’s impact pads is believed to be the most advanced combat helmet in the global market.

Mixed Signal/Analog
14th June 2016
Ultrasonic components in water treatment

Morgan Advanced Materials has applied its world-leading ultrasonic transducer technology to water purification, helping to deliver components which improve performance in wastewater applications. New processes using high-intensity ultrasound waves to break down bacterial biomass found in impurities in water, have become increasingly popular in recent times.

31st May 2016
Thermal bag to counter fire risk from Li-ion batteries

Morgan Advanced Materials has introduced to the aviation market a novel means of tackling the risk posed by overheating lithium-ion batteries, following an extensive period of testing in conjunction with Germanwings, part of the Lufthansa Group. The FireMaster battery bag, which measures 500x500mm, comprises two of Morgan’s specialist thermal materials to create a sealable, water-resistant compartment capable of containing the heat spread i...

6th May 2016
Pushing the boundaries

Sensors are vital in a wide variety of level and metering applications as they allow the measurement of key attributes such as distance, flow, liquid level and volume. Charlie Dowling, Morgan Advanced Materials explains.

Test & Measurement
25th April 2016
Providing accuracy in changing temperatures

To help ensure optimal measurement accuracy over time, a new 2MHz ultrasonic transducer which gives minimal and predictable changes in zero flow offset due to varying temperature cycles, has been introduced by Morgan Advanced Materials.

T&M and Monitoring
13th April 2016
Gas flow measurement capability for extreme environments developed

Morgan Advanced Materials now has the capability to develop gas flow transducers which remain accurate in harsh environments subject to extreme temperatures and the presence of highly corrosive chemicals. Drawing on its extensive knowledge and experience in gas transducer technology used within a range of applications, Morgan has surpassed industry standards by producing sensors which are operational within an even greater range of temperature ex...

8th April 2016
Electric water pump application for automotive sector

Morgan Advanced Materials has delivered a type of bearing for electric water pump applications in cars which reduces component count, while optimising performance and engine efficiency. Within the automotive sector, there has been a notable shift from traditional, belt-driven coolant pumps to electrical equivalents, on the basis that these reduce demand on the belt drive, offering a substantial improvement in performance and greater overall effic...

Component Management
17th February 2016
Morgan's Salamander SiC crucible a promising energy-saving solution

The consumption of energy is of key importance to the metal casting industry, with most energy expenditure, 55%, occurring during the melting process. However, until now it has been difficult to find data relating to energy use and crucibles and so to assess the cost of crucible ownership in a way that includes energy savings.

27th January 2016
Method measures the zero flow offset property of transducers

Morgan Advanced Materials has for the first time developed a method to measure the zero flow offset property for a broad spectrum of transducers, optimising overall flow measurement accuracy in ultrasonic sensors. Morgan has made significant advances in minimising zero flow offset, to levels as low as 60ps.

21st January 2016
Morgan Advanced Materials adds brazing of zirconia to services

Morgan Advanced Materials has enhanced its production capability to include brazing of zirconia in response to a growing market demand for zirconia products. In demanding applications, such as those within the petrochemical and industrial sectors, it is not uncommon for components to become damaged when subjected to sustained wear and corrosion, which can result in significant cost and disruption.

19th January 2016
Digital modelling to enhance companies brazed assembly capability

Morgan Advanced Materials has announced that it now has the capability to carry out digital prototyping at its Technical Ceramics facilities, maximising its design capability and providing more rigorous evaluation during development projects, particularly for brazed assemblies.

11th January 2016
AWEA recognises Morgan’s expertise

The expertise of Morgan Advanced Materials has been recognised once again, this time by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), the national trade association for the US wind industry. The AWEA has accepted an abstract by Roland Roberge, Manager of Design and Application Engineering at Morgan's site in Greenville, SC.

9th December 2015
Morgan brings industry-leading ceramics to HIFU transducers

Morgan Advanced Materials has announced that it now has the capability to design and manufacture components for use in High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technologies, particularly in medical applications. Morgan is producing HIFU ultrasound transducers in a range of shapes and geometries, from 5 to 150mm in diameter and with frequencies between 200kHz and 8MHz.

Component Management
9th October 2015
Coatings will limit contamination in crucibles

Morgan Advanced Materials has made two additions to its range of crucible coatings for the foundry sector. PRO and STAR Coatings have been formulated to reduce impurities and so optimise the quality of the molten metal and the final cast product.  

11th September 2015
Sensors deliver unrivaled accuracy in oil & gas applications

Morgan Advanced Materials has launched a range of high-accuracy sensors for the oil & gas extraction sector, harnessing the unique capabilities of its proprietary piezoelectric materials which can provide reliable sensing and monitoring in high-temperature environments above 200°C.

Component Management
7th August 2015
Laser reflecting products are long lasting

The Technical Ceramics business of Morgan Advanced Materials has announced that it has expanded its capabilities in producing standard and customised high reflectance ceramic cavities in laser reflectors. High performance alumina-based ceramic reflectors for solid-state lasers are suitable for a wide variety of industrial and healthcare applications, including cutting and welding, marking, or even hair and tattoo removal. 

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