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7th August 2019
What is the true cost of driving green?

With just over 20 years until petrol and diesel cars are planned to be banned, Britain is weighing up the idea of switching to ‘green’ driving more than ever before. MoneySuperMarket has conducted a study to determine just how viable this switch is. The data reveals the true cost of making the jump to electric versus driving a petrol or diesel car, as well as the number of charging points currently available in dif...

15th April 2019
Making energy efficient changes to your home could save £200 per year

  Renewable or energy efficient appliances? How long does it take to start seeing a return? MoneySuperMarket has revealed the costs and savings associated with the most readily available renewable energy sources and efficiency-improvers around the home.

27th November 2018
Automotive automation: 1.2m jobs at risk - could yours be next?

According to research from MoneySuperMarket, human drivers on the road could soon become obsolete. Driverless vehicles are growing in capability and popular among firms that traditionally employ large numbers of drivers, including food delivery and bus companies. Automation of driving jobs could trigger large-scale redundancies by as early as 2020.

9th November 2018
How much physical activity is needed to power household devices?

  With many household devices listing watts and energy bills listing kilowatt-hours, it can be difficult to put energy usage into context. To help, MoneySuperMarket has put together a report to compare how much physical exercise is needed to power household and personal appliances.

29th October 2018
Half of drivers with keyless tech are concerned about car hacking

A new study shows, despite 110 car models being vulnerable to one of the most prevalent digital attacks - theft of the vehicle via hacking of the keyless entry and ignition system - only 50% of drivers with keyless access are concerned about their car being stolen. Research from MoneySuperMarket highlights the security flaws that hackers can exploit to attack your vehicle, from key jamming to phone phishing for car access.

27th September 2018
Improving your home's energy rating can raise its value by £25,000

When attempting to sell your property, you want to do everything you can to make it an attractive purchase. A new coat of paint, making repairs and tidying up are all usually on the list, but have you considered improving your energy rating? MoneySuperMarket has found that upgrading your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) – the government’s rating of a property’s energy efficiency - from an average D to a high end A ...

27th September 2018
The greenest people in the world...

  As research into climate change continues, it only ever becomes clearer that greenhouse gases, waste products, and deforestation are all having a major effect on the welfare of our planet. And despite the rise in recycling rates and sustainable energy usage, we’re still far from our targets as a planet.

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